Wednesday, June 18, 2014

33 | The Connection Between Latin America's & Russia's "Socialist" Movement

Both the "October Revolution" and the "Tupamaro Movement" used red and black coloring.
In the spread of "socialism", at least as "socialism" is practiced in reality, the number "33" and violence/bloodshed has been found at the center.  This is true of both the major socialist movements that took place in Latin America, known as the "Tupamaro Movement" beginning at South America's southern tip, Uruguay, as well as the Russian socialist movement, which began with the October Socialist Revolution.  Let us quickly decode the common "33" numerology within.
  • Tupamaro = 2+3+7+1+4+1+9+6 = 33
  • Uruguay 3+9+3+7+3+1+7 = 33
  • October = 6+3+2+6+2+5+9 = 33
With regards to October, it is the only month with "33-name" numerology.  It should be noted that the numerology of the word 'name' is also "33".  Is this a clue that name numerology significance has been important since the inception of the language?
  • Name = 13+1+14+5 = 33
There is a point of significance with regards to the date of the October Socialist Revolution, also known by its shortened name, the October Revolution.  Let us examine courtesy of Wikipedia.
It took place with an armed insurrection in Petrograd traditionally dated to 25 October 1917 (by the Julian or Old Style calendar, which corresponds to 7 November 1917 in the Gregorian or New Style calendar).
For most Americans, this "October Revolution" is likely a familiar phrase, but with little other relevant knowledge about.  That is because it is a piece of history, scrapped from the U.S. education system.  Why?  Because it would confuse our understanding of the world, the one where Hitler is the most evil thing ever, and Jews are the most innocent people to ever be harmed by war and genocide.  In this October Revolution, those doing the killing were Jews, and they wore uniforms consisting of Swastikas and Stars of David as well as other symbolism that is associated with Nazism by most Americans very black and white understanding of the world as taught systematically in schools, like kids down a conveyer belt.  They were also backed by the "33"; that is to say the powers that be, the Illuminati, the NWO, the Masons... those who govern from the shadows.

It should also be noted that Uruguay was established by a movement called "The 33 Orientals".  You can read more about that here.  If you're reading this and saying it can't be!  How could numbers have anything to do with it!?, my answer is to read more of this blog, and then search the web for more information.  The elites are into something we aren't knowledgeable about and it seems to trace back to the Pyramids.  Also please know, this isn't to say that socialists are bad people.  What I am saying is it is yet another manipulated "ism" and "system", just as our "democracy" is a monster manipulation of epic proportions.  It is a full on dictatorship that declares itself the opposite and against such things.  It is all a rouse.

In the end, this Gang of 33, they all want us to live under their system- call it what you want.  The October Revolution, the Tupamaro Movement, those are just moves, like moves on a chessboard.  They're getting close to the endgame, where you call "Checkmate".
  • Checkmate = 3+8+5+3+2+4+1+2+5 = 33
  • It's also nice to do "it" with a Bishop or Knight
  • Knight =2+5+9+7+8+2 = 33
  • Bishop 2+9+1+8+6+7 = 33
What I know is that their system isn't going to be pretty.  How do I know that?  From living, from seeing what's going on around me.  If anything is obvious these people are determined to destroy what they will and treat us like mice in the maze while doing so.  You have to ask yourself where they're taking us.  Where are they taking us?  If it was somewhere nice, we'd see that on the journey we've all been collecting living in post 9/11-America; the one full of war, domestic militarization and spying, and worse.

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