Friday, September 30, 2016

29 47 74 | Volgograd Train Station bombing of December 29, 2013 (Hoboken, New Jersey train crash parallels)

In light of the Hoboken, New Jersey train crash that was staged, September 29, 2016, I have been reminded of the Volgograd Train Station bombing of December 29, 2013.  Notice both attacks happened on the 29th day of the month.  They also both happened on dates with '74' numerology.

12/29/2013 = 12+29+20+13 = 74
9/29/2016 = 9+29+20+16 = 74

9/29/2016 = 9+29+(2+0+1+6) = 47

You have to appreciate the details about '44' injured and '34' dead.  The numbers for 'kill' and 'murder' respectively.  Volgograd is also on the 44th Parallel, go figure.

Also, regarding the '29', the train station incidents were 2-years and 9-months apart.

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  1. Hey Zach, unrelated to this post, but I really think you should check out this guy, Matthew Nicholson:

    You probably already know about him. His work is astounding and points to the following:
    -WW3 begins 11/26/16, possibly with a fake assassination of Donald Trump after he wins the election.
    -First nuclear strikes or nuclear day is 5/23/17.
    -End of WW3 is 7/2/2017.

    I'm not the type of person to jump to any conclusions, but even after just watching a couple of his videos it's quite difficult to dismiss all the connections he makes, especially when combining that with everything else that's been been going on recently.

    All of it goes back to the same exact things your research exposes. Gematria, numerology, freemasonry, Saturn, the incredible precision and synchronization of events, etc.

    I would be very interested in seeing what additional connections you can make from his work with your talents and knowledge. You told me a while ago you thought that WW3 could begin in 2017. If there's even a remote chance of that, I think decoding and researching that would be the most important thing right now.

    I'll certainly be looking deeper into all of this in the next week and will let you know if I find anything important that I think you should know about.


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