Friday, September 23, 2016

43 47 60 | Raiders @ Titans, September 25, 2016 preview

9/25/2016 = 9+25+20+16 = 70
9/25/2016 = 9+25+(2+0+1+6) = 43 (Jack Del Rio)
9/25/2016 = 9+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 25 (Age of Derek Carr) (97, 25th prime) (Jack = 25)
9/25/16 = 9+25+16 = 50
*September 25, 2016 leaves 97-days left in the year *97th season of the NFL

Oakland = 22/31/58; Raiders = 38/47/74; Oakland Raiders = 60/69/78/132
Tennessee = 34/52/106; Titans = 20/29/83; Tennessee Titans = 54/81/189

Notice the over/under is at 47.  Raiders = 47

Coming into this game, the Raiders and Titans have played each other 44 times in the regular season.  The Raiders lead the series 24-20.  If you count the playoffs, they have met 48-times, and the Raiders lead 28-0, being 4-0 against the Titans/Oilers in the playoffs.  Thus this will be the 45th game all-time.

Last year the Raiders defeated the Titans at home on 11/29/15.  That game was played exactly 43-weeks earlier.  (Jack Del Rio = 43/88)

Notice that game summed to 45-points.  Again, this will be their 45th game all-time.

The stadium that the Titans play in is favorable to the Raiders.

Now, the QB of the Raiders, 'Derek Dallas Carr'.

Derek Dallas Carr = 60/69/78/132 (Oakland Raiders = 60/69/78/132)

97, the 25th prime number; This is the 97th season of the NFL

From his March 28 birthday to the game is 181-days, the 42nd prime number.  (Total span of 182)

3/28/1991 = 3+28+19+91 = 141
3/28/1991 = 3+28+(1+9+9+1) = 51 (Season of Super Bowl 51)
3/28/1991 = 3+2+8+1+9+9+1 = 33
3/28/91 = 3+28+91 = 122
3/28 = 3+28 = 31 (11th prime number)

Notice he is 58/83 this season.  Oakland = 58; Football = 83

As for the coach of the Raiders, Jack Del Rio, this game will come 174-days after his 53rd birthday.  It will be a total span of 175.

New World Order = 174; Raiders = 74

4/4/1963 = 4+4+19+63 = 100
4/4/1963 = 4+4+1+9+6+3 = 27
4/4/63 = 4+4+63 = 71

Del Rio is playing for his 9th win with the Raiders, and his 77th all-time.

On the other side of the ball, Marcus Mariota is the starting QB for the Tennessee Titans.

Marcus Mariota = 53/62/152
Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota = 105/114/312

10/30/1993 = 10+30+19+93 = 152 (Marcus Mariota) (Pennsylvania)
10/30/1993 = 10+30+(1+9+9+3) = 62 (Marcus Mariota)
10/30/1993 = 1+0+3+0+1+9+9+3 = 26
10/30/93 = 10+30+93 = 133

This game comes 35-days before his birthday, or a span of 36-days.

His stats are interesting heading into the game.

Notice he has 74 attempts on the season and 444 for his career.

Masonic = 74/444
Oregon = 74/444 (Where he went to school)
Raiders = 74/444 (Who he plays this week)

If Mariota loses, it will be, "What's the 411"?  If he wins, he'll be 5-10.  His home record will either be 1-7 or 2-6 by game's end.

Let us now examine the head coach of the Titans, "That's a bunch of Mike Mularkey!"

Michael Rene Mularkey = 91/100/199
Mike Mularkey = 54/63/144

His birthday is November 19, the 323rd day of the year.

11/19/1961 = 11+19+19+61 = 110
11/19/1961 = 11+19+(1+9+6+1) = 47
11/19/1961 = 1+1+1+9+1+9+6+1 = 29 (Football)
11/19/61 = 11+19+61 = 91

The game will be played 55-days before his 55th birthday, or a total span of 56-days.    
Three = 56 (Week 3 game)

Remember, 'Tennessee Titans' has gematria of '54', like his current age.

