Monday, September 26, 2016

33 44 94 147 | MNF, Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints, September 26, 2016

Notice the emphasized '44' on the back of the Falcons jersey.

Recall, the Saints won Super Bowl 44, with 'Will Smith', who died April 9, 2016, by the numbers.

9/26/2016 = 9+26+20+1+6 = 44 (Saints, winners of Super Bowl 44)

Some say Katrina caused HAARP.  Wouldn't it be fitting for the team to suffer from it to win Super Bowl 44, as the Saints did?

Here's a parallel between Will Smith, born 7/4, and 'Katrina'.

From Will Smith's death, April 9, to today's game, is a span of 171-days.  From what would have been his 35th birthday, to today's game, is a span of 85-days.  Notice he was born July 4, 1981.

National Football League = 85

Sainthood is a Catholic Practice.

Catholic = 35/71 (Will Smith dead before 35th birthday)
Saints going for 17th win on MNF (171... 17... 71?)

9/26 = 9+26 = 35 (Will Smith would have been 35, July 4, 2016)

9/26/2016 = 9+26+20+1+6 = 44 (Saints, winners of Super Bowl 44)

Atlanta = 15/69; Falcons = 25/34/70; Atlanta Falcons = 40/49/139 (Will Smith, dead 4/9)
New Orleans = 45/54/126; Saints = 19/37/82; New Orleans Saints = 64/91/208

The Falcons are in their 51st season in the year of Super Bowl 51.

This will be the 94th game between the two teams in the regular season.  Again, Will Smith died April 9, a date that can be written 9/4, a lot like '94'

Notice the Saints come in with 45 wins and 48 losses.  If they lose, they'll have lost 49 times against the Atlanta Falcons, another way to write the date 4/9.  If they win, they'll earn their 46th, the number connected to death.  Sacrifice = 46; Vanity = 46 (Dead on 46th day of the year)

Drew Brees next win will be his 131st... (Super Bowl = 131, Saints won #44)

Super Bowl = 131; Championship = 131; Fifty-Seven = 131 (World Series = 57)

Notice his total losses of 99.

Also, notice in his regular season stats, he has 94 losses.

The game comes in a span of 112-days from his 38th birthday.

Houston = 112 (Hosting Super Bowl 51)
Football = 83 (Reflection of 38)

37 is the 12th prime, Drew Brees to be 1-2 after the game?

1/15/1979 = 1+15+19+79 = 114 
1/15/1979 = 1+1+5+1+9+7+9 = 33

If Drew Brees wins tonight, he'll be 11-5 against Matt Ryan.  (1/15?)

If he loses, he'll be 10-6. (Prophecy?)

MNF = 13+14+6 = 33 (Monday Night Football)

***ATL = 1+20+12 = 33 (Atlanta is on the 33rd Parallel) (Drew Brees opponent)

On the other side of the ball is Matt Ryan, the opposing QB.

Matt Ryan has name gematria connecting to '112', and Houston, again the city hosting Super Bowl 51 at the end of this season.

This game comes 33x4 days from Matt Ryan's birthday.
MNF = 33; ATL = 33; Atlanta, 33rd Parallel

5/17/1985 = 5+17+19+85 = 126 (New Orleans)
5/17/1985 = 5+17+(1+9+8+5) = 45 (New Orleans)
5/17/1985 = 5+1+7+1+9+8+5 = 36
5/17/85 = 5+17+85 = 107

The name Matty Ice also connects to MNF and today's date, September 26, leaving 96-days left in the year.

The coach for the Saints is Sean Payton.

12/29/1963 = 1+2+2+9+1+9+6+3 = 33 (Just like Brees) (MNF = 33)

Not by coincidence, this game comes 94-days before Sean Payton's birthday.

Sean Payton will be playing for his 94 total win including playoffs tonight.

Notice this will be the 147th game for Sean Payton.  Remember, 94 is in focus.

He is going for win #88, or loss #60... or tie #1 =/

New Orleans Saints = 64/73/91
Patrick Sean Payton = 73/82/91

***Will Smith wore #91

The opposing coach is Dan Quinn.

Will Sean Payton get his 94th win all-time against Dan Quinn?  So it seems.

This game comes 15-days after his birthday, which is interesting in light of 'Atlanta'.

