Sunday, September 25, 2016

57 59 74 94 146 | Marlins Jose Fernandez dies September 25, 2016, 57-days after 24th birthday (Chicago Cubs World Series related)

Marlins ace pitcher dies = 103/121/211 (211, the 47th prime) (Revelation = 121) (Jose = 13)

Right away CNN says that he was scheduled to pitch today, but yesterday a change was made to have him pitch tomorrow.  That is suspicious seeing as how he ended up "dying" today.

Let us check the stats quickly on Jose Fernandez.

His name in Simple English connects to the Cubs who clinched in 146 games, clinching with their 93rd win.

Jose = 1+6+1+5 = 13/22
D. = 4
Fernandez = 6+5+9+5+1+5+4+5+8 = 48
Jose D. Fernandez = 65/74 (Masonic = 74) (Killing = 74)

Jose = 10+15+19+5 = 49
D. = 4
Fernandez = 6+5+18+14+1+14+4+5+26 = 93 (Saturn) (Propaganda)
Jose D. Fernandez = 146 (Cubs clinched with 93 win in 146 games)

His birth numerology connects to 'Miami Marlins' as well as 'kill'.

7/31/1992 = 7+31+19+92 = 149 (Skull and Bones)
7/31/1992 = 7+31+(1+9+9+2) = 59 (Miami Marlins) (Kill)
7/31/1992 = 7+3+1+1+9+9+2 = 32 (America) (Marlins)
7/31/92 = 7+31+92 = 130 (13)
7/31/ = 7+31 = 38 (Death = 38)

9/25/2016 = 9+25+20+16 = 9+25+20+16 = 70
9/25/2016 = 9+25+(2+0+1+6) = 43 (Champion) (Pitcher)
9/25/2016 = 9+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 25 (Dead on the 25th) (Twenty-Five = 149)
9/25/16 = 9+25+16 = 50 (America = 50) (Twenty-Four = 50)

His death comes a span of 57-days from his birthday.

Miami Marlins also has that '131' gematria.

Recall, last year, Dave Henderson (Henderson = 57), died 57-days after the World Series, at age 57, which won by the Kansas City Royals, the last team he played with.

Speaking of Kansas City Royals, Ferndandez's birthday connects, being born on the 212th day of the year, and the 213th day in leap years.  The number '213' is connected to killing, and this year is a leap year, meaning he turned '24' on the '213th' day.

Prince Charles was '66' when the Royals won the World Series.  Charles = 66; World Series = 57/66

Also interesting, is that from his birthday to what will be Game 7 of the 112th World Series, November 2, or 11/2, is 94-days.

This year the MLB season began on April 3, 2016, the 94th day of the year.  The Cubs earned their 94th win, with a walk off home run by #47, 47-days before Game 7 of the World Series.  That was the Cubs 147th game of the season.  In Vegas, the Cubs have 9-4 odds to win the World Series currently.

Last point, the word 'pitcher' has a connection to the word 'champion' and 'murder', which is why he was chosen for the ritual sacrifice, if he is really dead.

Notice how his career stats coincide with the decode, and notice the date he was first called up, April 7, 2013.  That date can be written 4/7 or 7/4, a lot like '47' and '74'.

4/7/2013 = 4+7+20+13 = 44 (Kill = 44)

24-1, dead at 24.  '25' total games, dead on the 25th.

32-foot boat?  Marlins = 32; America = 32; 7/4/1776 = 32

235, 253, 325, 523... all year...


