Friday, September 30, 2016

6 11 33 75 | Philippines President Duterte says he wants to massacre his nation's 3-million drug users "like Hitler", September 30, 2016 headlines

Remember, this man was just used in staged propaganda with President Obama.  He is a New World Order puppet, owned by the Zionists.  The Philippines are a garment making nation for the Zios.

If you missed Duterte's remarks from earlier this month that were front page news, here they are:

Look at the numbers used.  11 million.  6 million.  33,000.

Can you say bullshit by the numbers?

You have to love the '75th anniversary' mention as well.  New World Order = 75

Of course this news comes on September 30, or 9/30, looking something like '93', the number for 'Propaganda'.

Also, final point.  Most people who use drugs, see through New World Order bullshit.


  1. August 24th, 2014 NY Daily News

  2. This right after the Chelsea Clinton "marijuana can kill" comment.


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