Mularkey, who is a career loser with the Bills, Jags and Titans, is looking for his 20th win all-time and his fourth win the Titans.  It is interesting to note that his 60th career game is against the Oakland Raiders and Derek Carr.

Oakland Raiders = 60; Derek Dallas Carr = 60

It is also interesting that as a former coach of the Jaguars, he is facing another former coach of the Jaguars, Jack Del Rio.  Jacksonville = 43 (This game comes 43-weeks after the last time they faced off)

The numbers aren't giving me a clear read on this game, but the Raiders look like a solid team this year and I would bet them just based on appearances.


  1. Those matches you show for 744/44 are hard to pass on at this point, like Tenn.

    1. If the Titans win, this will be the clue that I should have taken. What I don't know how to read right now, is if such an alignment goes in favor of the QB, or the team he is facing.

    2. Those are numbers of sacrifice. And in my research, tributes in the stats generally go the the team being tributed.

    3. I Agree with Sean...

      I personally believe every single result is scripted through the birthdays of the people involved. That and the date of the game are the only variables that is consistently different for each match.

      Just saw Astro's lost 10-6 after leading going into the 9th 6-4. Gave up 6 runs.

      This coming 32 days before the start of the world series. 32nd Prime = 131. 10-6. 106?

    4. 10-6 like "106" prophecy, plus Correa got hurt and went to the locker room after. I think Astros will do a comeback to win the Wild Card

  2. Great fucking work. I have a question how do I get my friends to listen to me , I tell them to watch your videos they don't. I tell them facts they don't care . It's like they rather be lied to than listen to the truth

    1. Your friends are the same as my friends. My buddy since middle school just had his engagement party and the whole old crew was invited, except me. I'm not sad about it though. That's what it is to be a truth teller in this world.

    2. same thing with my friends. we are all in the same boat. I am hoping the colts will win the sb this year so that they will finally see.

    3. From my experiences in Life, being a Truth Seeker is a lonely path. You'll lose not only friends, but may also some family members. You need to choose friends that are more like-minded. ALL relationships have an expiration date! Except it!

      Understanding The Matrix, and HOW to survive in it, was NEVER meant to be an easy path!

    4. Well dont force it on them. Its just like any other belief that people are passionate about, whether it be religion or politics if everytime you come around you talking hoaxes and this is fake and that if fake, people will soon begin to distance themselves from you. Their is only one way to get people to listen, and Ive said it time and time again, you have to get these games predictions right. If keep predicting these winners time and time and time again, eventually people gonna wanna know how you know this. Then you begin to preach gematria

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Using gematria to predict future events, whether it be sports or tragedies or whatever. Like there is a youtube vido concerning the colts/Vikings superbowl, and a San Francisco earthquake in January and such. Now if all this comes to pass, many will listen. If you correctly predict future events they will all listen

  3. Are you gonna do a PANTHERS vs Vikings preview with everything that's going on over there???

    1. I'm trying to do every game before Sunday.

    2. Hey zack it's when I kno you Trying to put out real info when you say things like I don't know how sumthin works I luv it because even though I kno its all bs u can't be perfect at it and earlier in Ur career lol u never owned those wrong picks or outcomes now u R bringing it to the forefront making u seem more reliable even if u wrong keep doing Ur thing zack can u drop a specific video on just the meaning of important numbers so we can kno what to look for when we watch sports and real events as well like 106 prophecy 44 kill number just all numbers and what they mean thanks

  4. Who you guys got for
    - Steelers Vs Eagles?
    - Cowboys vs Bears?

  5. Don't forget Brian Hoyer had played some big games in his career like beating Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints When he was the starting QB for the Cleveland Browns.

