Friday, September 23, 2016

34 38 52 67 96 239 | Two killed in workplace shooting, September 22, 2016

This story comes out of Tennessee.  Tennessee = 34/52/106 (Prophecy = 52/106)

The location is right for a freemason sponsored hoax.  The killing took place at a 'Parts Manufacturing Plant'.

Freemason = 96; Satanism = 96; Knowledge = 96

Notice this news is coming on September 23.  They found the right Police Chief to deliver the news, Police Chief Charles Ziegler.  Keep in mind the date can be written 23/9 or 9/23.

And as always, the '46' and '64' is present.

The details, including Athens and 'bathroom' also connect to death, what this story is about.

Tennessee also has that 'murder' link.

The date of the incident also has '67' numerology, connecting to 'Athens'.  The murder took place yesterday, September 22, 2016.

9/22/2016 = 9+22+20+16 = 67 (Athens = 67) (Blood Sacrifice = 67)


  1. Both Tennessee and Georgia lose Saturday. UGA is in Athens, of course.

    1. Maybe just injuries, as this story comes out the same day ESPN has a story about Nick Chubb(UGA RB), and his return from knee surgery a year ago. Sort of feels like we may get more reinjuries this year than most, the game is just not safe!! ;)

      But I do think Tenn and UGA are toast this weekend.

  2. "Two Shot Dead by Coworker" = 269 [57th Prime]
    "World Series" = 57
    "NFC Champion" = 57
    "Fifty Seven" = 131
    "Championship" = 131

    "Bridge over Troubled Water" = 269
    "United States Marine Corp" = 269
    "Forty Two Generations" = 269
    "Sixth Zionist Court" = 269

    "Dark Knight" = 269 J

    1. Get this, my man, this shooting happens 141 days after a very similar story out of Katy, TX. I am sure as more details emerge about this one in Tennessee, the tales will sync more. What really caught my eye was that in Katy, TX the incident happened at

      Knight Transportation- -269

    2. Very Interesting. Keep me posted. I will keep my eye on it. Have you noticed that the Entertainment and Political Stories reference the Sporting News and the Sporting News references Entertainment and Politics?

      "Military Entertainment Complex" = 137 [33rd Prime]
      "Thirty Three" = 156 [911 is the 156th Prime]

    3. Of course! Media is a nasty little octopus with different arms but just one brain. The more you get into this, the more you will see how every little thing thatbis reported ties into each other. Its a World Wide Web they've spun. What's really nuts is when you find yourself syncing with certain stories.

      Books, News, Sports, Magazines, Movies, Music, Food, Trends, and anything else that can have an advertisement on it is a part of the Umbrella Corporation. Our job is to get people outta the Umbrella and into the glorious rain of Truth!!


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