Sunday, September 25, 2016

September 25, 2016, new video of Charlotte police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott released (Link to video)


  1. Hahahahaha, guess they're finally realizing just how horrible their crisis actors are; sure be a whole lot easier to sell the BS w/o using B-Talent!

  2. The video I saw showed nothing but shitty camera dizziness. Why do all the wives have only one emotion(anger) when their husbands get shot? In reality wouldn't you be shocked and sad? Clown actors.

  3. This is all a mockery, they know by law that they don't have to release any video and that's why so much focus on "video" (at every angle, including helicopter, who was on call for a broken down vehicle call???)
    It's about the new "Body cam" law, which prohibits the public from access to police body and dashcam video til after the case is closed.

    That is the main topic with regards to the video, they are all "inconclusive", after all the different views.

    Protect yourself and get your own dashcam and video all your interactions with the gestapo

  4. video yesterday from wife showed that this story is all around garbage, while she is screaming, watch the officers, they don't ever turn her way, and why does the camera always fall when the shooting is taken place.


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