Wednesday, September 21, 2016

33 42 51 67 174 | The death of Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo, September 21, 2016 (Car wreck story changes)

Let us begin with a decode of the rapper known as Shawty Lo.

Carlos = 3+1+9+3+6+1 = 23/32
Walker = 5+1+3+2+5+9 = 25/34
Carlos Walker = 48/57/66

Carlos = 3+1+18+12+15+19 = 68
Walker = 23+1+12+11+5+18 = 70
Carlos Walker = 138

Shawty Lo = 1+8+1+5+2+7+3+6 = 33/42 (Shawty = 24/33)
Shawty Lo = 19+8+1+23+20+25+12+15 = 123 (Shawty = 96) (Freemason = 96)

'33' is the right name gematria of an Atlanta based rapper, the city from the '33rd parallel.

Atlantis = 1+2+3+1+5+2+9+1/10 = 24/33

His date of birth, March 31, written 3/31, is a lot like '331', a number connected to '67', the 'blood sacrifice' number.

3/31/1976 = 3+31+19+76 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David) (Master Plan)
3/31/1976 = 3+31+(1+9+7+6) = 57 (Carlos Walker)
3/31/1976 = 3+3+1+1+9+7+6 = 30
3/31/76 = 3+31+76 = 110

9/21/2016 = 9+21+20+16 = 66 (Shawty Lo)
9/21/2016 = 9+21+(2+0+1+6) = 39
9/21/2016 = 9+2+1+2+0+1+6 = 21
9/21/16 = 9+21+16 = 46 (Sacrifice) (Hit and Run)

His fatal car accident was first reported as a hit and run, but they changed the report to a single car accident.

Shawty Lo has died 174-days after his birthday.

We've seen this number show up in other rapper's deaths from the past year.  The problem is I can't remember any of their names, except Phife Dawg of a Tribe Called Quest.  This number 174, the New World Order number, is even coded into rap labels, such as No Limit Records.

There was a rapper reportedly shot outside of the recording studio where the address was 174.  The shooting might very well have been in Atlanta also, I'll have to go back and do the research.

Further, notice that Lo was born in Georgia, the state with the '44' gematria.

The town he was born in also has the '113' gematria.

A fiery crash would be a good way to fake a death.  Hell, just throw a homeless guy in there and cook him.  Homeless = 33

Notice how 'Fiery Crash' connects to 'Freemasonry'.  That is who runs commercial hip-hop.

The gematria of 'fiery crash' also connects to Houston, who is hosting Super Bowl 50, and possibly the 112th World Series, which will conclude on November 2, or 11/2, if it goes to Game 7.

From the date of his death until November 2, is 42-days.  Shawty Lo = 33/42 (Diamond = 33)

From the date of his wreck until the Super Bowl is 137-days, the 33rd prime number.

It is also a total span of 138-days, like his birth name, Carlos Walker.

Final point, 'Georgia' has gematria connecting to the Super Bowl.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44 (Film oblivion says '2017' is last Super Bowl)

His death in Fulton County, with the details changing on the fly, makes one suspicious.

'Fulton' also has gematria of '88', like HH for Hip-Hop.

With regards to him being '40', that is a number that connects to this nation, and Atlanta, which rests on the 84th Meridian.


  1. The Last shown Quote:

    "All my Babies Mamas" = 49, 148, 888
    "Donald J Trump" = 49 & 148, 888 [888 + 888 = 1776]

    "Satanic Ritual" = 148

    Interesting enough:
    "All my Babies Mamas" = 732 J
    732 + 237 = 969 [Speed of Saturn = 9.69 km/s]

    1. As I always tell Russian vids the expression is 'interestingly enough' and not "interesting enough".
      Grammar nazi lol.

  2. Never drive on 285 if you're in the A. It will eat your soul.

    1. If you're not doing 80 plus you'll get ran off the road

  3. Atlanta vs NY today
    miami vs washinton today

    links and clues within records and pitchers with this story

  4. Bankroll fresh the rapper your talking about

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  6. Paul Walker also dying in a car crash. Walker equals 70. Today marks 70 days until the anniversary of Paul Walkers death (November 30). Two Walkers both dying in car crashes at the age of 40? Hhhmmmm!!

  7. So there were only 2 ppl in the car with him in there alive but hes dead wow

    I wanna remind everyone lisa "left eye" Lopez died the same way in you no she was sacrificed

  8. So there were only 2 ppl in the car with him in there alive but hes dead wow

    I wanna remind everyone lisa "left eye" Lopez died the same way in you no she was sacrificed

    1. OR
      She changed her name and is living someplace else now, probably outside this fire walled off, super limited, psyop version of reality we were taught to think is all there is.

  9. When is Eminem going to die ? Or Beiber?

  10. Same day gucci mane got off house arrest.

  11. What's the connection with bill nunn

  12. What's the connection with bill nunn


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