Tuesday, September 27, 2016

77 239 | Trump loses his cool, September 27, 2016 reporting on first debate at Hofstra

Remember, Donald Trump has the same birthday as the flag.

The flag was established June 14, 1777, at 239 Arch St. in Philadelphia.  This year, on Donald's birthday, the flag turned 239-years old.

Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946, turning 70-years old this year.

*Of course Hillary had the DNC in Philadelphia, and on the first day, she was criticized by right wing media for not having any flags on the stage at the Convention.  The second day, the flags were there.

Washington D.C. is on the 77th Meridian, known as the American Meridian.




  1. Do you think the 77 in this debate article may also have a connection to the 77 on the Football game last night? Both going on at the same time. Even though I know this stuff is 100% legit it still just blows me away every time.

  2. Hey peep American horror story:6 they have diffrent themes to the show every season this season it's theme is a cult in the woods that already in the 2nd episode they're picking certain people out to murder by their first names

  3. I wonder of trump's sniffing has something to do with Hillary's coughing last week. And the swapping of colors, the blue Democrat becoming the lady in red, and his red power tie going blue. What a bizaare play.
    Fire and ice and pneumonia

  4. I laughed when Hillary brought up the name of Isis' supposed leader, Al-Baghdadi pronounced bag daddy. What a fucking joke, no wonder she smirked when she said that name. That's the most blatant mocking of the people I've ever heard of, the worst part is it's taken seriously.

    Baghdadi =36, 216. What a great year for him
    To be revealed. Double 666 connection in that name of course.

    Al-Baghdadi =. 40 like Hillary like United States...

  5. By the way, in response to Trunp April 26th... That's trumps wife's birthday..she's currently she 46 meaning she'll be big 47 next April.

    1. "April Twenty Sixth" = 2222 = "Hillary R Clinton Victory" = 2222 = "Superbowl Five One" = 2222

      "Indy Superbowl LI Champions" = "Hillary R Clinton Victory"

      But be careful, start running some Eli Manning combinations with the Superbowl and the Indianapolis Colts, and you will discover both Minnesota and NewYork start lining up with some things that Indy lines up with. So I'm not sure how it should be read.

    2. Crazy how they synch the rigged election with the rigged nfl, truly insane. If I had the money to bet, I'd put colts as AFC champs no doubt. Beyond that, it's really hard to say. As im
      Sure you know, bet on nyg and vikes to, at the very least, make a nice playoff run.

  6. For Baghdad and Bag Daddy, Baba in ArABic and other non-Arabic Nations say Baba for Father (Daddy). Abba like the name of the '60's - '70's band is very similar. I could be wrong but I've heard it used as feminine as well. Not sure if this info. helps in the political arena.


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