Saturday, September 24, 2016

38 42 46 49 61 84 88 96 | Arcan Cetin, the Turkish shooter in Burlington, WA (Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade tribute?)

163, the 38th prime number

Mall = 38
Death = 38
Cascade Mall = 38
Minnesota = 38 (Just had a mall stabbing incident with 5 victims)

Chaos = 46

Notice they're calling him a 'Turkish Immigrant'.  Now I'm really think of the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade.... Turkish.... Turkey...

United States of America = 84; The Twilight Zone = 84

Fitting that the 'Turkish' shooter was caught in 'Oak Harbor'.

Again, the divisors of '44' sum to '84'.

'Oak Harbor, Washington' also has gematria related to 'propaganda' and 'Saturn'.

'Twenty' has a parallel to 'shooting'.

'Oak Harbor' is the right place to arrest someone for a shooting hoax.

And look at the man speaking, Mike Hawley.  Again, this shooting came 49-days before Washington's November 11 birthday.

The name 'Hawley' also has that '74' connection.

'Mike' and the 'mall'.

Of course 'Michael' is a common name for 'police' in these shooting stories.

Also, what kind of name is Arcan Cetin?  I think this is a tribute to George Washington, which the state is named after.  We'll see if his name comes up in the debates as well, as his name has a connection to 'Trump'.

In Pythagorean, the name sums to '43', like 'massacre', like 'San Ysidro'.

Also, that phrase 'Zombie-like' connects to shooting.

His arrest comes 61-days before the Macy's Day Parade, November 24, 2016.

As predicted, his capture comes on a date with '42' numerology as well as '49'.

9/24/2016 = 9+24+20+16 = 69
9/24/2016 = 9+24+(2+0+1+6) = 42 (Washington, 42nd State) (Freemason = 42) (Gun = 42)
9/24/2016 = 9+2+4+2+0+1+6 = 24
9/24/16 = 9+24+16 = 49 (Washington = 49)
9/24 = 33

The number '42' has a connection to Thanksgiving, a Holiday first celebrated by George Washington, November 26, 1789.  74-years later, it would be made an annual holiday by Abraham Lincoln, November 26, 1863.

Holiday = 74
Independence Day = 74
Masonic = 74
Jewish = 74
Killing = 74
Cascade Mall = 74

Anyhow, the connection to '42' is as follows.  First remember that the divisors of '42' sum to '96'.

Thanksgiving has gematria of '96' as well.

Thanksgiving = 2+8+1+5+2/11+1/10+7+9+4/22+9+5+7 = 60/69/78/96

Supposedly the Pilgrims who celebrated the first Thanksgiving departed Plymouth, England September 6, or 9/6.

 Here is more on that 74-years between Washington's and Lincoln's Thanksgiving contributions.  As I always say, the nation is a history of Freemasons.

Regarding the year being 1863, the emphasis is on '63.  Recall, when you sum 1-63, it totals 2016.  It would be something to find out something BIG was always planned for the Thanksgiving in 2016, coming 153-years after 1863.  Of course '42' is the number often paired with '153', coming from the Miraculous Catch in the Bible.


  1. Apparently he's from my town..and was a bagger at the grocery store where I shopped...never seen him in my life. Is this even a real person. He looks just like Rob Kardashian. And let's not forget the failed coup that happened in Turkey a few months back..and the numerology of Rob Kardashian=58 and guess what the numerology of the date of the Turkey coup was...7/15/2016=7+15+20+16=58! LMAO...seriously...

    1. I was just looking at the calendar thinking about Thanksgiving as a day to watch...when Black Friday caught my eye. That day will be the 330th day of the year and Black Friday=47. Black friday will be a big day for shopping...malls...Macy's...just thinking. Speaking of Shopping Mall=61 just like Macy's=61 and then 16 reduced. Black Friday also =92 like Cascade Mall in reverse (29).

    2. I always thought Black Friday would be the perfect day forna terrorist attack, especially if you wanted to really make a statement. Shoppers just lined up.

