Thursday, April 18, 2019

46 62 64 86 | Nusrat Jahan Rafi burned to death for reporting sexual harassment, March 27, 2019

This propaganda achieves the following:

-Demonizes Islam
-Pushes the gender war
-Subconsciously pushes the transgender agenda

*Notice she was 19.  Quran Code; Chaos = 19

Notice the report was made on March 27, the 86th day of the year.

Read about the Brett Kavanaugh / 86 / sexual assault ritual:

She was killed on April 6, or 4/6, or 6/4, like 46 and 64.

ALSO, this woman's name sums to 62, like sacrifice.

Keep in mind 86 connects to 'blood sacrifice' as well.

Notice the name Nusrat is non-gender-specific.


  1. Proving your work day after day has to be draining. Thanks for keeping it going. We will break through.
    I don't add to the blog as much as I would like, since time is kicking my ass.
    Here is a little wake up song to start your day off right

  2. "Feni girl" = 46 rr -- same as 4/6 date of "attack"
    "Kabuki" = 19 red -- same as her age, 44 rr
    "Kabuki Me Too" = *123 eo -- same as Conspiracy, 42 red, 66 rr
    The photo looks like a Boy in Kabuki Makeup -- trendy in
    theatrical & performance "art". It was supposedly a school for girls, & "students" were the culprits ... yet they specify that "HIS Hands" held her head down. Deliberate Obfuscation.
    As far as I know, Islamic schools educate boys & girls in completely separate locations. This falls in the category of "Social Engineering Bullshit". :D ;D

  3. "I will fight this Crime till my Last Breath"....Really?

    "Last Breath Date"=====136, 46 <<< April 6th?
    "April Sixth"=========136
    "Signal A Ritual"=======136 K
    "Fake Massacre"======= 136 K
    "Symbolic Chaos"=======136 K
    "CNN"============== 136 S <<< 16th Triangular

    "Fake Sexual Assaults"===== 46

    "Last Breath"========34 <<< 9th Fibonacci
    "It's a Hoax"======== 34

    "I Will fight this Crime till my Last Breath"===406 O <<< April 6th?
    "Hoax Sexual Assault of Nasurat Jahan Rafi"==406


  4. Did you ever see Dan Behrendt's work on Philadelphia being a potential spot for 8/11/19?
    This news story could add to that.
    Kate Smith sang God Bless America during the time of the Flyers only two Stanley Cup wins. 73-74 & 74-75.
    Good Bless America = 61 full reduced
    And this news story 223 days from 8/11/19

    1. "Target is Philadelphia USA"=====888
      "Top Secret Operation"=========888
      "Gematria Communications"====== 888

      "Tisha Bav"=========911 J
      "Triple Eight's Sequence"==911
      "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack"==911
      "Eight One One Symbol"=====911 <<<<<<<<<<

      "The Target Date of Philadelphia"=====777
      "Order out of Chaos"=============777

      "Philadelphia USA Bullseye Codes"=======333 K, 118 R <<<<<
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"======333 K

      "Events in Philadelphia Pennsylvania Sunday August Eleventh"====666
      "Philadelphia Agenda Target Date"===========666
      "A Philadelphia Ritual Magic"=========666
      "Symbolic Code"==========666

      "Philadelphia USA Ritual"======223 <<< What Day of the Year is That?

      "A Target of a Ritual Magic"======811 J


  5. "Nusrat" has perfect synchronicity with "Saturn.":92 - 21 - 69 - 42. Nusrat = feminine, Saturn = masculine.

    Her name is non-gender-specific; unisex, reflecting the masculine-feminine harmony.

    Separation of the divine masculine and divine feminine, dis-harmony, imbalance ritual.

    On the 96th day of the year.
    "Sacrifice by fire" = 96
    "Kronos sacrifice" = 96
    "sexual harassment complaint" = 96
    "Rafi" (her last name) = 96 in Jewish
    "Freemason" = 96


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