Friday, September 23, 2016

38 42 44 49 | The shooting death of Gage Bruce, Burlington, WA teen, May 25, 2015

A 'teen', name 'Gage Bruce', in 'Maiben' Park.

Washington is the 42nd state.  Freemason = 42; Gun = 42

'Maiben' connects to shooting.

5/25/2015 = 5+25+20+15 = 65
5/25/2015 = 5+25+(2+0+1+5) = 38 (Death)
5/25/2015 = 5+2+5+2+0+1+5 = 20
5/25/15 = 5+25+15 = 45

I wonder if he was shot with a .44 or .45.

Think about the word 'gauge' in regards to guns.  Also think about it in regards to measurement.  The powers that be are measuring how gullible the masses are.

The name 'Bruce' also connects to 'Washington'.


  1. I was just looking up Fort Bragg on Wikipedia because of the Charlotte "riots" and noticed that they have a Vietnam era Special Warfare Memorial Statue also known as "Bronze Bruce". It's 12 ft tall, 22 including the pedastle, supposed to be honoring Green Berets, but the pose is more catwalk fabulous than tough guy.
    Sculpted by Donald De Lue
    Dedicated on 11.19.1969

    This guy's name, Gage Bruce (sounds like Gay Bruce) and his smirk seem connected to that statue.

  2. Gage is also defined as taking a measurement. these constant shooting drills/hoaxes seem to be one of the tools the Overlords use to measure our reactions and used also to seperate us into catagories of belief. Who still believes wholeheartedly in the news/their school training and who is skeptical? Who is paying attention and who isnt?
    I think the rapid increase in shooting hoaxes since Obama has been president is not only more testing the limits of our collective belief, but the over-the-top hyperbole, and shoddy mistakes are done purposefully as a kind of spell in that it forces people to choose, Yes, u basically trust the news, or no you dont. If u still believe the media is telling u whats really going on in the world then u r still easily manipulated and therefore not a threat.

    All those on the fence, like," oh this could have really happened, someone would have spoken up by now, maybe it didn't happen exactly like they say but it probably did" these types can still be manipulated by directing them to the conspiracy/Alex Jones/David Icke/"the government wants to kill you" rabbit holes. That keeps u busy for a while. It did for me at least.


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