Thursday, September 22, 2016

33 47 51 112 137 | TNF preview, September 22, 2016, Houston Texans @ New England Patriots (Why Patriots should win)

You have to love the over/under at 40.5 for TNF, especially when 'Houston' is playing.

Houston Texans = 51/69/195 (Houston = 31/40/112)
New England Patriots = 82/91/217 (New England = 45/99)
Gillette Stadium = 60/69/177
Boston, Massachusetts = 55/100 (Boston = 22/31) (Massachusetts = 33/69)

This game will be played tonight, Thursday, September 22, 2016.

9/22/2016 = 9+22+20+16 = 67 (Robert C. McNair)
9/22/2016 = 9+22+(2+0+1+6) = 40 (Houston = 31/40) (TNF)
9/22/2016 = 9+2+2+2+0+1+6 = 22 (11 vs 11) (Boston = 22) (Brock =  22/31)
9/22/16 = 9+22+16 = 47 (Texans hosting Super Bowl 51, 47th of the modern era)

The '47' date numerology reminds me of 'Hank Stram', the man who once established the Dallas Texans, the team that later became the Kansas City Chiefs.  He died in history on July 4, or 4/7.  The current head coach of the Texans, who is from Boston, is 31-days from turning 47-years old (Houston = 31/40).

This year the Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.  Recall, the first Super Bowl ever was in the 47th season of the NFL.

1/3/1924 = 1+3+19+23 = 46 (Chicago = 46) (Chicago, birth place of NFL) (Texans coach is 46)

In this Week 3 matchup the Patriots QB, Jacoby Brissett, will be getting his first ever NFL start.  I don't think it is any coincidence it is coming against the Houston Texans in the year of Super Bowl 51.  Remember, the NFL is scripted, by the numbers.  He wears #7 and this will be the 7th regular season match between the two teams.

The name 'Brissett' even synchs perfectly with 'Houston'.

Recall, Brissett just replaced Jimmy G, who was filling in for Tom Brady.  Jimmy G went down by the numbers, having a November 2, or 11/2 birthday.

When you sum 1-13, it totals 91; New England = 99; Thirteen = 99

12/11/1992 = 12+11+19+92 = 134 (Robert Kraft)
12/11/1992 = 12+11+(1+9+9+2) = 44 (Super Bowl on date with '44' numerology in Houston)
12/11/1992 = 1+2+1+1+1+9+9+2 = 26
12/11/92 = 12+11+92 = 115
12/11 = 12+11 = 23

The game will come 80-days, or a span of 81-days, from Jacoby's 24th birthday.

The opposing QB is Brock Osweiler, the right name for the QB of the Texans.

Brock = 2+9+6+3+2 = 22/31
Osweiler = 6+1+5+5+9+3+5+9 = 43/52
Brock Osweiler = 65/74/83

Brock = 2+18+15+3+11 = 49
Osweiler = 15+19+23+5+9+12+5+18 = 106
Brock Osweiler = 155

11/22/1990 = 11+22+19+90 = 142
11/22/1990 = 11+22+(1+9+9+0) = 52 (Prophecy) (Osweiler) (Texans trying to be 5-2 against Pats)
11/22/1990 = 1+1+2+2+1+9+9+0 = 25 (Current age)
11/22/90 = 11+22+90 = 123 (Conspiracy)
11/22 = 11+22 = 33

This week's game will come 61-days before his 26th birthday, or a total span of 62-days.

If Osweiler wins, the Texans will be 2-5 against the Patriots in the regular season.  If they lose, they'll be 1-6, or 6-1 in favor of the Patriots.  This year the Texans host the Super Bowl on 2/5 or 5/2, depending on how you write February 5.

This week's TNF game will be the 7th all-time between the two teams in the regular season.  Jacoby Brissett wears the #7.  If you count the playoff matchup as well, this will be their 8th game.

New England leads the series 5-1.  It is interesting that coming into this game New England has outscored Houston 193 to 112, and this is the season of Super Bowl 51.

