Thursday, September 29, 2016

29 47 74 93 156 226 | Dolphins @ Bengals preview, TNF, September 29, 2016

If the Dolphins fall to 1-3, that is a lot like '13'.

Miami = Forty-Five
Thirteen = Forty-Five

Let us decode the teams playing tonight, plus the date.

Miami = 27/45
Dolphins = 43/52/97
Miami Dolphins = 79/142

Cincinnati = 51/96
Bengals = 24/33/60
Cincinnati Bengals = 75/84/156

Tonight's game is in Cincinnati.

9/29/2016 = 9+29+20+16 = 74 (Paul Brown Stadium)
9/29/2016 = 9+29+(2+0+1+6) = 47 (Ohio)
9/29/2016 = 9+2+9+2+0+1+6 = 29 (Ohio) (Football)
9/29/16 = 9+29+16 = 54

Ohio = 29/47
Cincinnati Ohio = 80/143

Paul Brown Stadium = 65/74/209 (Today's date, 74 numerology)

Notice that all-time, the Miami Dolphins have played the Bengals 20 times in the regular season and lead the series 15-5.

If you include the playoffs, the they have played 21 times, and lead 16-5.

What is interesting, is if the Dolphins lost tonight, they would be 15-6 in the regular season, and 'Cincinnati Bengals' sums to 156.  Tonight's game is in Cincinnati.

Andy Dalton is playing in his 84th career game tonight.

Cincinnati Bengals = 75/84

He is also going for his 51st career win, in the year of Super Bowl 51.

Cincinnati = 51

Andy has never won in the playoffs.

The opposing QB is Ryan Tannehill.

He is trying to earn his 31st win, or 38th loss.  On the road, he is currently 13-21.  By the end of tonight, he will likely be stuck on 13 road wins, with a season record of 1-3.

The game comes 30-days, or a span of 31-days before Andy's birthday.

Andy Dalton = 38/110

Today, September 29, is the day that leaves 93-days left in the year.

Last week, Thursday Night Football was centered around '226' and '93'.  Here we go again...

This game is 64-days, or a span of 65-days from Tannehill's last birthday.

Ryan Tannehill = 63/153

The coaches are Marvin Lewis (Bengals) and Adam Gase (Dolphins rookie coach).

Adam Gase = 24/33/51

Will he become 1-3 as a rookie with Miami?  The odds are high.

Notice Marvin Lewis just turned 58 on Friday.  Freemasonry = 58

Notice Marvin is going for his 114th regular season win tonight.

This is Marvin's 14th season with the Bengals.

Marvin comes into the game with 216-games coached.

I think we might see a game ending in '54' points, for the 'sun' tribute.


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  2. Andy Dalton's nickname is the Red Rifle.

    Red Rifle = 77
    The Red Rifle = 110 and 322(J)

  3. My money is on Dolphins. There are some interesting parallels to the numbers in this game and the numbers in the Patriots Bills game coming up on Sunday

    1. Also I have more snenless silly patterns to go with this game.

      For example
      Week 1 TNF was a Home Win
      Week 2 TNF was a Home Loss
      Week 3 TNF was a Home Win

      There may be a pattern emerging.. it's a long shot though

    2. Look at all that Miami Orange !!

      Orange = 33
      Head to Toe = 39, 93

    3. If you nail this one then you are damn on point my friend

    4. It is the same Saturn ritual as last Thursday, which went in favor of the Patriots.

    5. Both Teams line up really good tonight as always and I wanna share some comparisons to Bills vs Patriots(this sunday) and Dolphins vs Bengals

      If you look at the total points scored by Patriots and Bills in their entire series it's 2458-2059, a difference of 339

      The Bengals are currently sitting on 339 wins for their franchise.

      If you look at the total points scored by Dolphins and Bengals in their entire series it's 462-343, a difference of 119... 119 a number relating to that Space X article you did earlier today and the numbers in general for today

      Patriots head coach is sitting on 226wins 113loss

      Bengals head coach is sitting on 113wins 96loss

      Ryan Tannehill came into this game tonight with 113 attmepts

    6. NumbersGame, I've worked up a rudimentary template for running the #'s. I know you don't need it, based on your work. However, if you're interested I'd like to send it your way for review.

      My strategy is to test these #'s on the lower level collegiate games, as opposed to the NFL and Major College games.

      For me, I am still going through the process of trying to 'unplug' both emotions and logic. Since the #'s speak for themselves, or should speak for themselves.

      Oh and the obvious tie in both emotionally etc. to the friggin dollar.

      The more 'eyes' and research we have, the more successful we all should be.

      Thanks for your and others work on this.

    7. Yeah man!! That would be cool! I have to say though I am just as much of a newbie to this as anyone else. As you can tell I went with Dolphins tonight even after Zach posted his numbers and it will be a loss for me. Although If the final score is 22-7 the Patriots head coach will definitely get his 227th win this weekend against Bills.

