Friday, September 30, 2016

45 54 93 108 146 | Radio Station 1460 KXnO gives free tattoo to fan for Cubs 2016 World Series win, September 29, 2016 news

This story comes on the day leaving 93-days left in the year, September 29, 2016.  Recall, the Cubs were the first team to clinch an MLB playoff position with their 93rd win in their 146th game.

Notice the radio station, 1460.

For the last two years I've been documenting '146' with the Cubs in headlines and reporting, so this is an ongoing pattern.

The date of the story above was also a date connecting to baseball.

9/29/16 = 9+29+16 = 54 (Baseball = 54)

There are 108-stitches on a baseball, like the number of years for the drought.

Also, again that point about '45.

Illinois = 45
Wrigley = 45
Bears = 45
Cubs = 45


  1. London Games
    Dolphins host NYG total score 13-10 Giants
    Wembley stadium= 55, 172
    Wembley= 31, 85
    London=29, 74
    London England= 131, 59
    England= 30, 57
    dolphins sums to 43 and 97
    miami=27 and 45
    Miami dolphins= 142 and 70

    10+28+2+7=47(london reflection)
    standout stats brandon jacobs rush for 131 yards on 23 attempt (5.7yds av)
    rainy day game

    Jacksonville hosting Colts
    indianapolis 123, 60,
    indianapolis colts 192, 75
    colts 15, 9
    andrew luck, 40 and 112
    Andrew 29, 65
    Luck 47, 11

    10-2-20+16=48(luck bday)
    10+2+2+1+6=21(number of days of andrew luck)
    1+2+2+1+6=12(luck wears 12)
    41st week of the yr

    Andrew Luck bday
    september 12 1989
    9+12+19+89=129(notice his bday can be writtten as 9-12 or 12-9)
    from luck bday to game 20 days or 21 days counting, 2 weeks 6 days, 15 weekdays
    5 weekends or 6 weekends,

    Jacksonville=43,133(andrew luck last game threw for 331)
    Jaguars= 23(frank gore's number), 77
    Jacksonville Jaguars= 66 and 210
    Frank gore wears 23, trent cole the best pass rusher got injured on a date
    with 23 and 52 numerology. Trent James Cole=52
    with the colts defense being injured, i see frank gore having a nice rushing day

    Blake Borttles= 41, and 122 (231 lbs )
    Blake= 13 and 31
    Bortles= 28, 91
    Robby Blake Bortles=67 184

    from jake borttles upcoming bday to upcoming game 157 days, 22 weeks 3 days,
    112 weekdays, 46 weekends
    112(andrew luck)(trent cole=112 got injured couple days agao)

    Jacksonville is 9 wins 22 losses to colts
    fully expect them to be 9 and 23
    23(frank gores number)
    152 and 187 all time record 22nd season

    Colts record 495-435-7, 64th season

    Franklin Delano Gore=91 and 181(42nd prime)
    Franklin Gore= 67 and 13
    Delano=51, and 24
    Frank gore= 95 amd 50
    From miami florida, is currently 33 yrs of age
    interesting enough frank gore can pass Edgerrin Tyree James record who is 11th of
    all time. He played for the colts; he's 22 yrds within 11th and 55 from 10th
    "marshall faulk" another colts player is in 10th
    can gore go 57 yrds sunday.
    Marshall faulk= 45 reduction
    two records=50(frank gore)
    two=13 and 58(trent cole out wears 58), franklin gore= 13
    frank gore breaks 2 record by 2 yrd. this maybe the first half storyline right before
    he gets injured and andrew luck takes over the second.

  2. Maybe Cubs win in 7?
    Hoboken train crash yesterday... Last one was 5 years ago... Let's take a look at what happened in baseball that year...

    2011 World Series
    RANGERS lose to the Cardinals IN 7 GAMES.

    The Cards are often referred to as the Cubs biggest rival. I see a connect here.

    1. Game 7 would be on November 2nd (112) like Zach has mentioned a few times. A 7 game WS is highly probable this year.

    2. Chicago Cubs like Chris Christie (CC/33)... I don't know? My mind is going right now, sorry lol. I see connects though.

    3. Giants played Pats in 2011-12 Super Bowl. Will it be Giants-Colts 2016-17 (5 years later)?

      Colts, at least when Manning was there, were the Patriots biggest AFC rival.

