Thursday, September 29, 2016

18 29 33 216 227 666 | Bengals defeat Dolphins, TNF, September 29, 2016

113, and it couldn't have been anymore obvious.

Notice the score, 22-7.  Like I said, this game was a Saturn ritual, which has to do with cycles and circles, connecting to Pi, the result of dividing 22 by 7.

22 / 7 = 3.14

Tonight's game was in Ohio, the birthplace of football.  Notice the sum of the score 22-7.

22+7 = 29

Like I said in the preview video, things lined up nicely for Andy Dalton on this day leaving 93-days left in the year.

11x3 = 33 (Bengals = 24/33) (The Sun = 24/33) (Planets = 24/33)

AJ Green wears the #18.

6+6+6 = 18

Marvin Lewis came in with 216 games coached.

6x6x6 = 216

Here is the preview:
Opening scoring rituals:


  1. Bengals color rush unis are ugly as hell.

  2. 113 time stamp / 173* yards - this shit gets so annoying now that it gets so noticeable. It's basically a mockery.

  3. Replies
    1. which other notable games had orange losing in primetime? I remember seeing this before on the blog but can't remember

  4. 2 things.

    1) Orange in primetime never wins.
    2) Coach Marvin Lewis had coached 113 games.

    The rest of the puzzle makes it confusing, stick to the basics

  5. Zack, just wanted to give props to You and Your work. My favorite youtube channel Free2findtruth and this is my favorite blog. Look forward to your videos everyday. Keep up the Great Work Man!

  6. check this out ,Brian Tuohy quote....Okay. Let me get this straight. The New England Patriots have now won 82 straight games at home when leading at halftime. Their last loss at home when leading at the half came on Christmas Eve in 2000. They've won 14 of their 15 home openers at Gillette Stadium (which opened in 2002), and though he has yet to play in 2016, Tom Brady's record at home (if my calculations are correct) is 99-16....


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