Wednesday, September 21, 2016

38 117 163 | Trump will go 26th? Trump April 26th? 1630 AM Broadcast decode

The link to the bizarre broadcast is here:

If you listen, it sounds like either "Trump April 26" or "Trump will go 26th".

Notice the station playing the broadcast is 1630 AM.  This connects to 'Make America Great Again'.

As for April 26, that is typically the 116th day of the year, but this year it was the 117th day of the year, a number, '117', that has been attached to Trump throughout his campaign.

The upcoming April 26 date, April 26, 2017, has interesting numerology.

4/26/2017 = 4+26+20+17 = 67 (Freemasonry) (Blood Sacrifice)
4/26/2017 = 4+26+(2+0+1+7) = 40 (United States) (Hillary)
4/26/2017 = 4+2+6+2+0+1+7 = 22
4/26/17 = 4+26+17 = 47 (President) (Authority)


  1. Very weird. 26 is that special number. And he did have that bizarre 7/11 slip up. 11/7 leaves 55 days.

  2. Found Some Crazy Synchs' for Monday September 26th.

    Trump Will Go Twenty Sixth" in the English Reduction system equals 110 / 119

    Monday September Twenty Sixth" in the English Reduction system equals 119

    9+26+16= .. 51 ..

    9+26+20+16= .. 71 ..

    9+26+(2+0+1+6)= .. 44 ..

    9+2+6+(2+0+1+6= .. 26 ..

    Radio " in the English Reduction system equals 29

    Two Six" in the English Reduction system equals 29

    1. Oh Shit.. check out Dude that posted it YouTube Account Name. "Jet Wintzer"

      Jet Wintzer" in the English Reduction system equals 51

      Wintzer" in the English Ordinal system equals 115

      Wintzer" in the English Reduction system equals 43

      43 Days Between now and the election or 1 Month 13 Days.

      Civil War Lie" in the English Reduction system equals 60

      Civil War Lie" in the English Ordinal system equals 123

    2. September 26 - Nov. 8th

      Sep. 20th- Nov. 8th ( The Day this Operative Uploaded his Trump Radio video)

      Remember Kids Nothing is on the Internet that is not suppose to be.

    3. Jet Wintzer Donald John Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 119

      Jet Winterz Donald Trump" in the English Reduction system equals 99

      (99th Prime Number 523)

      423-119= .. 404 ..

      (Drop The Zero) Sep. 26th Life Lesson

      Trump Met with Don King Today.

      Don King" in the English Ordinal system equals 74

      "Don King" in the English Reduction system equals 38

    4. Don King sounds like
      Donkey/Dawn Key

  3. The first presidential debate is the 26th, in NYC

  4. September 26th is a total span of 44 days before election day.

  5. This is interesting:

    "Trump and Clinton" = 777
    "Foundation Completed" = 777
    "Order out of Chaos" = 777
    "Great Pyramid" = 777

    If you write out 777:
    Seven Hundred Seventy Seven" = 314 [Pi = 3.14]

    "Trump and Clinton Presidential Debate" = 156
    [911 is the 156th Prime]
    "False Flag" = 156

    "Presidential Debate Terrorist Attack" = 367 [73rd Prime]
    "Hillary Clinton" = 73

    If we look at the number 367:
    "Three Hundred Sixty Seven" = 112, 130 & 292

    "Presidential Assassination" = 292
    "Radical Islamic Terrorist" = 130
    "Victory" = 112
    "Andrew Luck" = 112
    "Houston" = 112

    In Satanic it 367 * 6 = 2202 [kind of like 222]
    "San Bernardino California" = 222
    "Islamic Terror Bombing" = 222
    "British Royal Family" = 222
    "Freemasonic History" = 222
    "Multiple Identities" = 222
    "New York New York" = 222

    "Debate" = 222 J
    "Hell" = 222 S

    1. Nice. Interesting that we change over to the FALL season tomorrow. September 26th will be the 5th day of fall. Clinton just took a FALL...

      "Fifth Day Of Fall" = 68
      "Trump Assassination" = 68

    2. "Autumnal Equinox" = 64
      "Hit And Run" = 46

  6. 7 am is the 4 hundred & 20th minute of the new day. This is what came to mind when when I did the math

    Revelation 4:4 - "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold."