193, the 44th prime number
Houston = 112 (Houston has scored 112 points against New England heading into this game)

If the Texans win, they'll be 5-2, if the Patriots win, they'll be 6-1.

Let us examine the six regular season games played to date between the franchises, plus the playoff game.

Notice that the last time they played, it was a date with '33' numerology and the score summed to '33'.

12/13/2015 = 12+13+(2+0+1+5) = 33 (27+6 = 33)

The only time the Texans have beaten the Patriots, was on Hank Stram's birthday.  That was January 3, 2010.  (That date is also Eli Manning's birthday, the kryptonite to Tom Brady.)

From this Thursday's game to the Super Bowl, February 5, 2016, is a span of 137-days, the 33rd prime number.

Bill O'Brien = 53/98
William James O'Brien = 82/91/190

10/23/1969 = 10+23+19+69 = 121
10/23/1969 = 10+23+(1+9+6+9) = 58 (Freemasonry)
10/23/1969 = 1+0+2+3+1+9+6+9 = 31
10/23/69 = 10+23+69 = 102
10/23 = 10+23 = 33

Notice O'Brien is currently 46-years old.

This evening's game will be the 35th regular season game coached by O'Brien for the Texans.  If you count his one playoff game, it will be his 36th.  A win over his hometown Patriots on primetime could be the biggest win of his career yet.  Again, the game is in Boston this evening.

This game will come 31-days before his 48th birthday.  Again, 31 is the 11th prime.

Boston = 2+6+1/10+2+6+5 = 22/31
Houston = 8+6+3+1+2+6+5 = 31/40

On the other sideline, will be that other Bill, Bill Belichick.  Remember, he has the right name for the 97th season of the NFL.

His full name is just as interesting.

United States of America = 228; New York = 111 (His kryptonite)

Amazingly, this game comes in a span of 22-weeks and 6-days from Belichick's 64th birthday.

Bill is sitting at 225 career wins... going for #226....

If Belichik wins tonight, he can claim his 190th win against 'William James O'Brien'.

Bill is also currently 64-years old.

Let us now examine the records schedules between the two teams.

First the Texans, who are 2-0, just like the Patriots.

Notice tonight's game will be their first on the road, and they're most challenging opponent yet, even with the third string QB going.  Theoretically, if the Texans were able to go 5-0 through the first 5 weeks of the season, it would be symbolic if they earned their first loss in Week 6, exactly 112-days before Super Bowl 51, having a record of 5-1.  Notice the play Andrew Luck that week.  That said, the Colts and Texans often have the big '33' tributes, and if the Texans lost on the road in New England and at home to Minnesota, they could earn their 3rd loss, becoming 3-3 that date.

As for the Patriots, they have two more games to play before the return of 'Tom'.

The owner of the Texans is Robert C. McNair. (McNair... Oilers... Titans... Houston...?)

Freemasonry = 58/67/139

His birthday is not disclosed.

The owner of the Patriots is Robert Kraft.

211, 47th Prime; National Football League = 85

6/5/1941 = 6+5+19+41 = 71
6/5/1941 = 6+5+1+9+4+1 = 26
6/5/41 = 6+5+41 = 52

Below are the histories for both teams on TNF:

Texans (Texans are 1-5 on Thursday Night Football)

12/13/2007, Win, 13-31 vs Broncos
12/2/2010, Loss, 24-34 @ Eagles
12/22/2011, Loss, 19-16 @ Colts
12/5/2013, Loss, 20-27 @ Jaguars
10/9/2014, Loss, 33-28 vs Colts
10/8/2015, Loss 27-20 vs Colts
9/22/2016, ? @ Patriots

Patriots (Patriots are 4-1 on Thursday Night Football)

12/29/2007, Win, 38-35 @ Giants
11/13/2008, Loss, 34-31 vs Jets
9/12/2013, Win, 10-13 vs Jets
10/16/2014, Win, 25-27 vs Jets
10/29/2015, Win, 7-36 vs Jets
9/22/2016, ? vs Texans

If the Patriots win tonight, they'll be 5-1 on Thursday Night Football, and 4-1 at home.  Again, this is the year of Super Bowl 51, and the 'Houston Texans' are hosting.