  6. Yea I gave up on my "friends" it became to much headache tryna change a made mind ..just hope they wake up an be ready when shf

  7. I love it that my first & last name sums to 112

  8. I have Titans over Raiders right now and here is why:

    Both Raiders and Titans are currently 1-1 this year

    If Titans win they go 2-1 and Raiders will go 1-2

    As of right now it'll be the 27th home game for Titans(Oilers) against the Raiders at home and they currently lead 14-12... which I think the 12 will stay and they will go to 15

    Also, this will be their 45th regular game and Titans trail 20-24 and I have a nagging suspicion they will go 21-24 just like there current season record if they win (2-1)..

    Also, this is the Titans Head coaches 12th game as a Titan and I suspect they will win(associating with 12 and 21)

    Also, the last time Titans won against the Raiders at home was a September game on the 12th in 2010 where super bowl 44 was played Saints beating Colts.... same story line almost for Patriots last night same connection.

    The Titans Won that game 38-13 a total of 51 like super bowl 51 season as well as like winning their 15 home game against Raiders a reflection of 51

    Still working on it rough draft but that is what I have so far

    1. There is no way Raiders are winning this game.

      Sunday = 21, 30, 84, 1155
      Over/Under = 48(opened at), 47(is now)

      This Sunday Titans will go 2-1 against the Raiders, Allowing the Titans Coach to reccieve his 4th career wim to his 8 losses (48) in his 12th game 55 days before his 55th Birthday who's current team is 1-1 this year (1155)

      In lead QB's 15th game he will lead Titans to their 15th win at home against Raiders who trail at 12 wins in Titan land. Marcus is coming into his 15th game with 50 completed passes this year (50=date numerology) and 74 attempts. Raiders = 47/74 the team that he will defeat.

      And then Marcus will turn 23 1month and 5days from this game (15)

      Yes, the Raiders coach will stay at 8 wins and move to 11 losses (811) this Sunday in "Nashville,Tennessee" = 118 a man who has been coaching for 11yrs

    2. titans coach playing his 60th career game, sixty = 25 like sundays date numerology
      as well oakland raiders is 60
      and so is derek dallas carr
      as well mularkey is going for his twentieth win which = 43 also like the date numerology of sunday

    3. titans coach playing his 60th career game, sixty = 25 like sundays date numerology
      as well oakland raiders is 60
      and so is derek dallas carr
      as well mularkey is going for his twentieth win which = 43 also like the date numerology of sunday

  9. the nfl can do what ever it wants but of course Raiders. its the Jags game and 17 point tradition you might check.

  10. You guys ask him for too much. Dont over exert yourself zach. Thats why you got a couple wrong last week, trying to depict every game is too much. If i were you, id just focus on the primetime games on thursday sunday and monday nights

    1. or the match ups all assume will go one way

    2. I agree with you. Zach's point is for all of Us to learn how to do this ourselves, instead of relying on others. But many people in Life don't want to do things for themselves, but have things handed to them

  11. Zach, I just noticed this in regards to the 444 stuff. Mike Mularkey's previous birthday was 44 weeks 4 days ago for another 444 connection.

