Wednesday, September 28, 2016

39 60 511 | Meet the woman who reportedly kills and cooks the heads of members of ISIS, CNN reporting, September 28, 2016

There is ridiculous propaganda, there is propaganda beyond belief, and there is propaganda there jsut isn't words for, such as what you see above.  Aside from this absolutely ridiculous plot, the housewife fighting ISIS by cutting off and boiling their heads, notice the 5.11 right in the middle.

Could that be a heads up for the date November 5?  Remember, remember?

The number '511' is also the number of Saturn in Jewish Gematria, the keeper of 'time'.

From today, September 28, 2016, until November 5, is 38-days, or a span of 39-days.  Of course 39 is the reflection of 93, the other number for Saturn.

Down below, notice the age of the woman in the story, 39.

Her name also synchs with the headline.

Something tells me this entire story is dedicated to the future Presidency of Hillary Clinton.  What say you?


  1. Housewife = 993, 111, 666, 48.
    666 is English Sumerian gematria.
    In the book of Revelation it says there are many people who get beheaded by the beast and his system. Then there's also the story that there are 30,000 guillotines that were bought by the US govt. Maybe more programming to desensitize the masses to this graphic violence

  2. Literally the wonderwoman archetype to appease feminists.

  3. That's some crazy-ass shit! Lol

    Totally agree with your linking it to future "HEAD CHEF" (heh heh) Hillary.

    And with the recent death of Shimon Peres ... it reminds of GOLDA MEIR too.
    Who -- btw -- was Ukrainian-born ... & raised in Milwaukee, WI.
    The uber-Zionist Israeli leader was often referred to by media as being the "Jewish Grandmother of Israel" (even though there was NOTHING "motherly" about her) ... & everyone knows that "Jewish grandmothers" are cliched as ALWAYS having "something" -- Bubbling In A Giant Pot On The Stove" ... LOL.

    GOLDA MEIR -- (Jewish) - 206 ... (English) - 504 ... (Pythagorean/Simple) - 84
    ;D :D

  4. What a great way to twist the barbaric beheadings of American captors. Now we are pro-beheading. There's your eye for an eye!!!

    1. Yes! Nailed it. And beheading=330/55
      This also made me think of the headless horseman story. Which was written by Washington Irving. We've seen a lot with Washington lately and it wouldn't surprise me to see more coming.
      Headless Horseman=996/166/67
      Washington Irving=92 (just like the reverse of Cascade Mall=29, the recent Washington shooting hoax)
      Sleepy Hollow=59

    2. people in Kansas keep losing their heads on water slides and looking out train windows.

  5. Fueling the woman empowerment agenda thats been on going for years. Back in the day a woman used to stay at home and raise the children. Know they financially have to go to work and are encouraged to shoot high thus them spending more time away from the children.

    Who then is raising our children? Bullshit Cartoon programming and the bullshit educational system so basically the government are programming the children from early ages and the adult influence of their parents is subdued.

    1. Hence, I am a stay at home Dad. Programming Deflector.

    2. Yeah i admire how clever these people are, they constantly have people believing in their own demise.

    3. Amen to that...this too is why I'm a stay at home mom...and will homeschool, or more like unschool and let them guide some of their education and teach them the trivium and the quadrivium straight out of ancient Greece and the hell with the BS they teach in schools here! I like programming deflector Lord...that's awesome! Perfect!


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