Thursday, June 12, 2014

66 | Ruby "66" Dee's Curious June 11 Death

It is reported that Ruby Dee, who learned theater under Sidney Poitier, passed away yesterday, June 11, 2014.  It was this news that first put my eyes on Sidney.  Ruby Dee herself, another famous actress, who was still involved with Hollywood film making up through her latest film, American Gangster, released in 2007, has some interesting numerology going on.  Ruby Dee was born October 27, 1922, in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Ruby = 18+21+2+25 = 66
  • October = 6+3+2+6+2+5+9 = 33
  • October is the only month with "33" numerology
  • Born in '22
  • Cleveland = 3+3+5+4+5+3+1+5+4 = 33
  • Ohio = 15+8+9+15 = 47
With regards to 47, Ruby Dee began her acting career under Sidney Poitier.
  • Poitier = 7+6+9+2+9+5+9 = 47
Anyhow, R.I.P. Ruby Dee; you're death on 6/11 with your first name numerology of 66 is quite curious, especially following the death of Ann Davis at the age of 88, in the week of Maleficent, or "88".
  • Maleficent = 13+1+12+5+6+9+3+5+14+20 = 88
According to CNN, Ruby Dee passed away peacefully in her sleep at her New Rochelle, New York home.  The source of this reporting is Michael Livingston, who is still living, and she is not.  The article is written by "Alan Duke".
  • Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
  • Livingston = 3+9+22+9+5+7+1+2+6+5 = 69
  • Alan Duke = 1+3+1+5+4+3+11+5 = 33
Perhaps this is an insight into how the media works, on just about EVERYTHING!  Perhaps they have their agents out there, ready to go at all times, ready to help spread the gospel of lies and deception that is what our mainstream media amounts to, and as a result, our level of understanding, on just about all events and issues.  It is everything, from Ruby Dee, to the Iraq War, to 9/11.  If you pay attention to who is writing the articles for CNN, you'll see names such as Alan Duke, Peter Bergen, Michael this, Robert that, Stephen someone, and on and on.  Yes, people have these names, but these mainstream reporting sources have a disproportionate number of "33" names.  The reason for this is because it is part of something larger, something that is exposed, at least in part, on this very blog.

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