      I think that is why I did fairly well last sunday going ( and 5 with my picks because I have no emotional attachment to football the nfl or any team. Although I do catch myself favoring certain numbers over others which has created a few down falls for me

      Team work makes the dream work as they say!

    8. It was Bengals all day... I just didn't know about the 7.5 but they covered 15

    9. Yeah, did Vegas actually win tonight? Doesn't seem like it. I wonder how can we find out

    10. They make up for it on the other games...

    11. There is a site called "sportsbook spy" that tells you which side the public is on. Odds shark I think says the percentages as well

    12. Numbers & Jeremy, I am a newbie as well. My record is 5-4 and -$166.60 after 2 weeks and last night. Still learning, if you want to shoot me your e mail addresses, I'll send the Sheet template. Last week I hit on a low level college game, so I'm thinking, (and that can be the problem right there), if the #'s apply on the game, unplug emotions and place, possibly 'they' can't have engineered the players/coaches as much. Just a thought. My e mail is

  4. Great work as always Zach. Just wanted to add my two cents.

    With a win, Miami Dolphins will be 10-3 against Cincinnati Bengals (not including playoffs)

    One hundred three = 83 (Football 83, Winner 83)
    One hundred and three = 93 (Saturn 93, 226) (Miami’s current away record not include. playoffs)

    Also one hundred and three in Simple English Gematria equals 183
    Orange in Jewish Gematria equals 183
    Orange as we all know is the only color which equals 33 (in Pythagorean Gematria).

    Two hundred twenty six = 93 (connecting back to Saturn)

    Still think Miami loses this one though but who knows.

    1. Want to correct myself

      (Miami's potential away record NOT INCLUDING PLAYOFFS)

  5. The 16 wins if they get it would be equal to Fernandez ad a tribute to him

  6. I posted somewhere about Darian Daily, the former head groundskeeper at Cincy, dying suddenly 33 days ago. DD is also a 44. That is the sole reason I think they lose tonight. I can't stand either team, personally.


    1. Good catch! (no pun...) Here is the stat from notice it was at 47 seconds as well: K.Stills 74 yd. pass from R.Tannehill (A.Franks kick is good) Drive: 2 plays, 81 yards in 0:47

    2. Did you notice the 54-yard opening drive?

    3. I missed it... I literally turned it on right when the announcer went "74 yard touchdown pass!" hahaha.

  8. I'm taking Bengals regardless of anything yay or nay

  9. This doesn't have anything to do with this game, but last night I was watching the movie the longest yard. Towards the end the prisoner play a football game against the guards. During the game, the commentator said there 2:11 left in the 2 quarter. I instantly taught ok reflection 112=Houston this year superbowl. Then the quarterback hand the ball to the running back which is stone cold steve austin that is wearing the number 39. So I taught again ok 39=New York. Then they said he ran for 15 yards. Haha the reflection is 51= this year superbowl is 51. Also the next play stone cold gets clothesline by a player wearing the number 97 which is this year season of the nfl. I also did a few break downs of the name of the characters.
    Captain Knauer in the English Reduction system equals 53
    Eli manning in the English Reduction system equals 53
    Paul crewe in the English Reduction system equals 41
    Bradford in the English Reduction system equals 41

    Also the movie came out in 2005. 2005=25 this year superbowl is 2/5.
    Am sure there are more clues here in this movie but this is all I got.

    1. Great work, 211 is also the 47th prime number.
      When I moved to Seattle, my apartment was at 211 Valley St. That was many years before I knew about gematria.

    2. Like Zack said we live in a world with Numerology. We see numbers that later come back into events, news, etc.

      He also said we are the chosen ones. I think it's true because no one i know from birth to now and maybe in the future will never know about this numerology.

  10. A little off topic, but in light of Arnold Palmer's death and him being a 33° mason, I think it would be interesting to look into the death of Buddy Worsham. This was Arnold's supposed best friend in college, and some even thought he might be better had he made the PGA tour. He died in a supposed car wreck while the two we're seniors in 1950. Could Palmer needed to have make a sacrifice to be as good as he became?

  11. Nice little '66 yard punt'

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  13. Half time score

    Miami 7
    Cincinnati 16

    7 * 16 = 112

    Andrew Luck = 112
    Horseshoe = 112
    Houston = 112 (The site of this year's Superbowl)

    This scripting


    1. How perfect is that!! A half time score connecting to the Super Bowl as they make a "special" super bowl announcement during half time

    2. Halftime score

      7+1+6=14 (Bengals QB is number 14)
      7+1+9 (reversal 6)=17 (Ohio)
      7*(1*9)=63 reversal 93

  14. Maybe something into Cubs rain delay and cancellation today?

    Or I maybe Im just being too number excited

  15. It happens on..

    September 29
    272nd day of the year
    93 days remaining

  16. wait guys does jj watt being out for the season have something to do with the power in PR, and possibly the ravens 49ers superbowl. His last name is watt like energy measurement for power.

  17. Game finishes 22 - 7... 227! Numbers right inya face!


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