    1. Who you leaning at Jeremy ?
      Those numbers are hard to pass imo

    2. Who you leaning at Jeremy ?
      Those numbers are hard to pass imo

  12. Found a few more connections for this game:

    Oakland at Tennessee
    49th matchup, Oakland leads 24-20, 4-0 playoffs, 28-20 overall.
    45th regular season matchup.
    Coach records:
    Mularkey: 11 games, 3-8 with Tenn.
    59 games, 19-40 overall.
    Del Rio: 18 games, 8-10 with Oakland.
    157 games, 76-81, 1-2 playoffs, 77-83 overall.
    QB Records:
    Mariota: 14 starts, 4-10, 1-6 home, 3-4 away.
    Carr: 34 starts, 11-23 record, 6-11 home, 5-12 away.
    Birthday Spans:
    Mularkey: 11/19/61
    previous: 311 days, 10 months 6 days, 44 weeks 3 days
    312 days, 10 months 7 days, 44 weeks 4 days.
    next: 55 days, 1 month 25 days, 7 weeks 6 days
    56 days, 1 month 26 days, 8 weeks
    Mariota: 10/30/93
    next: 35 days, 1 month 5 days, 5 weeks
    36 days, 1 month 6 days, 5 weeks 1 day
    Del Rio: 4/4/63
    previous: 174 days, 5 months 21 days, 24 weeks 6 days
    175 days, 5 months 22 days, 25 weeks.
    next: 191 days, 6 months 1 day, 27 weeks 2 days
    192 days, 6 months 11 days, 27 weeks 3 days
    Carr: 3/28/91
    previous: 181 days, 5 months 28 days, 25 weeks 6 days
    182 days, 5 months 29 days, 26 weeks
    next: 184 days, 6 months 3 days, 26 weeks 2 days
    185 days, 6 months 4 days, 26 weeks 3 days
    Last matchup: 11/29/2015, Oakland won 24-21, sum of 45.
    301 days, 9 months 27 days, 43 weeks.

    Date numerology of 43. Mularkey = 43. Last matchup was 43 weeks ago.
    Mularky is going for career win 60. Oakland Raiders = 60. Titans (Oilers) established in '60. Derek Dallas Carr = 60.
    A win by Titans would drop opposing coach Del Rio to 8-11. Nashville, Tennessee = 118.
    Mularkey's previous birthday was 10 months 6 days ago. September Twenty Fifth = 106. Tennessee = 106.
    Carr has 74 attempts this season, and 444 attempts for his career.
    Oregon = 74/444. Raiders = 74/444. Mularkey's birthday was 44 weeks 4 days ago.
    This game is 55 days before Mularkey's 55th birthday.

    Date numerology of 25. Jack = 25, Derek = 25. Oakland can get win #25 in the series. Del Rio's previous birthday was 25 weeks ago.
    Date numerology of 43. Derek = 43. Jack Del Rio = 43. Last matchup was 43 weeks ago, which Oakland won.
    Del Rio's next birthday is 191 days away. 191 is the 43rd prime.
    Del Rio has 83 overall losses. A win over the Titans = 83, would keep him on 83.
    Del Rio has 81 regular season losses. Tennessee Titans = 81. Another favorable number for him to stay on.
    Del Rio is going for his 77th victory. 7*7 = 49, and this is the 49th matchup.
    An Oakland win would improve Del Rio to 9-10 record. Michael Rene Mularkey = 91. Del Rio is coaching his 19th game. Mularkey has 19 wins, a number he would be stuck on.

    1. Damn, good grabs. Made it harder to pick, intrested in this winner though

    2. Tennessee Titans = 54 not 81 and the titans coach is playing in the his 60th game not going for 60th win hes going for his 20th win

  13. Can we do panthers vs vikings plz and thanks

  14. Panthers? Ritual for South Carolina shooting?

    1. I have Vikings over Panthers right now

      Vikings will go 3-0 in week 3 (33)

      Against a coach currently sitting on 33 losses who hasn't won against the Vikings at home since 2009 which the box score was 26-7 a total of 33

      That Panthers currently lead the series at home against the Vikings 2-1 and if they lose they will go 2-2 at home, just like how they are in their 22 season and they will be playing against A Vikings QB Sam Brandford who is currently sitting on 22 career passes this year

      The Vikings are in their 56th season this year and their Head Coach was born on 6/5/1956 (65/56) and had a birthday this year exactly 112 days prior to this game, 112 being a special number this year connected to Superbowl 51

    2. what about Bradford getting injured again there?

    LADY GAGA 31
    HOUSTON 31
    BORN ON 3/28 (3+28 = 31)
    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta 310
    NRG 39
    HOUSTON, TX 39
    Stefani Germanotta 188

  16. I got Oakland winning also
    Derek = 25
    Carr is 25 years old
    Game day 9+2+5+2+0+1+6=25
    The day numerology is 25
    Oakland win there head to head matchup goes to 25-20 vs Titans


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