Wednesday, September 28, 2016

56 | Alfred Olango, the man reportedly killed in El Cajon, California, September 27, 2016

A = 1
O = 6
AO = 16

Sixteen = 33; Race War = 33; Police = 33; Vaping = 33; Black Lives = 33; it is '2016'

If more police get shot at a Black Lives Matter protest....

Remember, the first Governor to sign Blue Lives Matter, targeting Black Lives Matter as threats, was the 56th Governor of Louisiana, on the 147th day of the year.  Police = 147 (Jewish Gematria)



  1. "Mind Control" = 56
    "Fifty Six" = 118 = "Death"

  2. Look at this BS I just saw...

    Again the 55 shows up. Daughter's full name is 55 like the date numerology. They called it an "honor killing" (144).

    1. "Honor Killing" = 343 = "Superbowl Fifty One Victory"

    2. Jake, you set off my crazy alarm with many of your decodes, as good as you are with gematria.

      Unless the Bengals or Browns are one of the conference champs, I doubt you will be able to tie this story to them in a simple and clear way that makes sense. But please.. prove me wrong.

    3. Tie this story to either of the teams that do become conference champs*

    4. The one thing that could tie this story is a daughter of one of the players/staff on the winning team dying in a similar fashion. At least that's all I see..

  3. The death of the guy who played Alf on TV died 106 days earlier.

  4. Alfred Olango
    Sounds simular to Orlando and Orange
    AO/Alpha Omega

  5. Thanks Zach! That was the first time in my life I've ever called into a live show like that. I know I sounded a little shaky, but better than not at all, huh. I hope I didn't take up too much time. When you talked about what happened today, I felt something pushing me to just go for it.


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