Monday, September 26, 2016

35 44 45 49 85 121 137 | Will Smith halftime tribute, MNF, September 26, 2016, Falcons @ Saints

Harper = 66; NFL = 66; First Super Bowl in '66 season; Super Bowl = 41/131
Drew Brees is going for his 131st win (Drew Brees = 45) (New Orleans = 45)
Drew Brees playing for 131st win

35 combined points just before the half...

What would have been Will Smith's 35th birthday was a span of 85-days earlier, July 4, 2016.

Notice Brees has 85-passing yards at the half.

Will Smith died April 9, or 4/9.

'94' is the big number on this game.

Notice the leading receiver has 49 yards...

4 receptions, 49-yards....

44, 49...

Will Smith = 44
Shooting = 44
Kill = 44

Moments later, the Falcons would score again, making the score 28-14.

Notice the drive was 94-yards.

Will Smith died April 9, or 9/4.

This game comes 94-days before Sean Payton's birthday, and he is going for his 94th win, in the 94th matchup all-time between the Saints and Falcons in the regular season.  Also, Drew Brees currently sits at 94 career losses.  Also, the opposing coach, Dan Quinn, his name in gematria sums to '94'.  It is the ritual this game.

Ninety-Four = 147 (This is Sean Payton's 147th game)

At the half, the score would combine for 45-points.

New Orleans = 45 (Home team)
Drew Brees = 45

Notice Matty Ice has 137-yards.

137, the 33rd prime

Matty Ice = 33
MNF = 33

Also, notice Brees has 121-yards.

Revelation = 49/121 (49, big number on the Will Smith death and this game)

Still the leading rusher with 49-yards for the Saints.

Still, the leading receiver with the Saints, 49-yards.

Also, the final points of the half came on a  57-yard field goal, the number connecting to '131'.  Tonight, Drew Brees is going for 131st win.

Also,  a reader noticed this about Will Smith' date of death being 171-days before the game.


  1. Falcons scored again before half, right now its 28-14

  2. was that a tribute to the death of Fernandez of the marlins with the 305 pass attempt stat?


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