At the same time, should the Texans lose, they will become 1-6 on the year, kind of like '16, the year they're hosting the Super Bowl.

For one last kicker, this game is coming 50-days after Brady's birthday.

It is also a total span of 51-days, in the year of Super Bowl 51.

It is also announced that Rob Gronkowski will play for the first time this season today.

Robert = 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33 (Rob = 9+6+2 = 17)
James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21
Gronkowski = 7+9+6+5+2+6+5+1+2+9 = 52/61
Robert James Gronkowski = 97/115
Rob Gronkowski = 69/78

Robert = 18+15+2+5+18+20 = 78 (Wears #87, cannot wear #78)
Rob = 18+15+2 = 35
James = 10+1+13+5+19 = 48
Gronkowski = 7+18+15+14+11+15+23+19+11+9 = 142
Robert James Gronkowski = 268
Rob Gronkowski = 177

5/14/1989 = 5+14+19+89 = 127
5/14/1989 = 5+14+(1+9+8+9) = 46 (Patriots = 37/46)
5/14/1989 = 5+1+4+1+9+8+9 = 37 (Patriots = 37/46)

5/14/89 = 5+14+89 = 108

From his birthday until today, is 131-days, the championship number.

7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32

Update, the spread has gone in favor of the Patriots just before game time.


  1. Saw a strange stat for JJ Watts today. He is 3-11 against rookie qbs. Always think it is odd when drops these weird stats.

  2. Bill O'Brien is currently 46, a reflection of 64

    He will be 47 in October of this year which is 31 days from today or 32 total

  3. soooo who wins the game the article doesnt really state it...thanks!

  4. Wasn't there a shooting in North Carolina?

    If so the QB for patriots went to school there.

  5. Massachusetts = 69
    Gillette Stadium = 69
    Patriots head Coach is currently sitting on 69 losses
    Jacoby Brissett; It’ll be 2nd game, 6 career passes, 9 attempts (69)
    Bill O Brien was born in 1969
    Houston Texans = 69

    1. Here is all my work copy/paste

      Date Numerology is – 22, 31, 40, 47, 67

      TNF = 13, 40, 256
      Thursday = 35, 44, 116, 1403
      Thursday Night Football = 95, 104, 257, 2066
      Foxborough = 59, 131, 1193
      Massachusetts = 33, 69, 168, 1158
      Foxborough, Massachusetts = 92, 128, 299, 2351
      Gillette Stadium = 60, 69, 177, 1140

      O/U 40.5

      Texans(2-0) @ Patriots(2-0) - 3rd time at New England - Patriots lead 2-0 (3-0 or 2-1)

      7th game in reg season and Patriots lead 5-1 in the series (6-1 or 5-2)

      Total points 193– 112, a difference of 81

      Last time Patriots lost was in Houston 1/3/10 or 131 – season of SB44, Saints over Colts (31-17)

      Patriots Head Coach, 22yrs; It’ll be 259th game: 189 wins 69 losses (190-69 or 189-70)

      - 64 years old, 4/16/52 – 159 days since or 160 or 5mths 6days (56)

      Jimmy Garoppolo; It’ll be 14th game, 62 career passes, 91 attempts

      - 24 years old, 11/2/91 – 41 days till or 1m11dys (111) or 5wks 6dsy (56)

      Jacoby Brissett; It’ll be 2nd game, 6 career passes, 9 attempts (69)

      - 23 years old, 12/11/92 – 80 days till or 81 or 11wks 3dys (113)

      Patriots = 37, 46, 118, 730
      New England Patriots = 82, 91, 217, 1432

      Texans Head Coach, 3yrs; It’ll be 35th game: 20 wins 14 losses (21-14 or 20-15)

      - 46 years old, 10/23/69 – 31 days till or 32

      Brock Osweiler; It’ll be 24th game, 228 career passes, 373 attempts

      - 25 years old, 11/22/90 – 61 days till or 62

      Texans = 20, 29, 83, 956
      Houston Texans = 51, 69, 195, 1734

    2. What's the digging factor making you chose the patriots?
      Texans are 0-6 on tnf
      Pats qb is #7

    3. One deciding factor for me is I see Patriots going 3-0 tonight in this years season as well as 3-0 against Houston @ home all time on a Thursday (33)

      I am reading everyone else's comments and I am getting unsure just as much now too.

