Saturday, September 24, 2016

13 33 46 | Biggest drug bust in New York history, September 23, 2016 (Pure Propaganda)

33 kilograms
Biggest bust in 46-years
$13 million

I rest my case.  HOAX.

Of course this news also came on September 23, or 23/9, the very relevant number to this nation and the Jewish filth who run it, who've turned almost everyone into attics of one the following; sex, violence, poisonous food, propaganda, television, pharmaceuticals, etc.


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  2. Gotta love how much fentanyl has taken off since Prince made it so popular

  3. Zach I need help with this one there's a correlation with Thanksgiving games and Superbowl appearances

    1. nope, I dont think so

  4. Thanks giving games
    Thanksgiving game=167,77
    Conference Champion=167,95
    November=94 looks like 49(revelation)
    fourth Thursday of November=121(revelation), Holiday season=57(championship)

    These thanksgiving games didn't have teams that played in the SB the last season

    Previous sb(pats vs seahawks)
    DETROIT LIONS 45, Philadelphia Eagles 14
    (Carolina Panthers) 33, DALLAS COWBOYS 14
    Chicago Bears 17, GREEN BAY PACKERS 13
    sum off all games 136

    From thanks giving till SB was (9 weeks 4 days)94 Thanksgiving or 49 Revelation, 67 days,
    SB(50) or 46 of modern era date 2-1-16
    score Panthers 20, Broncos 21

    Nov. 27, 2014

    seahawks won last yr sb winner against broncos
    DETROIT LIONS 34, Chicago Bears 17
    Philadelphia Eagles 33, DALLAS COWBOYS 10
    (Seattle Seahawks) 19, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 3
    sum of all games 116

    from Thanksgiving till sb was (66) days, 2 months 7 days, 9 weeks 3 days, like 93
    SB(49) or 45 of modern era 2-1-15
    New England Patriots28, Seattle Seahawks24

    Nov. 27, 2008
    Tennessee Titans 47, DETROIT LIONS 10
    DALLAS COWBOYS 34, Seattle Seahawks 9
    PHILADELPHIA EAGLES 48, (Arizona Cardinals) 20
    11+27+20+08=66(revelation 66th book)

    from Thanksgiving to SB was (66) days, 2 months and 5 days, 9 weeks and 3 days(93), 47 weekdays

    Sb(43), 39 of modern era
    Pittsburgh Steelers 27, (Arizona Cardinals) 23

    (none of those teams were in the previous sb none of them made the current one)
    However Packers won the year after 2011, saints played in 2010 thanksgiving after winning sb)
    Nov. 26, 2009
    Green Bay Packers 34, DETROIT LIONS 12
    DALLAS COWBOYS 24, Oakland Raiders 7
    DENVER BRONCOS 26, New York Giants 6
    11+26+20+09=66(Revelation 66th book)
    Theory wouldve been perfect if someone in the thanksgiving game made it but
    someone "Greenbay" made it and won the next yr

    From Thanksgiving till SB 72 days, 2 months 11 days, 51 weekdays, 10 weeks and 2 days,
    with 51 weekdays I notice colts (peyton manning) instead of eli his brother

    (2-7-10) 19, 39, 12`
    SB(45) 41st of modern
    New Orleans Saints 31 Indianapolis Colts 17

    This Thanksgiving
    11+24+20+16=71(SB reflection)
    11+24+16=51(Sb 51)
    1+1+2+4+1+6=17(SB) Sb(51) 47 of modern era date 2-5-2017
    numerology of 24, 44, 17

    Vikings vs Lions 12:30, Redskins vs Cowboys 4:30, Steelers vs Colts 8:30
    From Thanksgiving to sb is 73 days, or 74 days counting the time of event, 52 weekdays,
    Weekdays=93, 39 with s exception
    for 73, it's the 21st prime, 21 product is 7 and 3, SB=21 and 3 gematria

  5. also Thanksgiving=60 and 141, Over and Under(like the odds)=60 and 141

  6. greenbay beat the lions since they in the same division on a thanksgiving game, then won the next yr superbowl, this yr vikings play the lions, could it mean that they win (sb 52)

  7. I think Giants make it against patriots, and since they call the giants big blue, this will be to enforce the blue live matter with a giants victory.

  8. there was some kind of Heroin awareness ad on the radio yesterday in Oregon......

  9. While we are talking about Detroit Lions, they play my Nfc pick for super bowl li, the Green Bay Packers on Sunday at Lambeau field.

    9/25/2016 tomorrows Numerology of 70, 50, 43, 25

    Last year the home win streak against the 'Lie-downs' was broken at 24 games. On 11-15-2015, a date with 61 numerology.

    Detroit Lions in English Reduction 61

    Then Green Bay won in Detroit a few weeks later with the 'miracle in motown' catch, 61 yard hail Mary pass to Richard rodgers. It was controversial because of referee #51 Carl Cheffers, CC, 33, for calling a disputed 'facemask' and having to add a play after regulation.

    This led to the green bay win totalling 50 points 27-23 on 12-3-2015

    12-3-2015 numerology of 50, 30, 23, 14

    Also for tomorrow's game there is 98 days left in the year, incl. End date. Green Bay has 98 wins against Detroit. Possibly an indicator of a GB win.

    Carl Cheffers will be referee for GB again, another Win indicator for GB.

    Back to the numerology. 50 was part of last year's win. 50 again is in the date. 43 is of the date numerology as well.

    The Packers in English Reduction is 43.

    Packers win, and score may total 43 or 50. There is more 50 connection with Green bay, but alas a win for GB before the week 4 bye week.

    Prediction, major injury for a GB player, Always happens before a bye week. Then on to the NY Giants, the night of the second presidential master(de)bate. #SNF

    Sorry if a little all over the place, my kids keep interrupting me. I should go have fun now.

  10. I thought the Kush would keep people from shooting malls & movie theatres.



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