  1. Boat=38,11 Time Crew
    (an Indian pitcher who died on a boat)= 38 and 110,
    Steve Olin(another indian pitcher who died on a boat)= 121, 40
    it was 8 weeks from fernandez Bday,
    eight weeks= 112, 49
    eight=31, 49

    Jose Fernandez Illuminati Sacrifice? Weird-ass Press Conference About Death

    1. Wow! All smiles and laughing like nothing happened. Doesn't add up AS ALWAYS.

    2. yooo wtf thoses guys were just laughing and chilling like a normal day

    3. Hahahahaha...Wow! The only missing was the party yell of, "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

  3. Danica Patrick is running in her 146th NASCAR race today. She has never "won" or placed in the top 5.

    1. She 24th on the grid you think the numbers line up for her to have a good race ?

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    3. Currently they are on the 167 lap and she is a lap down running in 24th place. I doubt if this her day, but it is rigged and anything is possible. Martin Truex Jr #78 is leading and this is his 397th race. The number 397 is the 78th prime.

  4. a dollar on Danica will net you 500$. Im risking a dollar lol :) even if she loses it's just a dollar

    1. I placed $1.50 lol


      She wears number #10
      Ten=93 in gematria

      New York

  5. Stories like these are what I wish I can share with family and friends but I can't. I just have to sit here and be like.. wtf. And keep it to myself

  6. Replies
    1. Funny how a guy from a show called "Highly Questionable" chimes in. This is highly questionable alright...

  7. Wikipedia is already updated with his death. I saw a video which had a view from wikipedia that initially said at "The morning of September 25, 2016 at 3:30 am, Fernandez was killed..." It has since been altered to say 3:00 am and references 3 dead. Wikipedia is in the know.

    1. still says that they spotted the boat overturned at 3:30.

  8. just wondering if you could do soccer english premier league games

  9. I'm quite sure Jose (If that's even his real name) is pissed off at his early retirement, as much as he loved the game and spotlight; not to mention how good he IS....You'd THINK even a 24 yr old would KNOW not to speed in a boat at night...bc NO WAY this 'occurred' during day light and NO ONE knew about it in Miami, where they LIVE on the beach.....these Zionist Jews are a piece of FN work man

    1. Next we'll find out that his favorite athlete ever was Ali, and he listened to Prince for inspiration before games.

    2. I LOL'd so hard when you brought up Ali and Prince... Bet money you are 100% right ... this shit is too wild man

  10. The MIAMI Marlins were supposed to play ATL
    MIAMI Dolphins playing Cleveland Browns
    Fernandez birthday 7/31 137 the 33rd prime
    The 156th game was cancelled for MIAMI
    Thirty three=156
    Dolphins 1st pass was intercepted and downed on the 33

    1. The dolphins debuting in their new home hard rock stadium today
      Hard rock stadium=66
      Thirty three =66
      Fernandez Bday to the start of the MLB playoffs is 66 days..

    2. Jose Fernandez died at age 24
      Cleveland and Miami Goto overtime tied at 24

  11. Check this out..

    Jose Fernandez died exactly 24 years, 1 month and 25 days old.
    His professional record is 24-1 in 25 games.

    1. Jose Fernandez = 142

      his record backwards.

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  12. You Cats are AWESOME with your extra findings! Can't wait until I can grasp this stuff as efficiently, as you all!!!

    One thing I've noticed is they rarely show anything past the initial death's, like a fn funeral...Only one I recall is Whitney

  13. On AOL, it was reported his boat was 33 feet and found at 3:30. I call bullshit... :/

    1. Good catch! I found the article right here...

      Why is the length of the boat even important? LMAO

  14. Blood sacrifice for Jewish Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria ...

  15. LOL...yeah. :) It's important that they throw that 33 at us as many times as they can. Amazing how much you can pick up on once you're on to their game. The rest of the world is basically oblivious...

    1. Facebook= Followers


      By design


  16. Fernandez #16 dead in the year 2016

    Marlins have 77 victories

  17. Replies
    1. my opinion kiffin gets Alabama job next year, I believe Alabama is about to implode.

  18. picked this story apart quickly, I have never seen a game canceled in any sport in a while following a players death.

