Sunday, September 25, 2016

33 58 68 84 93 106 123 166 | Burlington's Masonic Lodge #93 & the Burlington shooting hoax of September 23, 2016

Today is September 25, 2016 and the Cascade Mall in Burlington is closed.  It is closed because of the supposed shooting that happened there the evening of September 23, two days earlier.  What's interesting is that the captured shooter was found in 'Oak Harbor, Washington', and the closest Masonic Lodge to the shooting is Burlington's United, Lodge #93.

'93' is that special number.

2016 is the 123rd year of existence for this lodge.

Notice the address of the building, '106' 'Warner Street'.

Remember, the Freemasons go by the 'prophecy' code.

'Warner Street' is the right street for 'Freemasonry'.

Something else that is interesting is how 'Sedro Woolley' corresponds with 'New York City', in light of the fact of the significance of '93' in New York.

Notice the man who founded the Temple, Mr. Stiles, did so in 1893, emphasis on '93.  He also established a law firm just across the street from the temple which we'll discuss below.
The date of the plaque to remember the centennial is interesting.

8/21/1993 = 8+21+19+93 = 141
8/21/1993 = 8+21+(1+9+9+3) = 51 (Freemason) (Conspiracy) (Burlington) (Mass Shooting)
8/21/1993 = 8+2+1+1+9+9+3 = 33
8/21/93 = 8+21+93 = 122 (Freemason, Francis Bacon method)

The name Ira J. Stiles also has gematria of '122'.

From the anniversary date of the lodge to the shooting hoax at the nearby Cascade Mall, was 33-days.

The name John D. McNab is also interesting in light of the law firm across the street, named 'Stiles'.

Last, notice the name of the person who laid the plaque we're looking at, Kenneth S. Robinson, the Grand 'Master'.

Notice that D.G. McIntyre died in 1938, and was born in '62.  Mason = 62; Death = 38

He either passed at age 75, or 76, given his year of birth and death.

Also, 'SS McIntyre' connects to Masonic Temple.

Let us not forget the Freemasons are connected to 'The Synagogue of Satan'.

The other name on that plaque is M.W. Warren Gilbert Jr., having '216' gematria, the number connecting to '666', the number for prophecy in Jewish Gematria.

He passed in '86.  Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86

Notice the lodge also has a plaque from 1968, that infamous year for the nation.  Again, 1968 was 33-years before 2001.

9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code
World Trade Center construction began in New York City
George W. Bush (58) graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones
The film Space Odyssey 2001 by Stanley (33) Kubrick came out that year

Recall, the construction firm that built the World Trade Centers was from Seattle, WA, just south of this lodge.  Seattle is on the 47th parallel, the number of foundation.

Also, May 18 is the date that leaves 227-days left in the year, our number for Pi, cycles and cirlces.  It is also the 138th day of the year, the number connecting to the speed of Saturn, the keeper of time, recognized by the number '93'.

138+831 = 969 (Saturn's orbit of the sun = 9.69 km/s)

The shooting happened 227-days after Governor Jay Inslee's birthday and this year will be the 227th year since George Washingotn's first Thanksgiving

The date May 18 can also be written 18/5.  The number '185' is relevant to the 'World Trade Center'.

5/18/1968 = 5+18+19+68 = 110 (WTCs 110 stories tall)
5/18/1968 = 5+18+(1+9+6+8) = 47 (Seattle on the 47th parallel)
5/18/1968 = 5+1+8+1+9+6+8 = 38 (Master Plan) (Masonic) (Jewish) (Death)
5/18/68 = 5+18+68 = 91 (When you sum 1-13)

Also, recall the shooting happened on a date with '68' numerology, connecting to the name 'RH Macy'.

9/23/2016 = 9+23+20+16 = 68 (RH Macy)
9/23/16 = 9+23+16 = 48 (Skagit County) (Propaganda) (Hoax)

Also, checkout the name Audley F. Mahaffey.

Remember, Freemasonry = 58/67

Also, remember, George Washington, 33rd Degree Master Mason, died at age 67.

1914?  19+14 = 33

This law firm sits right across the street, the same name that founded the lodge.  Again, your police, your courts, your legal system, your government, they're run by Freemasons.

