Friday, June 20, 2014

33 | 47 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Numerology | An Illuminati Union?

Faith = 6+1+9+20+8 = 44 | Tim = 20+9+13 = 42
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are happily married country music stars, at least so the mainstream narrative goes.  Their tour together, Soul2Soul is the fifth highest grossing music tour of all-time, and the highest in the history of country music.  This is likely not by accident, as both of these "Manchurian Music Stars" might have been raised to make big dollars from a young age.

Faith Hill is very curious, from her name numerology, to the town she grew up in.  Her characteristics fit the pattern of many "Illuminati owned celebrities", being raised from a young age on by parents other than her own.  In this case, it is said that her singing talent was very distinguishable at a young age.  Faith Hill was raised by her adoptive parents in Ridgeland, Mississippi.
  • Faith Hill = 6+1+9+2+8+8+9+3+3 = 49
  • Ridgeland = 9+9+4+7+5+3+1+5+4 = 47
  • Tim McGraw = 2+9+4+4+3+7+9+1+5 = 44
From my research, these are what you might call the most important numbers 'from the forties'.  The number 49 itself, which represents Faith Hill, seems to be associated with earning wealth, which Faith Hill has done for the record companies who own her.  Faith Hill will turn 47 on September 21, 2014.

Tim McGraw, like Faith Hill, John Lennon and many other celebs' before and since him, was also raised by somebody other than his biological parents.  He was born Samuel Timothy McGraw and went by "Sam" as a boy.
  • Sam = 19+1+13 = 33
  • Timothy = 20+9+13+15+20+8+25 = 110
Making matters even better, Timothy McGraw was born May 1, 1967, giving him a life number of 29 and 11.
  • 5/1/1967 = 5+1+1+9+6+7 = 29, reduces to 11
On his own website, he calls attention to the fact that he has 33 Number One Singles released to date, much like the Band 311, who has released 33 singles.  The thirty-third "No. 1" was a remake of the song, "One of Those Nights".  Katie Couric also gave Tim McGraw much attention for this achievement of "33".  That is because she too is "33".  If you search for any recognition of 34 or 35 Number One Singles, you won't find it, and that is for "good reason".
  • Couric = 3+6+3+9+9+3 = 33
Let us examine some career achievements for Tim McGraw, courtesy of Wikipedia, and see if much "11" seems to stand out.  Let us also recall that Tim McGraw has a life number of "11".
McGraw had 11 consecutive albums debut at Number One on the Billboard albums charts. Twenty-five of his singles hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs or Country Airplay charts. He has also won three Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music awards, 11 Country Music Association (CMA) awards, 10 American Music Awards, and three People's Choice Awards. His Soul2Soul II Tour with Faith Hill is the highest grossing tour in country music history, and one of the Top 5 among all genres of music.[1]

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