Friday, June 13, 2014

33 77 | "Coronal" Mass Ejections | Hoax Reporting Decoded

CNN is reporting that Coronal Mass Ejections could take down the power grid in the United States as soon as today, Friday the 13, with a full moon.  Is it just teasing, or better yet, mental preparation for the future?  Let us examine an excerpt from the CNN article.
(CNN) -- Common Western superstition says Friday the 13th is unlucky. But what does it say about a Friday the 13th with a full moon and solar flares that could create geomagnetic storms large enough to disrupt Earth's atmosphere?

We may find out this Friday (June 13, 2014).
NASA cameras captured three major solar flares this week -- events in which the sun hurls powerful bursts of matter into the atmosphere. When large enough, these bursts send shock waves -- called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs -- throughout space.
  • CME = 3+14+5 = 21 
These shock waves pose no direct threat to humans, but sometimes, on days such as June 13, CMEs can be large enough to disrupt GPS, satellite communications and other atmospheric systems, according to NASA.
Just our luck.
Did you catch the "coronal mass ejections"?
  • Coronal = 3+6+9+6+5+1+3 = 33
  • Mass = 4+1+1+1 = 7
  • Ejections = 5+1+5+3+2+9+6+5+1 = 37
  • Coronal Mass Ejections =  33+7+37 = 77
This "33" scientific terminology fits everything from Darwin, to Big Bang, to String Theory to Einstein, to Isaac Newton to Neil Armstrong to Neil deGrasse Tyson... and much more, of course.  As for the "77", that connects back to the "American Meridian", the 77th, the one that runs through Washington D.C. and the Pentagon; the Pentagon is 77-feet tall and was hit by flight 77 on September 11, 2001.  How can it be?  Well, it can't.

I also appreciate that the article ended with "luck".
  • Luck = 3+3+3+2 = 11
  • Luck = 12+21+3+11 = 47
In total, I believe this is mental preparation for whatever the next "9/11+ event" is in the United States of America.  I can see them doing something terrible to a region of the nation that impacts tens of millions, leaving the rest of the nation to stare blankly, just as they did during the Gulf Oil Spill, Katrina, and many others.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we're getting movies in the form of "Red Dawn" hinting at destruction in Seattle.  At the same time, on the BBC, we're getting documenatries about how Seattle, WA or Portland, OR could be the first city to experience a 9.0+ earthquake in the history of the earth, in terms of magnitude of city and structures.  Of course this description is more pronounced for Seattle by quite a bit when compared with Portland, which makes it all the more dangerous.

When I was attending Arizona State University, I had a professor, Mr. Holloway, who always cautioned us to never live in Seattle, because it wasn't safe with Mt. Rainier and the plate that is here.  It makes me wonder, with some focused HAARP energy, what can possibly be achieved?  We might soon find out, learning the lesson the hard way.

Anyhow, pay attention to this reporting.  It is hinting at what is to come.  This is how they bate and tease us; our owners, our tormentors.

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