    4. There is the Las Vegas factor. Cubs are still 2-1 to win WS. Favorable odds for a dominant team. should be -140 if they were truly as good as they appear. Vegas is not letting everyone double and triple their money on Cubs to win NL and WS. Goodnight Chi

    5. I bet the Cubs become even heavier favorites right before the playoffs start. Listen, it's very possible the Rangers win in 7 too. Imagine how big of a troll job that would be for Cubs fans? To be one game away, and still lose.

    6. yes they wont let cubs fan off the hook this yr. Cubs win nxt yr for sure

    7. Thats the thing with baseball, the best team doesn't always win the World Series. 100 Win teams on the season have a very very VERY hard time even making the World Series. The last team to win the World Series with 100+ wins was the 2009 Yankees.

      As a cali resident, I've been following the dodger narrative very closely. How they took the lead over the SF Giants without their best pitcher and a couple good starters, and no offense to speak of, all of a sudden the pitching has been elite and the offense has been as well, that kind of shit should wake you up?

      Now the Dodgers can knock out their hated rival out of Wildcard contention.

      Last but not least. Let's not forget the best pitcher in the game with his fake injury, just so happens to come back before the playoffs. He is also a choke artist in the playoffs. Maybe it's his time?

    8. The Kershaw narrative does remind me a bit of Manning. Manning and Kershaw are elite regular season performers, who suck in the postseason. Only thing is, Kershaw is nowhere close to retirement.

    9. I did some quick research... Manning entered the league in 1998, and won this first ring in 2006. Kershaw entered the league in 2008 and it's now 2016... Hmmm

    10. Arlington = 47
      #47 hit the walk off 47-days before what would be Game 7 of the World Series.
      Yesterday the Cardinals won a controversial call with the score 3-3, and on the 33rd pitch.

    11. Nice. I meant to look into that game because I heard of the weird finish.


      Gotta love the headline of this one. 7 teams, 4 spots lol.

    13. #47 is also 33 years old.

      Cubs record
      Season - 101-57
      Home 57-24
      Away 44-33

      3 Games left.
      In the truthseekers eyes...
      Win 3 games.
      Season - 104-57
      Away - 47-33
      211 is the 47th Prime
      74 reflection, Is this often paired with 33?
      Finishing season in Ohio? Ohio = O47

      Reds would finish 37-44 at home.

      Would be some shit if this came true.

    14. Cubs win today 7-3. 37 reflection.

    15. If Sports are truly Scripted, it's done in Advance (in terms of years)

      The Las Vegas Factor ONLY applies to the current Year

  3. I don't follow sports but I thought I would remind you that there was a train crash in Chicago March 24, 2014. Here is a link to the camera footage and article:

  4. Anybody Check Out Bon Iver's New Record Out Today ? All The Tracks are Just Masonic Numbers instead of titles. For the Record I Think Dylan & Waits are Talentless Ass clowns too. Throw this Vernon Douche on The Adele Burn Pile. Pure Garbage.,_A_Million

  5. What do you want to bet The Tigers Win Tonight (9-30) and end up Sweeping Atlanta To Clinch The Wildcard This Weekend. They have Daniel Morris taking the Mound Tonight.

    Norris" in the English Ordinal system equals 93 (Sep. 30th)

    Daniel Norris Born in 1993

    Atlanta" in the English Ordinal system equals 69

    Clinch Wildcard" in the English Reduction system equals 69

    Sweep Atlanta" in the English Reduction system equals 38

    Wildcard" in the English Reduction system equals 38

    I'm Probably Wrong. Just trying to make the game interesting if I have to watch it anyway. Tigers Win 9-3 of course. Look for JD or Victor To go on a Homerun Spree This Weekend.

    1. The Tigers seem like they have to be in the Cubs riddle and the Curse of the Billy Goat.

    2. What if Tigers End Up Beating the Rangers To make it to The Series?

      Detroit Chicago " in the English Reduction system equals 74

      Detroit Chicago " in the English Ordinal system equals 137

      137-74= ..63 .. (2016)

    3. Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is currently 47, has a birth numerology of 106, and played the majority of his career with the Astros. The Astros may not be there, but I could see a Tigers-Rangers ALCS, both with Houston ties, both fighting for a spot in the 112th World Series.

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