      I also like that you brought up Texans 0-6 on TNF this being their 7th game going 0-7 against QB 7 would make sense.

      Another thing I am leaning on is the Jacoby Brissett starting story line. There is alot of 69's I listed above across the board and I find it interest he just so happened to of got 6 passes 9 attempts last weak beating the Dolphins 31-24

      Last time Patriots lost to the Texans was 1/3/10 kinda like the Champion number 131 where Saints beat the Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl 44 = Thursday

      And I think a Champion team like the Patriots will beat the team hosting the Championship game this year that may star another Colts loss.

      It's another "nail-biter" as NFL commentators say

    4. > good observations
      i feel like this one is a little tricky myself, im leaning a bit more towards the pats, seems like the underdogs almost always come through on prime time games (night) games

    5. I also just noticed pats are 4-1 on TNF making them 5-1 if the they win ...
      funny i was looking right at that on my paper and kinda over looked it.

    6. The Magnificent 7 will defeat the Texans just in time for the movie release of "The Magnificent 7", in theaters tomorrow. Tonight's the preview as Man(Patriot) defeats beast(Bull)

      I could be going too far at this point Lol and I like the 5-1 for Pats TNF. Whatever happens tonight we will see a lot of connections we missed staring us in the face! It happens to me a bit win or lose

    7. Well when its a nailbiter and its so tough to call, throw out the gematria and go back to the original way of making picks. Check rosters, previous meetings, last couple of games, pro handicappers, and such.

    8. And if they lose 4-2 an ode to the football god, with a black qb #7 × 6

  6. Replies
    1. For those reading the comments, this is a person to ignore. They are just trolling while trying to seem legitimate.

    2. Why? I'm just asking question. I like your work

    3. Hoai Le - If you question him, or ask him to explain himself he considers you a troll. All he wants is pats on the back and everyone to tell him how great he is. Im going with Houston fpr the hell of it. Its a insult to the league if a damn 3rd string QB defeats a 1st string QB, barring the opposing team has no major injuries. So Im taking Houston just for that fact. But I think the majority of people here like the Patriots.

    4. Ahh I see.. Thanks. Didn't know that.. Now I understand why he call me a troll

    5. Sorry zach.. Now I understand. But good jobs on the work

    6. Yea unfortunately so. Good side of Zach is that he does TREMENDOUS WORK! Downside is he's a dickhead and he only deals with people who already believes everything is rigged, and adheres to his every word. He Doesn't like to be challenged.

    7. Actually I don't think Zach minds being challenged but when this post says "why the patriots should win" then it probably makes him wonder why people are asking who he thinks is going to win. He wrote it in plain English

    8. When I read it earlier that wasnt in headline.

    9. It wasnt he did an update. It wouldnt be some much discussion in the comments if he gave an outright pick. And yes he does hate being challenged, trust me I been following him too long

    10. Gotcha. Sorry guys. Didn't know he did an update. I can understand how it was confusing at first then. My apologies.

  7. do thw number indicate a texans victory?...yes or no?

  8. A tribute to the QB from patriots. He went to school in North Carolina and a shooting of a black man happen in North Carolina. I'm going with Patriots tonight

  9. I got Texans Winning this 34- 30. If I end up being right I'll show you my work rather than wasting space. My guess is Brissett Fumbles in The 3rd. He will fall apart just like Cousins Did Against The Steelers Last Monday Night.

  10. i think texans win too, hoping for a big game from Deandre Hopkins

    1. He has the numbers. I'd play him if I had a Fantasy Team.

      Deandre " in the English Reduction system equals 33

      Deandre " in the English Ordinal system equals 51

    2. Robert Kenneth Kraft Looks Like The Type of Dude that has no problem Selling out his own people for a little extra on the Pay Check.