And below are shots of the vacated mall, Sunday, September 25, 2016.  All stores and the theater were closed.

And just to remind you that there is an organic element to these numbers, we followed this bus much of the way home.

 Until next time.


  1. Nice brother I pray more people start recording and filming these scumbags and there places.. Youtube is going to be making changes here soon and then we will need to organize and start getting things moving in are favor..Shalom

  2. You are such an extraordinary person, Zach. Keep up the amazing work, brother. Hopefully we can all find a way to start chipping in more to help you carry the burden.

  3. The license plate on the bus even had a '113' (KL) and an 88.

  4. Notice the three stair steps on each side of the roof of the Masonic Lodge. 33 in your face. I'm sure if you took measurements of the dimensions of that Masonic Temple it would have some Masonic numbers.

  5. It's absolutely amazing how many ppl don't recognize that the Satanic Pentagram 'Star' (Aren't stars gases and have no specific shape?) and the Star on the American Flag are the SAME damn thing..just give your head a 3/4 tilt left or right, while looking at a star, and it's there plane as day...whenever I go to stores that display Stars, I ALWAYS quarter turn them, so ppl with 'eyes' can 'see' ... my wife just shakes her head and says Idk why you waste your time, no one looks at thinks like you and your friends...hahahaha

    1. Your wife is right, because almost everyone is blind and in need of being turned into fertilizer.

  6. Wow...great information. I found out that this dude lived on a main street here in Oak Harbor, Heller Rd. Heller=33. This is one of the main roads in town that runs to the military base here. Apparently this kid and his dad both worked on base. The picture you see all over of this kid thought is of him on the pier in Coupeville. Coupeville happens to be the seat of the Island, the first city founded here and the home of the Whidbey Island masonic lodge #15. This is their 147th year as a lodge. Now that I've looked over the numerology of this Island with this event in mind...I feel I can almost literally say I live in the freaking twilight zone. Here are some numbers...
    Whidbey Island=63
    The naval air station is known as NASWI=66
    They fly Growlers here, Growler=44
    This kids dad works in VAQ 129 and paints Growler's, VAQ=13
    The Growler is also the EA18-G= 5+1+1+8+7=22, EA=51
    EA stands for Electronic Attack=61 (Macy's, shopping mall)
    This all ties together to me because I think the only way this was possible is if this kid was under mind control. If you even look inside the word "mk ultra" in the English Reduction system equals 24 (4+2+0+3+3+2+9+1) See the 9-23 right in the middle of the 13! The date of the shooting! I found this article particularly interesting in regards to Bluebird and MK Ultra.
    It is clear that they have the technology to control a person remotely...I have to believe that if this shooting actually happened, which I'm still not certain of...but if so, then this kid was being controlled remotely. Had to be. And that is pretty crazy to think that a kid in my little small town could be a mind control victim that will now go to jail over this. Reality really is stranger than fiction.

    1. Oh, I have to include the coordinates for Coupeville. This is too much...Coupeville, Washington
      Coordinates: 48°13′6″N 122°41′1″W
      Land area: 1.23 sq miles
      The Bavarian Illuminati=221
      Evil, Propaganda, Illuminati=48
      There is even a 13 and a 41 in there! Dang...where do I live?

    2. I don't think it's truly possible for the Overlords to make someone go on a shooting spree and actually kill people. Humans have a natural inborn resistance to change even when the change will be something they would probably like, so I doubt you could take an ordinary person and force them to suddenly do something as wildly out of character and psychologically distressing as attacking and killing strangers. Maybe they can but I really doubt it.

      It seems much more likely to me that this kid and his dad are characters, created specifically for this drill. Played by actors or created with CGI.
      It's much easier to control a fictional situation - hollywood does it just fine - than it is to make things happen in real life.

    3. MK Ultra = 24/33/96
      And I agree about it being easier to control a fictional shooting than killing real people randomly.

    4. Yeah, killing people randomly would bring an unknown element into the situation - humans are not 100% predictable in their reactions and something as devastatimg as having a loved one murdered in cold blood can drive people into extremes which could quickly esculate out of control. They dont want that. They want people timid and scared into obeying authority without question, not so angry that they no longer give a fuck and out for revenge.
      If there is one thing I know for a fact it's that these fuckeR's need total control, they want absolute predictability, that's why they love pagentry, anniversaries, monthly bills, holidays, religious rituals, etc..and they teach us to value that stuff too.

