Friday, June 20, 2014

33 | The $25,000 "Grow Hair Drug" by Pfizer and Patient Kyle Rhodes

Today CNN is reporting that Pfizer has developed a drug that is so capable, it can cause a man with a completely bald scalp to regrow a full, youthful head of hair.  The name of the drug is Xeljanz, and the patient zero for the experimental drug was "Kyle Rhodes".  Notice the name Rhodes corresponds with "Rhodes Scholar", the most prestigious scholarship in the world.  It also happens to be a word with "33" numerology.
  • Pfizer = 7+6+9+8+5+9 = 44
  • Rhodes = 9+8+6+4+5+1 = 33
  • Xeljanz = 6+5+3+1+1+5+8 = 29, reduces to 11
When I saw the headline for this story, I asked myself if there would be a deliberate "33" in it.  The second word in the article is "Rhodes".  That is because  Kyle Rhodes was taking the drug for arthritis when his bald scalp suddenly produces a full head of golden locks, at least so the story goes.  Time will tell if this will become the next 'blue pill', but with a price tag of $25,000, I think most bald men are going to be out of luck.

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