  19. what are your thoughts of why the Astros prediction out of ALCS didn't work? I saw your video on youtube and you had predicted Cubs vs astros for WS with Cubs over Astros. Would be nice to hear what you have to say

  20. This is definitely a fake/ ritual sacrifice. They said the boat was 33ft long and was discovered at 3:30Am how classic. There is a massive connection to the Cleveland Indians as well. The last time MLB players died in a boat crash was the Cleveland Indians back in 93. The Marlins were going to play the Braves, both of those teams are the teams that beat the Indians in the world series. The Cleveland Browns also played in Miami today. This just seems heavily connected to the Cleveland Indians to me. The Indians also faced off against Fernandez this year and they beat him. His ERA for the game was 3.03 and it was Coco Crisp's (CC) first game back with the Indians.

  21. Some other great finds here already, but I took a look at some headlines surrounding this too. Here are more possible connections from what I documented.

    The other people who died:
    Eduardo Rivero = 74 (huge number, you guys should know)
    Emilio Macias = 118 (Death)

    "Jose Fernandez At American Social Bar & Kitchen Before Fatal Crash"

    American Social Bar & Kitchen = 106 (Prophecy)
    American Social = 123 (Conspiracy)

    "Prado: Fernandez Told Teammate His Last Game Was His “Best Ever”"

    Best Ever = 33, 96 (huge numbers, you guys should know)
    Prado = 54 (Baseball)

    54 like the sum of the Dolphins vs Browns score from that day, which held a moment of silence for him and went to overtime tied at 24 (his age).

    He was given a game score of 88 (Ace Pitcher) for that last game. He pitched 111 (Mark of the Beast) pitches.

    The Marlins game that day was going to be against Atlanta. ATL = 33. Georgia itself also equals 44 (Kill) and 62 (Masonry).

    Last time he pitched against ATL, he threw 106 pitches.

    Black jerseys with #16 are being flown in from Philadelphia (why Philadelphia? why mention the detail?) for the entire team. Something with the 106 and 16 going on here, Philadelphia being connected to 106. Tribute game is against 'NYM' = 16. His first MLB game ever was also against them.

    More 33:
    Boat Crash = 33
    SeaVee Boats = 33 (Company that created the boat he was on)
    -Phrases '3 dead at 3am' or '3 dead at 3:30am' both have the 33 and 333 in them.
    -They reported the boat to be 33ft at first in some places, though that's being reported as 32ft now.

    His replacement, Conley, is fitting:
    Fernandez = 93 (Saturn)
    Adam Conley = 93
    Conley = 74

    Other findings from reporting:
    SeaVee = 57 (World Series) (# of days from B-day)
    'Marlins Mourn' = 59 (Kill) (Miami Marlins)
    'Beloved Star' = 42, 123 (
    Crash Impact = 111 (died from crash impact, not drowning)

    More Cubs connection:
    "Jorge Soler – the Chicago Cubs outfielder – played with Miami Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez while the two were growing up in Cuba and even traveled together to Venezuela for a youth tournament."

    “He was a great humanitarian,” Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman said through a translator. The 28-year-old Chapman lives in the Miami-area in the offseason. He said he spent some time with Fernandez while he was home. He would come by my house. I would go by his,” Chapman said. “We would have long conversations. We would talk a lot. We spent a lot of good amount of time together. It was very special for me.”

    Other Cubs players spoke about him too, but these two seemed to be pretty close friends of his.

    Also the 253 you mentioned at the bottom appears in this headline:
    "Jose Fernandez, Friends, At Waterfront Hot Spot Before Fatal Crash" in the English Reduction system equals 253

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  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It's difficult to say. I'm almost certain these athletes don't know the full extent of what is going on, but I'm also quite certain he knew about the rigging and certain aspects of what the MLB really is about.

      It's even possible he opposed it and expressed that so they used him as a sacrifice for that reason. Could be a similar situation to George Carlin, where he probably worked for the powers yet despised them and was killed for going too far with something.

      He was either recruited for his numbers or he was given that name so he would have the numbers, that's for sure though.

      For all we know he could also have been given a fake name, a fake backstory, and is still alive somewhere. I personally don't think so, but we can't eliminate the possibility.


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