    3. I have been thinking Black Friday for awhile since all of the "Turkey bombings". November 25th 330th day of the year leaving 36 days left. Also 9 hrs and 36 minutes of daylight. From Sept 17th to Nov 25 69 days or 9 weeks 6 days. From Sept 23 to November 25 63 days or 9 weeks. Plus I have crunch more to fit. However there will be a domino effect of hoaxes till then. They like to "attack" on holidays.

    4. As a cascade is a waterfall which falls over a series of rocks, this shooting will represent the first of a few hoaxes building up to Turkey Day Weekend.

      Cascade is also a verb meaning to arrange a number of devices in a sequence.

    5. A few other notables, August 14/16 (9th day of Av) to Nov. 25th is 3 months 11 days. August 22/16 to Nov. 25th is 3 months 3 days. August 29/16 (lightning killing 323 deer) to Nov. 25th is 88 days or 2 months 27 days. April 21/16 (Queen/Prince) to Nov. 25th is 7 mths 4 days. December 25/15 (Queen's speech) to Nov. 25th is 336 days. August 4/16 (Obama bday) to Nov. 25th is 113 days or 3 mths 21 days (countdown). Important events on Nov. 25th : 1867 Nobel patents dynamite; 1920 first Thanksgiving parade in Philadelphia (96 yrs ago); 1963 JFK laid to rest; 1976 The Band's Last Waltz.
      Connection to Olympics and Nov. 24th (Thanksgiving): Aug. 5th (opening) to Nov. 24th is 111 days; August 21st (closing) to Nov. 24th is 3mths 3 days.
      I have been a bit focused on this holiday lol.

    6. One more, lol, from Dylann Storm Roof's birthday, April 23, 1994 to November 25/16 is 22 yrs 7 mths 22 days.

    7. The history of Thanksgiving is pretty interesting. Going with FDR's offical stamping of it being the fourth Thursday in November, (which happened on 10-6-41, 106!), this Black Friday will be 75 years, 1 week, 19 days or a fun filled 27,444 days.

    8. Never understood why the "American Thanksgiving"(as we call it here in Canada ours is on the second Monday of October) was on a Thursday. All of our holidays are added to the weekend.

    9. Same thing, we add Thurs and Friday to the weekend.

    10. Also look up SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. They have a Macy's and according to Wiki are the most "congested" mall on Black Friday. Coded address. My brother and I looked into this a couple of weeks ago. He did a video on YT that touches on some of this. He goes by Global Agenda, this video is about Black Friday/Martial law.

    11. Blackest Friday=136


      Bloomington, MN=163

      Mall of America=109

  2. Very well done Prof. Z.

    To see this one first hand was a once-in-a-hoax-time experience.

    This was 100% D H S Drill.

  3. Looks like Andrew Bogut with some features photoshopped

  4. A con set in Macy's = Arcan Cetin

    That's what it sound like to me!

  5. Nixon vs Kennedy first presidential debate.

    58% of Americans watched lol

    Just saw that on NEWSY

  6. love the work obvious mall shooter story is all bull shit, quick question, bill Nunn died yesterday 26 days before his birthday. If you have ever seen the movie do the right thing bill Nunn plays radio Raheem. The film is about racial tension in Brooklyn during a hot day. radio Raheem and a pizzeria owner who is Italian begin with an altercation regarding him blasting his music, and the one song he played on his radio fight the power. radio blast his radio in the pizzeria, and all hell breaks loose between the two of them. Radio along with another character bugging out, decide to boycott the pizzeria, and that night before closing confront the pizzeria owner. The owner gets mad and breaks Raheem's radio and a fight ensues white vs black. police come and choke out radio killing him, following this a civil unrest ensues and the pizzeria is destroyed. In gemetria radio Raheem equals 26, can this be a sign of unrest to come, violent unrest.

    1. He dies 27 years, 2 months, 3 days after Do the Right Thing's American premiere. Also 9927 days. Lots of 27 in there.

      Do the Right Thing=172(Hillary Clinton, Twenty Seven)

      Radio Raheem=97, 273J

      27 is all over this one, even inverted in the title.

      Bill Nunn=98(Black People)

      William Goldwyn Nunn=242(There's the 42 stamp for a black man), 2730(More 27)

      William Goldwyn Nunn III=269, 2757

      Radio Raheem's death reminds me of Eric Garner, the man choked to death by NYPD after selling CDs in '14.