Atlanta's coordinates

New Orleans's coordinates.  Football 29 (Last week Giants became 16-13 all-time against Saints, with a score of 16-13)  (It was the Archie Manning Bowl)

9/4/16 = 9+4+16 = 29 (Date Will Smith died)

If Dan Quinn loses, the head coach of the Falcons, he'll be 9-10.  Notice he is '9-9- facing Drew Brees.  Drew Brees = 99

The record of 9-10, is a lot like '91'.

New Orleans Saints = 91
Will Smith, who passed April 9, 2016, wore #91

That said... his birth numerology shows another possible outcome.

9/11/1970 = 9+11+19+70 = 109 (10-9)

Let us close by examining the MNF records of both teams.

The Saints will be playing in their 37th MNF game.  They're either earning their 17th win or their 21st loss.

Out of all 32 teams, the Atlanta Falcons have the worst winning percentage on MNF.

This will be the 40th game all-time for the Atlanta Falcons.


  1. Also Bartolo colon is going for his 44th win all time with mets vs MIAMI Marlins where all players will be wearing #16 16x9 players=144 (Hillary rodham).A win will leav him with 33 losses with mets.Marlins plying their 156th game.
    Thirty three=156
    Ny mets =33
    Ny mets=96 (today leaves 96 days left in the year)

    1. I guess we know why the game was cancelled between ATL and MIA yesterday.

    2. Yes sir,
      Forgot to mention it's also Bartolos 33rd game this year

    3. Wow
      Adam Michael coleny =144 is starting for Marlins him and Bartolo colon are both born May 24th the 144th day of the year .

  2. Bleacher Report:

    "colts announcer drops fbomb on air" in the English Reduction system equals 134

    yesterdays game was 134 days until the superbowl including end date.

  3. Replies
    1. Rebirth = 44
      Death = 38
      Football = 83

      A Rebirth of the Death Saints. May the odds ever be in their favor

      Psalm 116:15 "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints."

    2. 131 = Super Bowl

      Revelation 13:10 “If anyone is destined for captivity, into captivity he will go; If anyone is to die by the sword(by the numbers?), by the sword(numbers?) he must be killed.” Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints."

      137 = (33rd prime)
      137 = Authority

      Revelation 13:7 "Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation."

      228 = Death
      22x8 = 176

      Revelation 17:6 "I could see that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints and of the witnesses for Jesus. And I was greatly astonished at the sight of her."

      "one hundred and seventy-sixth" in the English Reduction system equals 119

      "Chapter 119 of Psalms has 176 verses because it follows a pattern whereby the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are used to begin 8 verses each. That is, 22-times-8 equals 176."

      The Divisors of 176 are -1, 2, 4, 8, 11, 16, 22, 44, 88

      Psalms, Chapter 119 - line 44 "So shall I keep thy law continually for ever and ever."

    3. Week 1 results – 7 Home Wins -9 Home Loss
      Week 2 results - 9 Home Wins -7 Home Loss

      Currnetly Week 3 Schedule – 9 Home Wins - 6 Home Loss

      will it be 10-6 like prophecy or 9-7 like the rest of the patter for the 97th season of NFL...

  4. Someone brought this up in other sub forum:

    "Drew brees is 10-5 against matt ryan. If he loses tonight it will be 10-6 for prophecy"

    Have to like this angle a lot

  5. I'll think about it brother. My goal is to get it all out for free. I just want people to buy the book when I put it out. I'm afraid IRS will get me if I start charging for my work. I don't pay taxes. Fuck the man!

  6. When your book coming cause I'm going to buy it.

  7. Here we go...

    Monday Night Football

    9/26/2016 = 9+26+20+16 = 71
    9/26/2016 = 9+26+2+0+1+6 = 44
    9/26/2016 = 9+2+6+2+0+1+6 = 26
    9/26/16 = 9+26+16 = 51
    269/270 day, 96 remaining.
    September Twenty Sixth = 3089, 290, 1740, 92/110,