    Of course 22 chapters in the Book of Revelation. Kinda like Date numerology for 4/26/2017

    And the number 7 as in 7am we know plays a big role in revelation

    One funny one would be the Seven TRUMPets in revelation or Trump Pence

  7. The dow jones closed today up 163.74 points.
    Closed at 18293. 23/9?

  8. Hui gold index closed at 244.4 up 7.74%
    Every market is rigged lol

  9. "Donald J Trump Assassination April Twenty Six" = 163
    163 [38th Prime]
    "Death" = 38

    "Donald J Trump Assassination April Twenty Six" = 523 <====
    523 [99th Prime]

    From the Superbowl to April 26th is:
    11 Weeks and 3 Days [Kind of like 113]

    "Eleven Weeks Three Days" = 87 & 231 [Exact Match]
    "Hillary Rodham Clinton" = 87 & 231

    "Superbowl LI Champion" = 231

    "April Twenty Sixth Terrorist Attack" = 144 <===

    "April Twenty Sixth Terror Attack" = 132, 141, & 393
    "Two Thousand Sixteen Election" = 132
    "World War III" = 141
    "President" = 393

  10. Zach i have some decoding leading to a bulls finals do you mind looking at it

  11. Another baseball update...

    Astros win again. Astros made an error to allow the A's to score their 5th run. A's also had 7 hits. (57/World Series). Jays could lose today too. Astros and Tigers gaining ground fast!

  12. Melania Trump b-day : April, 26th.

  13. Funny thing I also think the Bulls will be in the ECF...
    Trump dying on the 26th is wishful thinking
    Now feeling like Pats are going 4-0 without Brady
    Kapernick to Denver
    Ray rice to Minny or Spiller

    1. From what I've done on the Texans Patriots game this Thursday I have Patriots over Texans so yeah 4-0 without Brady maybe!

    2. Finally jumping on my Patriots v. Green Bay super bowl yet?

    3. Dude I had the Pats the minute Brady over threw gronk in the end zone and no PI (lol) on That brother Akib Talib who had most of the patriots at his wedding!
      I support the brother Zack because he works with the truth!
      Together we form Voltron.
      Pats vs Gmen,Packers, Vikes
      Broncos (Kapernick) , Colts vs does not matter only NFC team winning is Giants.
      Cam newton can go to back to back MVP championship losses and have that record !
      These Zionist mother fuckers are ruthless with this rigged event.

      Colts VS Vikes is all Zack!

      BTW that was " My cousin Vinny" writing this.. Internet truth humor

    4. Dude, You and I are the only ones Sure about the Pats. Everyone is still stroking Luck like a rabbit foot from a carnie at the fair.

      Minnesota? They might beat GB twice, but no S.B.
      Wait until something major happens in GB? Then that New York and Minnesota shit will be a wash.

      I'm working on the second pres, debate, the night GB plays the Gmen at Lambeau. The night the debate will be on during Sunday Night Football.

      The day before newly inducted, Brett Favre's 47th Birthday. 5 th packer to go 1st ballot. He was the 33rd pick of his Draftyear. Played for 20 years which also matches up with Super Bowl XXXI and the Zionists tribute to that said super bowl between N.E. and G.B.

      He also weighed 222 lbs. Which some say 222 is important. He was also 74th 1ST Balloter of all time. 74 or 47 reversed. Whatever, Euclid don't care that much.

  14. The debate in "Hempstead New York"=76 9/20 is 76 days after 76. 26 days after 9/20 is 10/16 the day that leaves 76 days in the year. "Donald Trump Assassinated"=269 26/9. Remember the debate got moved to Hofstra University instead of Wright State. Then we got Toya Wrights Brothers getting killed less than a week later. Anyway possibly a coincidence but the guy who posted the video "Jet Wintzer"=51, 150..."Wright State"=51, 150 26th prime is also 101...10/1? 9/26 also leaves 96 days in the year and 4/26 next year would be the new presidents 96th day as president. Hempstead also settled when families left from Stamford, CT to settle there. Stamford held the first US Marathon, man that town is loaded up lately.

    1. I forgot to add the 76th prime is 383...Election=38, 83

    2. Seventy six=45/162 (45th prez/2016)

    3. If they kill trump who benefits ?
      If they take out Hilirary who benefits?
      The Minions are still rioting and the elites
      Sit comfortably watching chaos out of order.
      Some in the truth community are waiting for "Marshall law" .
      The Hypnosis for the masses is already successful. The threats are for US, the ONES
      The GMO and pesticides and trauma does not seem to subdue to their control. The experiments
      That seem immune to their every move. They want that POWER to control ALL. So everyone keep spreading truth, it's our destiny!

    4. The sheep are rioting, but perhaps not as much as the elites would want. I think an assassination of either candidate (or Obama) could spark that nationwide martial law type scenario that they dream of.

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  16. I heard April 26th and that dress was blue.

    1. If you read the YouTube comments, it's funny to see people arguing over what it sounds like. I hear both, and it absolutely was meant to sound like both.

  17. Zach, I see the number 161 come up a lot in sports as of late. I am sure it will come up in my research but as a quick reference from your experience does this number have a significance?

  18. April 26th was also the day John Wilkes Booth Supposedly died age 26. Lincoln died 26 days before Wilkes bday as well.


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