Sunday, June 29, 2014

33 | Georgia's Hot Car Baby Death Hoax | A Family of Three Murder Tale "Absolutely"

Absolutely 33!  | Absolutely = 1+2+1+6+3+3+2+5+3+7 = 33
It is being reported that 33-year old Justin Harris researched how to kill a child in a hot car, as well as his wife Leanna Harris, in the days before they left their 22-month old son in a hot car where he died from heat stroke.  Please notice the father's age of "33" years and the child's age of "22" months.  This is another shining example of how the media is constantly putting "master numerology" in front of our eyes, but for what reason?  While it is possible this story is true, I am leaning towards the thought that it is yet another hoax, all for the purpose of waging psychological warfare against the viewing audience that sees this story. 
  • Justin = 10+21+19+20+9+14 = 93
  • Leanna = 12+5+1+14+14+1 = 47
  • 93 is the number of Thelema
  • 47 is also an important Occult Number
  • Occult = 15+3+3+21+12+20 = 74
  • 74 is the inverse of 47
The attorney for Justin and Leanna Harris, who are pleading innocent to the charges of purposefully killing their son in a hot car, is Maddox Kilgore.
  • Maddox = 4+1+4+4+6+6 = 25
  • Kilgore = 2+9+3+7+6+9+5 = 41
  • Maddox Kilgore = 25+41 = 66
The police correspondent for the media pertaining to this incident in Michael Bowman.
  • Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
  • Do you masons run the police?
  • Police = 7+6+3+9+3+5 = 33
  • Masonry = 4+1+1+6+5+9+7 = 33
  • Order = 6+9+4+5+9 = 33
Are you starting to see what is really going on here?  If not, please read the rest of the blog, eventually the message will seep in, and it is an important message.  It is the message that helps reveal the hoax.  Our mainstream media's giveaway behind their ongoing hoax, is the numbers they place within articles, and code into names, words and phrases with the practice of Gematria.  Look above at the picture, and notice how CNN hyphenated the words 'absolutely not'.  This is much like how they hyphenated the words 'I'm done' in the Canadian shooting story from recent weeks.
  • Absolutely 1+2+1+6+3+3+2+5+3+7 = 33
  • I'm Done = 9+4+4+6+5+5 = 33

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