      Robert Kenneth Kraft= 85 & 211

      Houston New England " in the English Reduction system equals 76 / 85

      Houston New England " in the English Ordinal system equals 211

      211-85= .. 126 ..

      I'd watch for something crazy to go down with 1:26 left on the Clock. Not matter the quarter.

    3. Deandre Hopkins ‏ @Nukdabomb is a good choice for a monkey..will soon be a monkey year

    4. Deandre Hopkins ‏ @Nukdabomb is a good choice for a monkey..will soon be a monkey year

  11. I also have the patriots winning this one.

    Bill O Brien would pick up his 15th loss tonight if they were to lose.

    Fifteen = 38/65. 47th Prime number (Todays date numerology = 47)

    The other guys 226th win (Sorry my NFL knowledge is terrible).. 226 = 308. drop the zero in the middle. 38.

    The QB starting for the injured players 80 days before his birthday. Eighty = 38.

    I also believe 80 is a number of prophecy. 106 = 80. The paring of prophecy numbers to a result also seems to hold true from my observations... So this would be the patriots 6th regular season win. Six = 52.

    Now to throw this at you, these numbers work in a very interesting way i think our understanding of them is so limited but ive observed this kind of cycle of numbers in quite a few NFL games and soccer matches.

    7th match in the regular league between the sides. Seven = 20/65 + 7th prime = 17. Seventeen = 37/109. 109 becomes 19. Nineteen = 41. 41 = 13th Prime number. 13 = 6th Prime.

    (The reason 19 is significant because including Playoff matches this is the 8th match which is the 19th prime number) So as you can see it cycles itself round to the 6th patriots win.

    I know that looks crazy, ive probably been doing this longer than most on here but i've kind of seen this cycle of numbers through the primes a fair few times now. Im going to keep observing it could just be a coincidence between the numbers but i dont think theres any coincidences in numerology.

    Prime numbers - Ridiculously special, i just wish i knew more!

    1. As above ive picked out the number 38 a few times there. Thirty eight = 149. Connecting to Bills 35th match = 149th Prime number. The other Bills 190th win also looks like 19 which is the 67th Prime matching the date numerology, although i dont think you can take the 0 of the end, one to ponder on i suppose... Holds true for his birthday as well. 160 days could be 16 which shares the relationship to 6.

      Thirty five = 61. Pats to go 6-1?

      Another nugget - 31 Days from O Briens birthday.

      Thirty one = 53. 53 = 16th Prime Number. Six = 16. 6th Patriot win.

      31 = 127th Prime. 127th Prime = 709. Drop the 0 in the middle 79. Seventy Nine = 53 = 16th Prime = 6.

      Just having a bit of fun with this now - please no where place a gamble based on this haha. I just think there's more than one way these numbers connect. I dont see why they can't move up and down the primes almost as if the primes are ladders... Interesting to ponder, ive done nearly 60 individual matches on sports and can't find one clear and precise pattern so there must be something different going on thats not by the book numerology.

    2. Numbers aside, the first black Pat starter from Carolina makes me think Pats win. Plus, Belechik is supposed to be the real reason they always win, and he usually does when all count him out.

      Either that, or they rub another black QB in the dirt on national TV.

    3. Bingo all the reason to make Brady the hero

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Numbers look to favor New England,

    but the possible 5-0 Houston start that Zach showed, (with their six game vs Indianapolis), is a strong narrative for Houston

    1. I also think a 3-0 New England vs 0-3 Buffalo, bringing a hot seat / desperate Rex Ryan into New England, may be New England's upset loss next Sunday, (10/2).

    2. Gosh this game's tough.

    3. Yea the numbers read both ways without the Key which is usually 1.) A Player 2.) Start time of Game 3.) Date Numerology . I've realized most games have a hint to the winner pre-game from one of those 3 categories. Here is some more New England evidence even though I still got Texans Winning 34-30.