    5. I agree with you on the fictional stuff...but this story just really makes me think MK. This kid apparently only lived here for 5 years, came over from Turkey as we know...he was "zombie like"...they worked around planes that do "electronic attack". If I didn't have a neighbor that had this kid in class, I would think he wasn't even a real person. I know you don't know me, and how the hell do I know anything...I don't...but I do believe my neighbor that is a teacher at Oak Harbor High where this kid graduated apparently. I'll see if I can find out more...I'll go find a yearbook from the high school and see if he's in there! Now, just because this kid might be a real person...or appears to be to someone living in Oak Harbor, this doesn't mean anyone was actually shot. That part is still probably a total fabrication. I don't know any of the claimed victims. So who knows. They could have just found this kid and made up a crime and framed him for it. Honestly, who knows. Anything is possible. The rabbit hole is deep and dark!

    6. Yeah, the closer to home something is the easier it is to accept it as real. I don't know for sure how much of that MK Ultra stuff is true, I think we r all mind controlled to some degree, I just want to give amother way to look at the information presented and to remind everyone not to be frightened. It IS scary at first, at the very least intimadating. Studying magic tricks, photography and special effects in movies has been helpful to me.

  7. Burlington, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Kentucky, Charlotte, New York is 223 Pythagorean Gematria

  8. I would just like to take a minute to remind all reading this to always be skeptical when researching this stuff especially when it comes to "the illuminati" and their so called powers. I'm pretty sure most of that stuff is propaganda designed to make them look way more powerful than they actually are to keep us fearful and compliant. They are magicians and magic is all about keeping the audience distracted with razzle dazzle while they pull off the trick. Sleight of hand.

    Researching is good, look at it all, I think we need it to help untangle ourselves from this Web of lies we've been raised in, but there is ALOT of nonsense out there so be careful what you choose to believe in.

    Belief is power, it's the real money of this world all the religions know that and so do the bankers. Believe in what empowers you not them.
    Believe in yourself and your ability to make it through because that IS the only truth that matters.

    1. good call, Pru. I agree with you and have serious doubts about true control of people in such a manner, remote or otherwise. the Romans controlled the masses through the coliseum much like we are controlled today. the modern coliseum is your tv. it's the movie theaters, our laptops, phones and tablets. watches are getting in on the action as well.

      I have friends who KNOW Sandy Hook was fake as fuck yet they can't get around stories such as this or the KC waterslide fucking HOAX. the media can't pick and choose what's real and what's not, they've already sided with disinformation.

    2. Yes, the real mind control happening in this world is through the television, convincing people to live the lie everyday.

    3. We are also up against a "madness of crowds" situation. The majority do believe the media and their school training and have been programmed to automatically shoot down anything that contradicts the media narrative. I also know people who don't buy 911 or Sandy Hook, yet still believe voting for Bernie Sanders would make a difference.
      We are like ex-cult members who still have to live amongst all the true believers.

  9. The mall is interesting also. The sign reminds me of the mason compass symbol and in the second photo there is a pyramid. Seattle traffic looks the same as ever.

  10. Zack, I've tried to call Jay Inslee several times but keep getting a busy signal. 206.833.8575. I'll keep trying.

    I think you should post the Governor/Mayors phone # for each of these Hoaxes and we should all hammer them with calls, call them out on their BS

    1. I called his office #360-902-4111, I gave his receptionist an earful, told her to tell the Governor that the citizens are onto their bullshit propaganda...I tried leaving my # so the gov will call back, but she didn't want it, lol

  11. this burlington talk reminded me of the burlington coat factory, so i do a news search, and voila; from the chelsea blast:

    Olive McFarland, who works at a Burlington Coat Factory on Sixth Ave. near W. 22nd St., said several people rushed inside the store after the blast — including a young woman with a nasty gash over her eye.

  12. Same here truth seekers I'm in Jersey an called too early first had realize 3hour time difference but i called just now an got busy also will keep calling fuc m


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