Thursday, September 29, 2016

31 74 84 93 99 129 929 | Lady Gaga announced as Super Bowl 51 halftime performer, September 29, 2016

Today is the right day for a 'Halftime' announcement.  Today is September 29, 2016.

9/29/2016 = 9+29+20+16 = 74

Her birth name sums to '74.

Stefani = 1+2+5+6+1+5+9 = 29/38
Angelina = 1+5+7+5+3+9+5+1 = 36

Stefani Angelina = 65/74

Recall, last year Lady Gaga was announced to sing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl just 5-days before the big game.  She was announced February 2, the 33rd day of the year, Groundhog's Day:

As we know, they like to pair '33' and '74'.

Stefani = 19+20+5+6+1+14+9 = 74 (Masonic) (Jewish)
Angelina = 1+14+7+5+12+9+14+1 = 63
Stefani Angelina = 137 (33rd Prime)

Today's news comes 129-days before the Super Bowl.  That's a number connected to 'America'.


Football = 83; Best QB Drat Class, '83 (So "they" say)

Notice it is also 4-months and 7-days.  This will be Super Bowl 51, the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era.  The first Super Bowl was in the 47th season of the NFL, and Super Bowl 47 had a 33-minute blackout.  Interestingly, JJ Watt, who plays for the Houston Texans, has been ruled out for the season today.  His name reminds of electricity, and his Houston Texans are hosting Super Bowl 51, the 47th of the modern era.

The name JJ Watt also connects to 'United States of America', like the distance of '129' days from the Super Bowl.

Today is also September 29, or 9/29.

Today is also the day that leaves 93-days left in the year.  Remember, NRG Stadium is hosting Super Bowl 51, a stadium where construction began March 9, a date written 9/3 or 3/9.

Remember, everything with the people that run the NFL and pro sports, is by the numbers, it's a conspiracy.  This year Lady Gaga's birthday is 51-days after Super Bowl 51.

Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017.

The name Lady Gaga connects to 'Houston'.

Lady Gaga is from New York, and it has been 58-years since "The Greatest Game Ever Played".  You know, the Giants play in New Jersey, where there was also a train wreck today...  if they end up in the Super Bowl...

March 28 is the 87th day of the year, and the 88th in leap years (2016, leap year).

3/28/1986 = 3+28+19+86 = 136
3/28/1986 = 3+28+(1+9+8+6) = 55
3/28/1986 = 3+2+8+1+9+8+6 = 37
3/28/86 = 3+28+86 = 117

Her birthday is precisely 51-days after Super Bowl 51.  Notice she is lifted as 5'1".

If the Giants go to the Super Bowl and win, they'll be 5-1 in Super Bowls.  Giant = 51; McAdoo = 51


  1. Wow, tremendous work. Great job, Zach!

    On 11/12/16, UFC 205 will be in Madison Square Garden. Conor
    McGregor will be fighting Eddie Alvarez. Lots of 39,111 coding for New York.
    -Eddie Alvarez's birthday is on 1/11/1984 like 111
    -January eleventh nineteen eighty four = 167(39th prime).
    -His last loss came on 9/27/14. From 9/27/14-11/12/16 is 777 days, or 111 weeks or a total span of 111 weeks and 1 day.
    -Eddie Edward Alvarez = 86, 167(39th prime)

    New York=39,111
    Madison Square Garden=88,106,205
    Eddie Alvarez=58,112

    The date of the event 11/12/16 = 39 fitting for NY
    Alvarez is 28-4. A win will give him 29. 29 is the tenth prime. ten=39
    McGregor is 20-3. This is his 24th fight.
    Twenty four=50,167(39th prime)(New York=39)
    If Alvarez loses, he will pick up his 5th loss. 11 is the fifth prime.(New York=111)

    This is pretty scattered. I wonder what you guys think of this. I tend to think McGregor wins since Zach's last video showed how Conor McGregor's name equals 223, and he is working toward being 21-3.

    1. I forgot to mention how Alvarez's nickname sums to Conor Mcgregor's record, 21-3, IF he wins.
      The Silent Assassin = 60, 105, 213(like 21-3)

    2. Looks like Alvarez 33rd fight coming *

    3. Yes, I see McGregor making it to 22-3.

  2. Good work Zach. Lady Gaga even went to a Giants Game!!! It was vs the St Louis Rams with a sum score of 44 Points.

    1. Check out her new Video! perfect illusion, she is wearing a jacket with the number 74 on it!! WoW!

  3. Coordinates of Hoboken crash 40°44′5.64″N 
    I think most events happen unplanned in numerical sequence and more people are noticing. However occult masters have known this for a long time and tap the underlying numerical matrix in performing rituals,creating landmarks, designating birth names (which in ancient times and still in some cultures today was/is a ritual event), etc. I will not designate to mankind the ability to control and perform such a mass series of perfect synchronistic occurrences. Coincidentally there are some of these events which coincide with un-predicted astrological atmospheric and other anomalous events. Yes the false flags ritual killings and all large sports music events obviously are planned-by the numbers-...occult masters see the same thing we see here, the difference is they see and predict plan then carry out with motive energy.

  4. The official story (wiki) is 114 injured. Add coordinates 40° + 74° = 114. Add the others and you get 45, 45, & 72 or 999=24=6 ;999 is the inverse of 666=18=9. We have 6 & 9, six being matter, 9 being energy/motive, 3 being the common denominator. Plan and simple- Marko Rodins vortex based math activated by spirit-energy Emanations in re:3-6-9
    Other events things have this same underlying numerical construct, as does patterns in created material, building blocks of life, energetic measurements of force, relationships of bodies in the solar system etc. This thing is bigger than the hair club for men. Think outside and do not denote to man what is beyond his ability to accomplish.

    1. Additionally,if humankind is projecting tragedy and corrupt nature into this vortex based womb of all creation, the result will be upon humankind as it was given. Thats basic physics.

  5. Her birth name should be "Angelina-Stein" or "Angelina-Berg" She isn't fooling anyone with that giant nose and horse face.

  6. I think the Broncos have destiny in SB51

    1. Broncos vs Giants in 86 39-20
    2. Score of 51 in the SB vs the Seahawks
    3.Elway ties to free mason
    4. Siemien changed his number to 13 reflection of 31 the amount of time passed since last SB match up
    5.kubiak would play in a SB in Houston where he coached
    6.Von Miller born in Texas
    7. Wade Houston connection through father
    8. Aquib Talib from Texas , remember his self inflicted gunshot happened in Texas
    9. Broncos=86 like the 86 SB vs Giants
    10. Elway=66 like Watt who is out wears 99
    11.John Elway= 113

  7. Cold play had the rainbow theme that flows right into SB 51 Gaga transgender theme

  8. Gaga the 5th woman to do a SB and Giants going for their 5th SB win hmmm

  9. Lady Gaga=58
    Von Miller #58
    Lady Gaga wore the red suit and looks like hillirary at the debate

  10. Check out her new Video! "Perfect illusion", she is wearing a jacket with the number 74 on it!! WoW!


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