Friday, September 23, 2016

43 68 88 93 239 | Family releases video of Charlotte shooting, Lamont King Scott, September 23, 2016

This news comes September 23, 2016. Torah = 239; Flag is 239 years old; Flag sewn at 239 Arch St

9/23/2016 = 9+23+20+16 = 68 (Year of MLK assassination April 4, 1968, RFK 6/6 1968)

Recall, Walter Scott was shot on April 4, 2015, the 47-year anniversary of the shooting

4/4/2015 = 4+4+20+15 = 43

Recall, the Civil War began on April 12, 1861, in Charleston, SC.  The first casualty was April 19, 1861 in Baltimore, where Freddie Gray died April 19, 2015, 15-days after Walt Scott.  Then came the story of the Church Shooting in Charleston.

Notice that Keith Lamont Scott is said to be 43-years old, born on the 34th day of the year.

The last state to join the union before the Civil War was the 34th Kansas, the number that is the reflection of 43.  Murder = 4+3+9+4+5+9 = 34

He died 233-days after his 43rd birthday.  233 is the 13th Fibonacci Number, following 144.

Notice the shooting happened at 3:55, or 15:55.  555 (NEW) (Number of war)

Notice the date the officer was hired, July 21, 2014.  I hope that isn't a fuck you to me.  That is however a date with '42' numerology.

7/21/14 = 7+21+14 = 42 (Freemason) (February) (Nigger) (Brothers) (Boy)

See this recent story out of Baltimore with Adam Jones, centered on '43':

Walter Scott.  Keith Lamont Scott.

He shares the name 'Scott' with this recent victim in Charlotte, in the more northern Carolina State.

Let us not forget the July 7 police department shooting in Dallas.  Dallas = 49 (7x7)

The headline is a tribute to time, as well as the poisoning and programming of the public.

Speaking of timing, what's up with the release of this family 'recording' today?  They were all up in arms the day of the event, so why wait until days later to drop the best evidence.

'93' has been a fateful number for the history of Black Americans.

Malcolm and Martin, M & M, both died by the number 44, and they met only one time as leaders in history, a date with '93' numerology.  Malcolm X would die 333-days later.

M = 13 = 1+3 = 4
M & M = 4 & 4, both deal by the number '44' +way more

They met March 26, 1964.

3/26/64 = 3+26+64 = 93

Blackout = 85
Matrix = 85

Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86; Republic = 86; Citizen = 86

Notice the top two stories, the contrived race war stories.


  1. Zach you should look at colts being the third thanksgiving game this yr, last panthers played in thanksgiving won and lost in the Superbowl, and sea hawks won the year before against the 49ers and lost in the Superbowl.

    1. omg i think i found something new, one of the teams who plays in thanksgiving were either in last yr superbowl or they make it during the current yr superbowl

    2. This started since thanksgiving were 3 matches on that day

    3. Dave, The 3 a game started in 2006. Since then the teams that have made it was the ones you mentioned and 2008 AZ Cards to make 2009 SB. I think out of all the Thanks Giving Games since 2006 3 games NO super bowl match for both teams played on that day.

      Colts and Vikings play on Thanksgiving Day this yr. Of course anything can happen but if your stating this 3 game has some meaning. Its not backed by this 3 game a on TG day theory. Juts some food for thought.

  2. Reshoots- -119, 714

    Scott Reshoots--196, 816J

    Repetition is the key.
    What's the key?

  3. Zach, my friends and I believe we cracked a code to determining the superbowl winners/contenders. Whats the fastest way to contact you that will ensure you see it and respond its urgent.

  4. Check this out:

    239 Arch Street Philadelphia?
    "Two Hundred Thirty Nine Arch St, Philadelphia" = 444
    "Four Hundred Forty Four" = 116
    "Five Hundred Fifty Five" = 116 [Upside Down 911]
    "Do What thou wilt shall be the Whole of the Law" = 444

  5. Off Topic... Zachariah, I was wondering... Did you ever finish the book you were working on earlier this year?

    If I am not mistaken, from what I can recall, the release date was scheduled for, 7/21/2016. I have tried to find where I could purchase a personal copy, but my search has led me nowhere.

    I would greatly appreciate a timely response. I thank you in advance.

    ~ E*M*M ~

    1. He has told everyone for quite some time that he would release the book sometime after the election, because he wanted this election season to be a learning experience that he could add to the book.

  6. lol kevin garnett just retired after 21 seasons, wore 21 throughout his career.

    1. And course to mark an elite 2020 HOF class with Kobe and Duncan.

  7. 99 Days Left in the Year September 23rd

    No Proof" in the English Ordinal system equals 99

    Insight Anger" in the English Reduction system equals 68

    2016-1968= .. 48 .. (Years)

    9+23+16= .. 48 ..

    9+23+20+16= .. 68 ..

    Forty Eight" in the English Reduction system equals 61

    Forty Eight" in the English Ordinal system equals 133

    Keith Lamont Scott= 61

    Proper Mason Title.

    Keith L. Scott " in the English Reduction system equals 43

    Civil War = 43

    Keith Lamont Scott Government" in the English Reduction system equals 113

    Forty Eight Years" in the English Reduction system equals 84 / 93

    1. Anyone break down USC game? Not st my computer

    2. The 1968 Race Riots in Detroit, Michigan after the Assassination of MLK. There was also a Race Riot in Detroit 1943.

      Michigan and North Carolina are the 26th & 12th State's Admitted to the Union. Michigan in 1837. North Carolina in 1789

      1837-1789= .. 48 ..

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  9. Thanks giving games
    games,DETROIT LIONS 45, Philadelphia Eagles 14
    (Carolina Panthers) 33, DALLAS COWBOYS 14
    Chicago Bears 17, GREEN BAY PACKERS 13
    SB date 2-1-16
    score Panthers 20, Broncos 21

    Nov. 27, 2014
    DETROIT LIONS 34, Chicago Bears 17
    Philadelphia Eagles 33, DALLAS COWBOYS 10
    (Seattle Seahawks) 19, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS 3
    SB 2-1-15
    New England Patriots28, Seattle Seahawks24

    This Thanksgiving
    the games
    Vikings 12:30 PM Lions, Redskins 4:30 PM Cowboys, Steelers 8:30 PM Colts

    Sb date 2-5-17

  10. Zach look at Oakland Raiders & Tennessee Titans schedule from 2015 it's the opposite that's why I think Tennessee titans probably going to win

  11. Zack, I know you mentioned the parallels between the 1921 Tulsa Riots and the Chrolette Riots but I actually think there might be much more to it..

    The date between the 2 riots, May 31 to Sept 20 equals 112 days

    In the Tulsa Riots they make it known that a black officer was involved in the initial arrest and mention him by name, that sparked the riots

    In both Riots, they claim that the accused is/had received death threats

    I just started the #s but there seems to be several significant #s at a quick glance.

    Thanks again for all the hard work

  12. so cool how they give us the video camera to see us land on the moon.. and now the mobile video to show us shit never happening. kodak baby.. smile


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