Monday, September 26, 2016

57 94 147 | Jose Fernandez death reporting, ESPN, September 26, 2016

94-seconds, see my prior decode on the death of Jose Fernandez and the significance of '94':

Ninety-Four = 57/147
World Series = 57/147


  1. I posted this on the last article too, but the reporting around this is heavily coded as usual. Here are my finds:

    The other people who died:
    Eduardo Rivero = 74 (huge number, you guys should know)
    Emilio Macias = 118 (Death)

    "Jose Fernandez At American Social Bar & Kitchen Before Fatal Crash"

    American Social Bar & Kitchen = 106 (Prophecy)
    American Social = 123 (Conspiracy)

    "Prado: Fernandez Told Teammate His Last Game Was His “Best Ever”"

    Best Ever = 33, 96 (huge numbers, you guys should know)
    Prado = 54 (Baseball)

    54 like the sum of the Dolphins vs Browns score from that day, which held a moment of silence for him and went to overtime tied at 24 (his age).

    He was given a game score of 88 (Ace Pitcher) for that last game. He pitched 111 (Mark of the Beast) pitches.

    The Marlins game that day was going to be against Atlanta. ATL = 33. Georgia itself also equals 44 (Kill) and 62 (Masonry).

    Last time he pitched against ATL, he threw 106 pitches.

    Black jerseys with #16 are being flown in from Philadelphia (why Philadelphia? why mention the detail?) for the entire team. Something with the 106 and 16 going on here, Philadelphia being connected to 106. Tribute game is against 'NYM' = 16. His first MLB game ever was also against them.

    More 33:
    Boat Crash = 33
    SeaVee Boats = 33 (Company that created the boat he was on)
    -Phrases '3 dead at 3am' or '3 dead at 3:30am' both have the 33 and 333 in them.
    -They reported the boat to be 33ft at first in some places, though that's being reported as 32ft now.

    His replacement, Conley, is fitting:
    Fernandez = 93 (Saturn)
    Adam Conley = 93
    Conley = 74

    Other findings from reporting:
    SeaVee = 57 (World Series) (# of days from B-day)
    'Marlins Mourn' = 59 (Kill) (Miami Marlins)
    'Beloved Star' = 42, 123 (
    Crash Impact = 111 (died from crash impact, not drowning)

    More Cubs connection:
    "Jorge Soler – the Chicago Cubs outfielder – played with Miami Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez while the two were growing up in Cuba and even traveled together to Venezuela for a youth tournament."

    “He was a great humanitarian,” Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman said through a translator. The 28-year-old Chapman lives in the Miami-area in the offseason. He said he spent some time with Fernandez while he was home. He would come by my house. I would go by his,” Chapman said. “We would have long conversations. We would talk a lot. We spent a lot of good amount of time together. It was very special for me.”

    Other Cubs players spoke about him too, but these two seemed to be pretty close friends of his.

    Also the 253 you mentioned appears in this headline:
    "Jose Fernandez, Friends, At Waterfront Hot Spot Before Fatal Crash" in the English Reduction system equals 253


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