    Atlanta at New Orleans
    95th all time matchup. Atlanta leads 48-45, 1-0 playoffs, 49-45 overall.
    94th regular season matchup. Atlanta leads 48-45.
    New Orleans: 331-420-5
    Atlanta: 331-433-6
    Coach records:
    Payton: 146 games, 87-59, 6-4 playoffs, 93-63 overall. 156 total games.
    Quinn: 18 games, 9-9 record.
    QB records:
    Brees: 229 starts, 130-99, 71-43 home, 59-56 away.
    218 regular starts, 124-94, 67-42 home, 57-52 away.
    Ryan: 133 starts, 76-57 record, 44-22 home, 32-35 away
    128 regular starts, 75-53, 43-20 home, 32-33 away.
    Birthday spans:
    Payton: 12/29/63
    next: 94 days, 3 months 3 days, 13 weeks 3 days
    95 days, 3 months 4 days, 13 weeks 4 days
    previous: 272 days, 8 months 28 days, 38 weeks 6 days
    273 days, 8 months 29 days, 39 weeks
    Brees: 1/15/79
    previous: 255 days, 8 months 11 days, 36 weeks 3 days
    256 days, 8 months 12 days, 36 weeks 4 days
    next: 111 days, 3 months 20 days, 15 weeks 6 days
    112 days, 3 months 21 days, 16 weeks
    Quinn: 9/11/70
    previous: 15 days, 2 weeks 1 day
    16 days, 2 weeks 2 days
    next: 350 days, 11 months 16 days, 50 weeks
    351 days, 11 months 17 days, 50 weeks 1 day
    Ryan: 5/17/85
    previous: 131 days, 4 months 8 days, 18 weeks 5 days
    132 days, 4 months 9 days, 18 weeks 6 days
    next: 234 days, 7 months 22 days, 33 weeks 3 days.
    235 days, 7 months 23 days, 33 weeks 4 days
    Last matchup: 1/3/16. New Orleans won 20-17. Sum of 37.
    267 days, 8 months 23 days, 38 weeks 1 day
    268 days, 8 months 24 days, 38 weeks 2 days
    Monday night football records:
    New Orleans: 36 games, 16-20. Last game lost to Detroit 35-27 on 12/21/2015.
    Atlanta: 39 games, 12-27. Last game defeated Philadelphia 26-24 on 9/14/2015.

    New Orleans:
    Payton is going for overall win 94. It would come against opposing coach Dan Quinn = 94. Payton's next birthday is 94 days away. This is the 94th regular matchup. Sean Payton = 49. Brees = 49.
    Payton coaching his 157th game. 157 is the 37th prime. Last matchup had 37 points. Saints = 37. This is the Saints 37th game on MNF.
    Date numerology of 44. Drew Brees would have 44 home losses if Saint's lose.
    Drew Brees has 71 home wins. Date numerology of 71. Saint's loss would keep him on 71.
    Drew Brees next birthday is 112 days away. Drew Christopher Brees = 112.
    Saints have 45 losses in the series. Drew Brees = 45. New Orleans = 45. Seventy One = 45.
    New Orleans located on the 29th paralell North. September Twenty Sixth = 290. Katrina = 29.
    Brees next birthday is 112 days away. Matt Ryan = 112.
    Drew Brees is going for win 131. He can get it against the team from Atlanta Georgia = 131.
    Date numerology of 51. Fifty One = 100. Saints loss would give Brees his 100th loss. It would also give Brees his 95th regular loss in the 95th matchup.

    Date numerology of 71. Matthew Thomas Ryan = 71. Hurricane Katrina = 171.
    Atlanta is going for their 49th regular win in the series. Atlanta Falcons = 49. Sean Payton = 49.
    94th regular matchup. Dan Quinn = 94.
    Date numerology of 44. Georgia = 44. Can give Brees his 44th home loss.
    If Atlanta wins, Matt Ryan's away record would become 33-33. MNF = 33. Matty Ice = 33. The opponents, Drew Brees and Sean Payton both have birth numerology of 33. Atlanta is located on the 33rd parallel North. Saints = 330.
    Matt Ryan's 32nd birthday is 33 weeks 3 days away. This would be franchise win #332. Also 3 months 3 days before Payton's next birthday.

    1. Storylines:
      Both teams come into the game with 331 franchise wins. 331 is the 67th prime.
      Brees currently has 67 home wins. A Saint's loss would keep him on that number.
      This game comes 10 years 1 day after the Superdome was re-opened from Hurricane Katrina damage.
      New Orleans Louisiana = 101. September Twenty Sixth = 110. 101 is the 26th prime. Date numerology of 26. That is also 522 weeks ago. Five Hundred Twenty Two = 101.
      Date numerology of 44. Super Bowl 51 has date numerology of 44. Also date numerology of 51. Could we see some type of tribute to SB51 in this game?
      MNF = 96. There are 96 days remaining in the year. Matty Ice = 96. Ninety Six = 58. A loss by the Falcons would give Matt Ryan is 58th overall loss.
      The winner of the game will get franchise win #332. Three Hundred Thirty Two = 288. Georgia Dome = 288. Would it make sense for the Falcons to lose in New Orleans and get 332 at home?
      This game has so many angles,...

