Thursday, June 12, 2014

33 | The First FIFA World Cup | "33" Champions

The Original World Cup Champions Were "33"
The first World Cup was hosted in 1930, by South American nation Uruguay.  In that same World Cup, Uruguay would go on to win the championship.  This came as no surprise as Uruguay were the defending champions from the 1926 Olympics.  Uruguay, also happens to be one of eight "33" nations in the world.  Uruguay the nation was once founded by a movement named "The 33-Orientals".
  • Uruguay = 3+9+3+7+3+1+7 = 33
This World Cup will be the 84th anniversary of the fist World Cup, and the twentieth World Cup hosted by FIFA.
  • FIFA = 6+9+6+1 = 22
  • Master = 4+1+2+9+5+9 = 22
Let us not forget this a sport played with 11 players per team.  Are you getting the master numerology here?  Something tells me Uruguay winning the first World Cup is not a coincidence, especially when you come to know that it is a cultural trend setter; from soccer to socialism.  Uruguay is where the Tupamaro movement began that swept through Latin America.
  • Tupamaro = 2+3+7+1+4+1+9+6 = 33

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