Thursday, June 19, 2014

42 | Three Letter Words That Equal "The Meaning of Life"

In Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy, it is said that the number '42' represents the meaning of life.  If this is true, the English language might provide further insight into why '42' is considered to represent the meaning of life.  With that said, let us look at some three-letter-words with this very special numerology.
  • NEW = 14+5+23 = 42
  • SIN = 19+9+14 = 42
  • WAR = 23+1+18 = 42
  • GUN = 7+21+14 = 42
  • UFO = 21+6+15 = 42
  • TIM = 20+9+13 = 42
  • DOW = 4+15+23 = 42
  • PAY = 16+1+25 = 42
Call me a mad man, but I can connect all of these words back to 9/11, and at least in my mind, make it make sense.  First of all, what happened in New York City on September 11, 2001 was a sin, no matter who was responsible.  As a result of the events of that day, it has caused war to spread across the globe.  With wars come guns and unnecessary death and destruction.  And to think, we're at war over an event that hasn't been truthfully explained by appropriate sources to date.  We don't even know with any certainty what crashed into the buildings, from planes to missiles to nothing.  In other words, you could say what hit the World Trade Centers was an "unidentified flying object", or a UFO.  As we all know, the attacks were blamed on Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.  Do you know what Osama bin Laden's CIA alias was?  It was Tim Osmond.  Do you know what keeps us going, no matter what?  Pay day.

It should be noted that the full name for Tim, Timothy, has "110" numerology, much like the 110-story World Trade Center Towers.
  • Timothy = 20+9+13+15+20+8+25 = 110
One "42" word remains, that has not been used.  It is Dow, as in DowJones, the numerical representation of the market, which all things lead to; from wars to guns to UFOs to the sins that sell.  It should also be noted, that DowJones is a coded "33".
  • DowJones = 4+6+5+1+6+5+5+1 = 33
With regards to "33", an infamous family in U.S. history, the Kennedy's, have a very special name that codes many sacred numbers, from 33 to 42, to 47, to 5555.  Let us examine.
  • Kennedy = 11+5+5+5+5+4+7 = 42
  • Kennedy = 2+5+5+5+5+4+7 = 33
To learn more about the Kennedy family and how these numbers pertain, please read here.  For some people, for some period of time, the Kennedy family might very well have been the meaning of life, in many ways, through their vicarious existence.


  1. I see the number 42 everywhere. My last name equals 42 (Espinoza)i have a birth numerology of 42 (dec. 30) i was born in 1984 42+42 =84
    I will be 42 yrs old in 2026
    Twenty-six = 42
    Killed = 26
    Did i just decode my death year.??
    What does it mean.????????
    I would apreciate


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