      Garner's death was 7-13-14 or 24 years, 11 months, 22 days after Do the Right Thing. You get the 24 for the inverted 42 and 11+22=33.

      That is also 9123 days=9(1+2+3=6)=96

      1303 weeks. 133.

      Now, from Garner's death to Nunn's is 804 days or 2 years, 2 months, 11 days(22+11=33) or 114 weeks.

      Can't believe I didn't put Raheem and Eric Garner together earlier, both are very similar.

    2. 27 weeks exactly since Spike Lee's birthday.


    The only direct anagram for Cascade, fairly appropriate.

    1. Cascade Mall is an anagram for
      Dallas Mecca. How bizarre is that?
      Everything always seems to refrence JFKs assasination in one way or another.

    2. From Dallas to Mecca is 7722 miles. Icky number.

  8. Arcan Cetin is an anagram for AntiCancer.
    How trippy.
    Also Cetin sounds like Satan.

    1. Also an anagram for "C in a trance", hence the 'zombie-like' comment. Pure mockery.

  9. Jose Fernandez dead in reported boating accident!?!?

    1. Span of 57 days from his last birthday. World Series=57

    2. Nah, coke and alcohol.. Those boating accidents always happen in Miami. Same with DUI's and cyclist killed here.

    3. World Series=57, Miami Marlins=131, the championship numbers.

      Jose D Fernandez=65, like Prince, the other big ritual sacrifice of 2016.
      From April 21, the day Prince died to today is 157 days, or 22 weeks and 3 days, a lot like 223.

      Fernandez alone sums to 48, like propaganda and hoax.
      Jose Fernandez=142, like forty-two. He died in Miami Beach, like where antoher big sacrifice, Muhammad Ali, won his big tournament.

    4. Also died 38 days before a potential game 7 of the world series, November 2. Death=38. Also died 33 days before game 3 of the World Series on October 28. Don't be surprised if there's a tribute to Mr. Fernandez in game 3 of the World Series.

    5. 9+25+20+16=70
      9+25+16=50 (America, baseball is America's pastime)
      9+25+2+0+1+6=43 (champion, he was considered one of the best in the league, and championship numbers connected to his death).
      9+2+5+2+0+1+6=25 (the age Tupac died at, and the movie "All Eyez on Me" comes out November 11, FORTY-SEVEN days from today.) Should also be worth noting that today is a total span of 13 days from the day of Tupac's 20 year death anniversary.

    6. Jose D. Fernandez (which he goes by on wiki, no middle name), = 74 pyth/1430 jewish, today has a life lesson #43. Birthday was 7/31 = 74/38 (finishes with 38 career wins). Debut was on 4/7, a date with 17 and 44 numerology. Fernandez = 119 bacon. Dude was marked for "death". This comes 3 months 22 after Muhammad Ali's death, which the Marlins were the first to announce.

    7. Wow, 322 after Ali and 223 after Prince, what a shit show.

    8. And with that also comes a total span of 48 days, like Fernandez.

      GET THIS!! His death comes 112 days before Jeff Banister's birthday, January 15, 2017, leading up to the 112th World Series!!!!!! That's also a total span of 113 days, and we don't need to elaborate on that

    9. ANd of course Jeff Banister in the simple English system is 115, like his birthday.

      Also 3 months and 22 days after Ali's death, like Skull and Bones number.

      And that's also a total span of 115 days, like Jeff Banister. Holy crap.

    10. Also dead 44 weeks and a day before his next birthday.

    11. Total span of 115 days from Ali's death to Fernandez's death, that is.

    12. Also, Miami=27 in Pythagroean, so in a way he is part of the 27 club.
      Not to mention today is a total span of 137 days before Joe Maddon's birthday, the 33rd prime. Chicago Cubs, CC, 33.

    13. Also with Prince, Fernandez is dead 5 months and 4 days after Prince's April 21 death, and the Marlins beat the Cardinals 5-4 on July 31, Fernandez's last birthday.

