Friday, September 30, 2016

93 | 'We say goodbye to an icon', September 29 & 30, 2016 headlines for Shimon Peres funeral

Shimon Peres has died at age 93 (Shimon = 33)
His funeral is September 30, or 9/30
Israel was drawn up on September 3, 1947
Saturn = 93; Propaganda = 93; Knesset = 93; Edelstein = 93; Iron Dome = 93
Obama left for Israel, September 29, the day leaving 93-days left in the year
Malcolm X = 93; Martin Luther King Jr. = 93; Met one time in history on 3/26/64 = (93)

And then, this headline, another '93'.

Read about Obama and the '33' traveling to Israel from the United States:

Perhaps all this time, Obama has been a Jew.  That would be the ultimate laugh.


  1. HEY ZACH, ...still can't find your email anywhere

    1. Zach's email address is:

  2. Kinda like the Plot for London has Fallen. Now, there needs to be a massive attack at the funeral, take out all the Western leaders in one fell swoop, then Gerald Butler can be president. Or something like that.

    1. Or an alien could explode out of the corpse at the funeral and eat everyone there.

      Last week when Hillary had that coughing fit I immediately thought of the stomach bursting xenomorph from Alien since that scene started with a cough.

    2. Hello my baby! Hello my darlin! Hello my rag-time gaaaaaaaaalllll!!!

    3. Maybe Kanye gets a cabinet spot and becomes The Lone Survivor?

  3. Zach, I was inspired, LOL. I had gone to the Sandy Hook Masonic Lodge yesterday, took some photos, and learned that there is a Sandy Hook massacre Monument in the back lot of the Masonic Lodge, 100 feet from the lodge.

    1. Can you post photos of what you've got?

    2. I'm not quite sure how to post pictures on here, if you know how to I will email them to you, and you can post them, LOL.

    3. Good shit bob..yea post some pics that would be cool

    4. email me to

  4. And above we say goodbye to Rosetta

    1. The European Space Agency's (ESA) Rosetta probe ended its historic mission with a controlled descent to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko early this morning (Sept. 30). Scientists here at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) received the confirmation of landing from the spacecraft at about 1:19 p.m. local time (7:19 a.m. EDT/1119 GMT).

      119 local time

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    5. I kept finding more info so I deleted my last three comments and organized it all a bit better.

      So at 1:19 local time, there was a "crash landing"

      Crash Landing = 119 (Star of David) (All Seeing Eye) (Master Plan) (Milky Way)

      News also comes on 9/30 which is 93 in numerology.

      Rosetta = 26 (God) (Lie) (Mason)

      ESA = 106 (Prophecy)
      ESA Rosetta = 33 (Masonry) (Secrecy) (Planets) (Big Bang)
      ESA Rosetta = 51 (Conspiracy) (Federal) (Freemason) (Mars)
      ESA Rosetta = 123 (Conspiracy)

      Philae = 33, 51 (a fitting double match with ESA Rosetta)

      51 just like the number of meters that a picture was supposedly snapped before it hit the ground. Name of the writer for the CNN article about this, Dave Gilbert, equals 51.

      Even the dimensions they say Philae has, match both Philae and Rosetta:
      (3.3 × 3.3 × 2.6 ft)

      The lander system engineer:
      'Laurence O'Rourke' = 74 (Masonic) (Jewish) (Occult)

      'Rosetta Mission' = 223 (Masonic) (The Synagogue of Satan)

      Rosetta is controlled from 'ESOC' = 42 (Freemason) (Zionism) (Knowledge)

      The Philae lander discovered 16 organic compounds. Perhaps they say 16 because 'Sixteen' = 33? The German Aerospace Center involved in the mission is also abbreviated 'DLR' = 16. Jose Fernandez, #16, was just sacrificed too.

      Since the project began in 96' the mission has cost $1.57 billion. Perhaps because "United States" = 157?

      I also found this caption in the article, under an image that looks completely fake. They just love their Saturn:

      "Look closely at the top of this picture. See that dot? That's Saturn. Rosetta snapped the picture of asteroid Lutetia and captured Saturn in the background."

  5. Former Iranian PM Jamshid Amouzegar died on the same day as Peres also at age 93. They were born 39 days apart.

  6. London Games
    Dolphins host NYG total score 13-10 Giants
    Wembley stadium= 55, 172
    Wembley= 31, 85
    London=29, 74
    London England= 131, 59
    England= 30, 57
    dolphins sums to 43 and 97
    miami=27 and 45
    Miami dolphins= 142 and 70

    10+28+2+7=47(london reflection)
    standout stats brandon jacobs rush for 131 yards on 23 attempt (5.7yds av)
    rainy day game

    Jacksonville hosting Colts
    indianapolis 123, 60,
    indianapolis colts 192, 75
    colts 15, 9
    andrew luck, 40 and 112
    Andrew 29, 65
    Luck 47, 11

    10-2-20+16=48(luck bday)
    10+2+2+1+6=21(number of days of andrew luck)
    1+2+2+1+6=12(luck wears 12)
    41st week of the yr

    Andrew Luck bday
    september 12 1989
    9+12+19+89=129(notice his bday can be writtten as 9-12 or 12-9)
    from luck bday to game 20 days or 21 days counting, 2 weeks 6 days, 15 weekdays
    5 weekends or 6 weekends,

    Jacksonville=43,133(andrew luck last game threw for 331)
    Jaguars= 23(frank gore's number), 77
    Jacksonville Jaguars= 66 and 210
    Frank gore wears 23, trent cole the best pass rusher got injured on a date
    with 23 and 52 numerology. Trent James Cole=52
    with the colts defense being injured, i see frank gore having a nice rushing day

    Blake Borttles= 41, and 122 (231 lbs )
    Blake= 13 and 31
    Bortles= 28, 91
    Robby Blake Bortles=67 184

    from jake borttles upcoming bday to upcoming game 157 days, 22 weeks 3 days,
    112 weekdays, 46 weekends
    112(andrew luck)(trent cole=112 got injured couple days agao)

    Jacksonville is 9 wins 22 losses to colts
    fully expect them to be 9 and 23
    23(frank gores number)
    152 and 187 all time record 22nd season

    Colts record 495-435-7, 64th season

    Franklin Delano Gore=91 and 181(42nd prime)
    Franklin Gore= 67 and 13
    Delano=51, and 24
    Frank gore= 95 amd 50
    From miami florida, is currently 33 yrs of age
    interesting enough frank gore can pass Edgerrin Tyree James record who is 11th of
    all time. He played for the colts; he's 22 yrds within 11th and 55 from 10th
    "marshall faulk" another colts player is in 10th
    can gore go 57 yrds sunday.
    Marshall faulk= 45 reduction
    two records=50(frank gore)
    two=13 and 58(trent cole out wears 58), franklin gore= 13
    frank gore breaks 2 record by 2 yrd. this maybe the first half storyline right before
    he gets injured and andrew luck takes over the second.


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