Thursday, April 25, 2019

17 22 71 79 83 | John "Hondo" Havlicek, dead 17-days after his 79th birthday, April 25, 2019

John Havlicek, #17, has died 17-days after his 79th birthday.  He played for the Celtics who have won 17 championships.

17 is the reflection of 71.

As for dying at age 79 that is the 22nd prime number.

He was known as "Hondo".

His full name also syncs with murder.

He is dead on the 115th day of the year, April 25.   Masonic = 115; Killing = 115


  1. Great work again Zach
    Stefanie Sherk" = 211 (Reverse Ordinal) 47th prime
    Stefanie Sherk=59
    Actress" = 330 (Satanic)
    Demián Bichir" = 67 (Full Reduction) her husband was mentioned alot in the article

  2. Does this mean bostic beat bucks?
    Who wins?

  3. Well Boston will definitely make the finals next year if not this year for sure. lol

  4. Replies
    1. Today is 15 week 3 days till 8/11 153 the 17 prime.. also 108 days

  5. @Zack
    8/11 is not the DATE!
    It’s 11/8 Sunday 2020 the 313th day of the year
    53 days remain

    What was the score in SB 53 ???

    Catch up Gaymatria 💩!

  6. @Zack

    London Marathon on 118th day of the year April 28th

    What was the score in SB 51 ??? 😁
    Who traded yesterday to get the 31st pick

    Catch up big nose Jew!

    The Race ends at ST JAMES park
    What is Tim Mcvay middle Name ?
    How old was he when he died ?

    Notice Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray was the 22nd Heisman
    Winner to go #1

    Notice Super Bowl 22 won by the 1st black QB ?
    Notice Haskins wants #7 in Washington?
    Notice #7 was Joe Theisman from NOTRE DAME

    Notice Doug Williams from Louisiana ? Think Paris

    BTW NY=11 they picked #8 Jones QB Duke
    The Giants GM is responsible for trading
    Batman =Josh Norman #24 to Washington
    And Odell #13 to Cleveland.

    Super Bowl 37 mvp #34/28 DJackson Tampa
    Tampa hosting SB55 instead of the RAMS

    Remember when #34 roy halladay Phillies crashed into Tampa bay / gulf Mexico born on 5/14 like 55

    Tampa’s best player ever #55 Derrick Brooks

    #34 REGGIE COBB drafted by Tampa bay 😁
    #17 Doug Williams Tampa Bay
    #8 Steve Young Tampa Bay

    Tom Brady 19(77)
    Roy Halladay 19(77)

    We’re up to the 7th church’s in revelations

  7. #17 (8)
    8 titles
    Dead on the 8th

    888 gazette shooting judge Ripken
    Cal Ripken #8

    Postpone 6 months
    Trial time 9am

  8. I remember when the Former Philadelphia 76er Hal Greer #15 died last year @ the age of 81 on APRIL 14, 2018. The 76er's did a tribute to Greer and they ended up losing in the 2nd Round of the Playoff's to Boston. I'm certain that Boston will do a Tribute to Havlicek in the 2nd Round of the Playoffs against the Bucks.
    "Boston Celtics"=156(English Ordinal) 156th prime is 911(911/119)
    "Milwaukee Bucks"=156(English Ordinal)
    "John Havilicek #17 Tribute"=119(Reverse Full Red.)
    Sept. 11, 2018 marked 17 yrs since the alleged Twin Towers Attack and Kyrie is #11.

  9. Zachary, I think the Celtics can Win a championship soon.. this year or within the next few seasons. With this passing of Hondo, what do you think the chances are for them to finish with a 16-1 record in the playoffs on the road to win the NBA Finals??

    Also -

    Do you think it is possible for the Patriots to finally achieve a perfect 19-0 record in the upcoming 100th season of the NFL ??


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