      Saint win: Sean Payton gets overall win 94 in the 94th regular season matchup 94 days before his next birthday, getting the victory against Dan Quinn (94). Brees gets his 131st win over the team from Atlanta Georgia (131), 131 days before opposing QB Matt Ryan's next birthday. Sean Payton wins in his 157th game coached in a 37th prime tribute to the Saints (37).

      Falcon win: Matt Ryan, aka Matty Ice (33) improves his away record to 33-33 on MNF (33) against the Saints (330) 33 weeks 3 days before his 32nd birthday. Against opponents Brees and Payton who both have birth numerology of 33. The team from Georgia (44) gives Brees his 44th home loss on a day with 44 numerology. Dan Quinn (94) wins the 94th matchup, giving the Atlanta Falcons (49) their 49th series win by defeating Sean Payton (49) and Brees (49). Matthew Thomas Ryan (71) leads his team to victory on a day with 71 numerology leaving Drew Brees stuck on 71 home wins. Matty Ice (96) wins on MNF (96) with 96 days remaining in the year.

      Both scenarios would make sense... maybe how much the gang loves 33 would give the edge to the Falcons?

    2. Just noticed the span from Will Smith's death links up to Hurricane katrina. 171 days. Hurricane Katrina = 171.

      I can't tell if the 44 rebirth stuff favors Atlanta or New Orleans? Brees has 43 home losses so tonight could be 44. Rebirth of the Falcon, like a phoenix?

    3. I am leaning towards Falcons. They have the new stadium. They have been in the ashes for a minute. And Rise Up is their tagline. Wait for whoever gets the big special teams play. I expect some shenanigans.

    4. They are more parallels to No than ATL I think, Saints should win. Seems when breaking these games down, its the team with the most connections that usually wins. The Katrina parallel is big for the Saints.

    5. Result is very instructive tonight, with all the 33 on MNF, but does it favor NO with all their 33? 2nd to last Atlanta win in New Orleans, 313 weeks (and 1 day) ago. That is usually damning, but with Matty going for 33-33 who the hell knows.

  8. I noticed other people been starting up clubs and charging. Gematria Club on twitter, Numbers Never Lie blog... charging monthly fees and whatnot. For stuff we learned from Zach in the first place. Free to find truth!

  9. Fleur De Lis = 111 e/o 48 e/r

    The Big Easy = 101 e/o 47 e/r

    Matty Ice = 96 e/o 33 e/r

  10. For people who want to help out Zach just PayPal him some of what you win off betting. It's the least we can do. Even half because you still have half and that's more then you had.

  11. Umm zach thats the actor matt ryan.. lol

  12. Zach, I don't think that's the QB Matt Ryan in the picture you have. Ryan's birthday is 5/17/1985 and he is 31 years old.

  13. Those tools over at numbers never lie are worthless.

  14. Non gematria angle:

    Falcons get revenge in New Orleans tonight.

    Then Carolina goes into Atlanta next weekend and get's their revenge for killing Carolina's undefeated season last year. (Atlanta stopped Carolina's win streak at 14).

    1. Revenge = 40. It is Atlanta's 40th game on MNF...

    2. or the nfl plays its parity card and Atlanta loses tonight and wins next week , which is my take

  15. And the Marlins first AB tonight.....a Home Run. :)

    1. "That was like something out of a story-book"

      Gee, you don't say?

    2. Just happens to be Dee Gordon's first home run of season. On the third pitch of game.

    3. looks like Dee Gordon is going to have a huge game. Cycle maybe?

  16. might be a little early but anybody got an idea of who gonna win the Thursday night game, Bengals vs Dolphins? i might play Dalton as my qb in fantasy loool

  17. Any play solid tonight with the gematria??

  18. falcons first half, Brees with the comeback...
    My script for tonight.
    31-30 = 61 reflection 16 for JF

    1. So much emphasis on the over in all these articles. More often than not I always see this and the game goes under the total.