      The Start of Game Time Seems Strange? 5:25 PM

      New England Wins" in the English Reduction system equals 65 / 74

      Five Twenty Five" in the English Reduction system equals 74

      Five Twenty Five PM" in the English Reduction system equals 85

      Robert Kenneth Kraft" in the English Reduction system equals 85

    4. If new england loses they will be 5-2 all time... alot like 525, both ways ... interesting, was hoping this woule be easy pick. torn but think Pats should win.

    5. CoCa - Just FYI, per, all Thursday Night Games are scheduled for "8:25 PM ET / 5:25 PM."

      Your 34-30 score is making me believe you have something stronger on Houston. I keep flip-flopping

  14. Bill O'Brien bday 10/23/1969 = 31

    From game date till bady = 31

    Qb "Brock" = 22 in English Reduction, same as date 9/22/2016 if you split the master number

    9+2+2+2+1+6 = 22

    Brocks bday: 11/22/1990 he's now 25 yrs old

    Again if you split the master numbers you get

    1+1+2+2+1+9+9 = 25

    But check this out... maybe you could write his bday

    11+22+19+9 = 61

    From game date 9/22 to bday 11/22 leaves 61 days

    His Completion Percentage = 61.1%

    Osweiler = 106 in English Ordinal

    106 = Prophecy

    Could also be written as 16/61 backwards...

    I'm trying Zack... but let's see

    Peace bro

    1. It is good work. Boston = 22 (where the game is as well)
      This one is a tough call.

    2. Also, Bill Belichicks' bday: 4/16 is the 106th day of yr

      Bill Belichick = 61 in English Reduction

      From his bday to game day is 22 weeks, could also apply to game date if you split the master number 22 to 2+2

      not trying to confuse anyone. Hey Zach let me know if I'm way off?


    3. I gotta man-up and say that the Texans win this one but... the Bill Belichicks bday of the 106th day in the year, leaves me thinking Coach over QB.. can't wait.

      Thanks again and great show last night!

    4. The game is not in Boston, its in Foxboro Mass.

  15. Can anybody do Panthers Vs Vikings

  16. in the real world,the Texans win...but yeah..what ever? its also because they have to make Texans look good for the first half of season. Theyll take a nose dive in the last 8 games for hosting SB. its moronic to believe a team can succeed for 15 straight years in the first place..and people just chant-its just because they are that good,bro...on any playground youve ever been on,when the hell has any 38 year old been better than a 25 year old? Never...and yet QBs become more successful when they age? thats not how the aging process works

  17. It is interesting that:
    "Colts and Giants" = 555

    "April Twenty Sixth" = 2222
    "Hillary R Clinton Victory" = 2222
    "Superbowl Five One" = 2222

    I'm absolutely sure this is a coincidence. Nothing to see here.

    Here is another coincidence
    [There is no need to pay attention to any of this]
    I'm just fooling around.

    "Hillary R Clinton Victory" = 302
    "Indy Superbowl LI Champions" = 302
    "NRG Stadium Terror Strike" = 302

  18. Great work Zach. Everyone else had good points themselves as well. For trollers listen learn the code that You feel works best for Your money. Time to learn and decode the truth fuck mason money let the truth be understood before gambling your money away. There's a difference between gamble and knowledge, it's on You to figure it out. Its a sickness that is go you asking who is going to win. Great Work Gents - ToMas Ike StoVall

  19. Seems like alot of 31 in this game. I'll be looking for a 17-14 Patriots win.

    Today is the 265th day of the year minus 234 points scored on Texans = 265-234= 31

    234+432 - 666

    Pats outscore 234pts to Texans 140pts = 234-140 = 94
    17-14 score - 251pts-154pts = 97pts for Mr 97 himself and 97th NFL season.