    14. ANOTHER THING with is a total span of 158 days from April 21, 2016, and Jose Fernandez record this season was 15-8. HA!

    15. Fernandez's height and weight is also laughable. 6'3 in 2016, and he weights 240 lbs (according to baseball reference). Dead at age 24.

    16. Wow! He's one of the best in baseball. This is pretty shocking. Usually they'll sacrifice someone of lesser skill. Check this out... They spotted an overturned boat at 3:30! Lol this is a joke...

    17. Another Tupac tribute...Tupac=61 (ordinal) and Jose Fernandez= 61 (Pythagorean). Church=61, and Jose has died on Sunday, the day most church-goers go to church.

    18. And with my 54 connections I forgot "baseball"=54

    19. Sorry about the disorganized work. I was trying to make as many connections as possible. I must say though, my favorite one is that it comes 112 days before Jeff Banister's birthday.

    20. Nice connects fellas
      His birthday to the start of the playoffs is 66 days
      His birthday 7/31looks like 137 (33rd prime)
      Thirty three=66 (bday to start of playoffs 66 days)
      Thirty three=156 (Houston had 156th game cancelled today vs ATL)

      Keep eye out for the Washington nats not predicting anything just saying
      Fernandez last game was 9/20/2016 vs the nats where he pushed his record to 7-0 vs the nats and where the media made a big deal about Barry bonds giving him kisses.
      He won 1-0 on 9/29, 7-0 vs nats in 10 starts with era of 1.00 died on numerology of 70
      Died 9+25+20+16=70
      He is 7-0 vs nats
      Washington Nationals=100
      1.0 era 10 starts

    21. Death comes 188 days after Obama became the first acting President to visit Cuba in 88 years. Jose was Cuban American, of course.

    22. Illbundy420, I forgot about the s exceptions. The fact that his name can sum to 70 and he died on a date with 70 numerology is huge. Nice work bro

    23. Dies just outside of

      Government Cut=177

      Government Cut, Florida=242(24 years old, 24+42=66)

      Will Cuba make the Government's Cut?

    24. Miami=27,45

    25. It is also 10 months 6 days until his birthday, 106 for the kids at home.

      1039 days until his until his 27th birthday, since so much 27 is poppin' on this.

    26. He wore #16
      Born 7/31 137 33rd prime
      Thirty three=66 bday 66 days before start of playoffs
      Thirty three=156 (Fernandez dies on day of houstons 156th game of season which cancelled)

      Sorry kinda repeated again

    27. from zurlon Tipton death to today 12 weeks 5 days
      From Jose Fernandez birthday to today 9/25 is 1 month 25 days
      wwe Clash of champions is tonight in Indianapolis on 125 Pennsylvania street on willie smiths bday
      Will smith =125

    28. and Cleveland is in Miami in the NFL today

    29. Cleveland=33

      Articles saying "coast guard confirms"

    30. Jamar Taylor interception for Cleveland 14:20 in 1st ball on Miami 33!!!!!!! Wtf on the first pass lol

    31. By tanehill with all the numerology for him going today

  10. You probably left us the easy one on purpose:

    Oak Harbor, Washington = 93

  11. It's been 63 years since the release of "Invisible Man" in 1952. Nineteen fifty two = 84/210. The book's climax is a foreshadowing of the Rex 84 martial law/ race war government contingency plan that was exposed in the Iran-Contra hearings.

    I linked one of the articles that I wrote on this here,

  12. Joe Fernandez Killed?... JFK.

    How come no one thinks of JFK with '63 on the 163 read on the CNN story or turkey day? This mall shooting story could be a set up for a presidential distraction.

    Biden 45? Lots of time still.

  13. There are videos online showing his fishing boat lodged on top of some rocks. The accident based on the video looks fake to me.
    With the correlation that some of you guys made in connection to Ali, Prince, and Banister to Fernandez's death makes it feel seem totally scripted.

    1. I even found connections to Tupac, who's death in my opinion wasn't even a real sacrifice. So it could have been a boating accident that Fernandez wasn't even involved in.

    2. I even found connections to Tupac, who's death in my opinion wasn't even a real sacrifice. So it could have been a boating accident that Fernandez wasn't even involved in.

