Tuesday, June 10, 2014

47 33 77 | Enola Gay Tibbets and the Bombing of Hiroshima | Numerology Reveals All Truth

On August 6, 1945, the United States unleashed the most devastating weapon of the times on Hiroshima, Japan, instantly turning tens of thousands of people to dust.
  • 8/6/1945 = 8+6+1+9+4+5 = 33
It was the 33rd President, Harry Truman, who ordered the attack.  It was Harry Truman who also ordered the Trinity Test, which took place on the 33rd Parallel North, in New Mexico, the 47th State.  It should be noted that Harry Truman was openly a "33rd Degree" Freemason.
  • New = 555
  • Mexico = 4+5+6+9+3+6 = 33
The Trinity Test was the first nuclear weapons test in the history of the United States.  It took place on July 16, 1945, less than a month before the bombing of Hiroshima.
  • 7/16/1945 = 7+1+6+1+9+4+5 = 33
The bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was delivered by the B-29 Superbomber named the "Enola Gay Tibbets", a name with some serious coding in numerology.
  • Enola = 5+14+15+12+1 = 47
  • Gay = 7+1+25 = 33
  • Tibbets = 20+9+2+2+5+20+19 = 77
The name Hiroshima also has some revealing numerology, and might be the reason it was selected as the site of the detonation.  It should be noted that Hiroshima is also in close proximity to the 33rd Parallel North.
  • Hiroshima = 8+9+9+6+1+8+9+4+1 = 55
Isn't it sick?  Real lives are destroyed because, well, I don't know.  I suppose because these people, these elite, these rulers, these powers that be, they have an agenda, a mission, and they see us as there "things" to experiment with in all sorts of ways.

We must make it end, before the next Hiroshima, or Dresden, or 9/11, or 7/7, or 6/6, etc.  If we don't end them, they will end us, that is what I believe.
  • Believe = 2+5+3+9+5+4+5 = 33

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