    Brock loses 7/3 record. "Seven Three" R49/R58. "Brissett" R49. 49 Date Numerology
    49 - 94 Reflection, Pats outscored Texans 94pts
    Brissett #7 drafted Round 3 (7/3)
    Brissett GD to BD - 2M 20D, (22) Date numerology. 11W 3D - Belichick 113 career losses
    Brissett R31/R40/R49 - date numerology - O112 SB ties
    Brock GD to BD 61D - If pats win 6-1 reg record vs Texans

    If Colts are destined to the SB, they can come into Houston at 2-3, with Houston 3-2. 3-3 all around! Maybe Colts start 0-3 and rip off 3 in a row.

    1. Yesterday the Federal Reserve voted 7-3 to not raise rates, after yesterday's vote They Have lost their Credibility, it's gone.

  20. Both teams have a star on their head, is is Paul reverse or bull market, the game starts at 8:25 pm ET, or 5:25 pm PT I see 5;2
    I like the Texas right now .
    Usually when a game gematria is symmetrical that allows a tight point spread,
    40 is associated with venus/Taurus and the 40 year cycle . Looks to be high scoring game unless the 23yr old QB has problems, since Superman (jimmy) isn't playing. 23 has always seemed to be utter sudden destruction. Tomorrow is the 23rd.

    1. Kraft bday looks like a reflection should the Texas win. Score of 24-23?
      Or 17-16? 16-13? 26-14?

    2. Patriots Head Coach, 22yrs; It’ll be 259th game: 189 wins 69 losses (190-69 or 189-70)

      189 prime is an address by on andover* near Boston Hilton double tree, 189 is not a prime it is divisible by 3 & 3 equals 63. Should the pats loose.



  21. Brock Bday to game is 305 days not including end date 305 seen as 35, thirty five = 61 as seen above pats go 6-1 vs Houston & also this will be O'Brien 35th game today if they lose his coaching record goes to 20-15

  22. Powerful good radio show...we all appreciate Zachary! Patriots get thumped..33 19..


    As the Air Force celebrates its 69th birthday this year, it brings along with it the 68th anniversary of the Twenty-Fifth Air Force. Born in the age of vacuum tubes and punch cards, “Elephant Cages” and Cold War methodologies, 25 AF continues its legacy into the 21st century.

    What hasn’t changed though are the dedication and professionalism of the Silent Warriors doing the mission.

    Some of today’s information collection still relies on updated Cold War-era platforms such as the U-2 or the RC-135, flown and maintained today by Airmen who could be the grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren, of the Airmen who preceded them.

    Technology has brought us Remotely Piloted Aircraft, satellites and cyberspace tools, which not only help keep warfighters out of harm’s way but also transmit collected data at the speed of light. This technology has given us “Eyes in the Sky” that “vacuum up” video and telemetry at a rate unfathomable to the uninitiated. Data passes down at a daily rate that easily exceeds the total of all the televised professional football championships since Super Bowl I!

  24. Free to find the truth - TOMORROW - no matter who wins tonight there will be a gematria connection for the winner to justify. There must be a seasonal link for each team as it progresses thru the current year game after game - stay current.....

    1. Yea, but if you in it because you want more people to believe, you need to get the picks right. Thing about Gematria you can pretty much make a numerical connection between anything if you try hard enough. All these birthdates and sacred numbers and so on there is always a connection. Not many gonna go for all the numbers. But if you correctly pick these games consistently then you have everyones undivided attention.

  25. 74 days until Legarette Blount Birthday. Legarette=84. United States of America=84.



  27. Houston loses against a third string qb and I dont see how anyone will beat Patriots. Houston is a top team and if they cant beat NE. Fuhgetdaboutit.

  28. LOL.. this game reminds me of all the games I've watched and was frustrated because of the losing team looking like a non nfl team. A game where you've said to yourself, 'I can call better plays and options than what I see'
    It's the third quarter right now, and I've never seen a RB so timid in my life.
    and oh yeah... all of a sudden, the Texans recognize that they have a safety... Wow this shhh is fake as f*ck!
    It aint over yet,

    1. ...and another thing. I wouldn't be surprised if both head coach's mics were hooked up to the same suite calling all these unmatched lines and plays.

      True comedy!

  29. Can someone break down panthers vs Vikings and is it connected with wass going on in Charlotte


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