    3. Fernandez has had supposed arm problems in the past, and his wife is pregnant. It's not out of the realm of possibility that he wanted to walk away from baseball to start a new life. Who's gonna be able to tell him apart from anybody else? That's not meant to be a racist comment, so whoever takes it that way is a moron lol.

    4. thelegionary07, I'm not saying you're wrong, but if these athletes truly are owned by the gang the way I personally have interpreted, I don't think they'd be left to make those decisions for themselves. Remember, they're probably born and bred to be

    5. I'm not ruling out that he was a real sacrifice. I just think more of these men are born into masonic families than we think. This is how he'd be able to hoax his death, and get the ok for it. Of course it's all planned out on days of significance as well.

  14. "ARCAN CETIN" can be translated in Latin as "SECRET WHALE".

    In modern times, CETI / CETUS is the Constellation associated with a Giant Whale.

    "Whale" is the modern derivation of "SEA MONSTER" from ancient lore.
    The Greeks associated this Constellation with the Sea Monster that turned to stone when Perseus held up Medusa's severed head.

    But in VERY ancient lore, the Monster CETUS was near the Euphrates ...

    And when it was killed ... "A Nearby River Ran Red With It's Blood" ...

    Recall the recent stories about a "Blood Red River In Russia"?
    And before that -- the stories about a "Trapped Whale"?

    St. Jerome claimed to have seen the CETUS monsters at TYRE ... "Tyre" -- yet another name recently mentioned in a "news-worthy killing" ...

    The mutation from SEA MONSTER to WHALE began in the 17th century (1600s) -- when "Biblical Scholars" began to associate the CETUS Constellation with The Whale that swallowed Jonah in The Book Of Job ... while others saw the "Leviathan" of which the Lord spoke to the patriarch.

    Direct quote from the source referenced below (inexplicably added in the text?):

    "Julius Schiller thought it the -- 'S.S. JOACHIM and ANNA' ."
    Recall JOACHIM & BOAZ ... the 2 Pillars of Freemasonry?

    Otherwise, CETUS is described as an "old & unimportant" constellation ... although it DOES possess the SOUTH POLE of the MILKY WAY ... & contains the "Wonderful Star" -- Mira. Also -- when it's described as "The Easy Chair", CETUS' major stars Lean Towards ORION.

    It's believed that CETUS -- as the Whale -- is also synonymous with what's known as the "NORTHERN FISH" constellation -- represented by the "Tunny", or horse-mackerel of the (NW?) AMERICAN COAST.

    The source used (& referenced below) shows how VERY long ago these "heavenly bodies" we're being cited & documented. The author doesn't hide the fact that so much of this "data" -- originally cited by Chinese & Arabian cosmology -- was altered &/or screwed up by the western civilizations that later tried to "adapt" it. He even mentions that these "mistakes" have often repeated into (modern era) "fact".

    Reference: Go to Wiki Page for ZETA CETI ... click on 2nd Reference.
    Source: "Allen's Star Names, Their Lore & Meaning" ... By Richard HINCKLEY (!) Allen (1963).

    We know there are many layers & purposes behind these phony "news reports". In light of the ZETA CETI references, recall these groups who refer to themselves as "The ZETAS" -- the CIA-linked Drug Cartel ... & also ZETA Beta Tau -- "The World's 1st" (& only?) Zionist Fraternity.

    Beyond what's being "messaged" about happenings here on Earth, there IS a component that also references the REAL "Space Command" ("Command" -- NOT NASA or the "Space Program"!).
    The TRUTH however, is now so far beyond the realm of what people BELIEVE to be possible -- & so wrapped within layers of disinformation -- that "Full Disclosure" without mass panic is still a long way off.

    It's astounding how far astray we've been led ... just skim through the reference above & you can't help but see how The Common Man's knowledge of "space" is DELIBERATELY Nowhere Near what it SHOULD be!! ;D :D

    1. Wow...amazing information! Thank you for sharing. That gives me chills. I've been researching all of this sort of stuff lately and I'm amazed at how deep the deception goes. When they say we have been lied to about EVERYTHING..that is not an exaggeration!


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