Sunday, April 21, 2019

33 42 48 61 | Kanye West Easter Sunday service Coachella performance, April 21, 2019

Today is 48-days to Kanye West's upcoming 42nd birthday...

New Testament = 42; 42 generations to Jesus...

Don't forget the 33 connection.

As for his birthday being June 8, or 6/8, Easter sums to 68.

Kanye West is rap Jesus, or "Yeezus", or "Yandi".

Don't forget about Kanye West on the cross in Hollywood on the 61 date:

That was February 22, 2017.

2/22/2017 = 2+22+20+17 = 61


  1. "Purple hair" Prince died on April 21. Places across the country lit up purple on that day.

  2. "Purple hair" = 124 (reverse of 4/21) and 61 (goes with post)
    Not only is it the 3rd anniversary of Prince's death, it's the Queen's 93rd birthday. Kanye's birth date June 8/19 is also the date the Queen is having her birthday party that date this year. The public event is held on the second Monday in June because the weather is more favourable.

  3. June 8 leaves 206 days in the year.
    "Queen" = 26, 62
    Also notice the 1 month 18 days from April 21 to June 8. Including end date it's 1 month 19 days, or 49 days, or 7 weeks.
    On October 19/18 (10/19) Prince Harry climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge to place the Invictus Games Flag on top. That same day the HMS Queen Elizabeth, Royal Navy's largest War Ship, went under the Manhattan Bridge.
    From October 19/18 to April 21/19 = 184 days, 6 months 2 days, or 26 weeks 2 days.

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