    2. of course...the line is 52 it,,,51 it will be lol

  19. Just found this funny. Jail spokesman name and the charges on Hardy, lol...

    Former Dallas defensive end Greg Hardy, who remains unsigned after a tumultuous 2015 season revolving around his domestic violence case in North Carolina, has been arrested on a cocaine possession charge in Texas.

    Jail spokesman Tim Weed in the Dallas suburb of Richardson said Hardy was arrested early Monday and booked on a charge of possession of a controlled substance. He was released on $5,000 bond Monday afternoon. Police had stopped him on a traffic violation.

  20. I went with the 10 home wins 6 home losses bet last week with the Bears and I lost... so I am going to stick to the 9-7 pattern and Bet Falcons tonight. I definitely could be wrong again thought which would be funny, at least I will laugh at it.

    However looking into week 4..

    Chargers vs Saints
    Falcons vs Panthers

    I think Saints will get their first win next week against Chargers bringing both records to 1-3

    Meanwhile I think Panthers will beat the Falcons next week bringing both records to 2-2 (Panthers currently in their 22 year as a franchise)

    And who knows, maybe there will be a Sacrificial Official making the decisions tonight like last night LOL :) damn sports commentators

    1. on point w/the 9-7 theory.. but what happens when the bye wks kick in?

    2. Great question!! I honestly have no idea. I didn't come across this pattern until end of week 2 and forgive me I don't know much about by weeks in football but assuming if there is more than one after the first week a pattern will emerge I would imagine. Trial and error at this point.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. why was his last comment removed?.. Bye wks will be starting this wk (wk4), goes between wk4-wk13, the total number of games will vary each wk. So unfortunately finding a consistent rythem won't be possible until wk14.

    5. Yea it will be tough to spot patterns for sure but even though some weeks are 14 games, some are 13 games and some are 15 games the ratio of Home Wins and Home Losses can still be followed. I just remember following Brian Toughy last year during playoffs and he kept pointing out how one week all home teams won and the next all away teams won and that stuck with me knowing that Home wins and Home losses apparently matter for some reason. And then when I found Zachs work it all just clicked. And I deleted my comment because it popped up as a double comment.

    6. agreed.. im very new to all of this but to me it makes total sense. why else would the league increase the amount of penalties, they could care less about the players health, and its bad for ratings. clearly its all about being able to have more and more control over the game like you guys state

  21. Lol the first person to pick the falcons winning was named steve. Steve gleason blocked the punt.

    1. what?? where was this pick at? I wanna see, that is hilarious. A lot lines up for Saints which I am choosing to ignore lol

  22. Falcons are getting their revenge the saints player muffled the punt and the falcons recovered.

    1. it just appears every special teams play is supposed to have someone running into someone else...a kicker, a returner,whoever lol

  23. 4th and 1...all they did was run behind him and give him the angle...and then they throw a flag in case he didnt make it

  24. Anyone else think Steve Gleason's degenerative disease in light of him having the iconic punt blocking moment that is forever glorified in Saints lore isn't a coincidence? Mason's are sick enough to do it.

  25. The points are going to sum to 91...

  26. I noticed yesterday Gematria Club twitter had Dustin Johnson winning the FedEx cup yesterday. He did not, and the tweet today was deleted.

    Second, they had a large post on the Bears upsetting the Cowboys. The tweet today is also deleted.

    And they charge for this?

  27. falcons may not score another point after 35

  28. Personally i don't think the potential backlash by charging is worth it....

    once money is involved, expectations and emotions get higher...... and if things don't turn out right then people will be quick to dismiss Zach's work......

    just something to keep in mind.

  29. 46 + 45 is there about to be a Saints burst of points?

    1. Two touch downs by saints and we are at 46-45. I just check the score and about choked! This will be tooooo much

  30. Deion Jones of the Falcons , who is from New Orleans, scored a touchdown which made the game score 44 then 45.

  31. Looking like a Falcons victory? Surely they cant score twice in 4 mins?

  32. Debate was on LI tonight...super bowl LI

  33. Looks like it's gonna end with a total score of 77

    1. When you add 7+7 = 14 = 5

      The number 5 represents the Masonic Compass, unbalanced, bad, war, stress, work, confusion, deceit, chaos, lies, Oz

    2. Also, Seventy-seven is 5 syllables, which makes it out of sync with the pulse of your heart for 1.5 seconds (like ABRACADABRA) (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

  34. So how do they script that INT pick six? Fucking amazing if it was.

  35. ninety one" in the Greek Isopsephy system equals 0...0-3


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