Thursday, September 22, 2016

NFL Week 3 Preview | Cardinals @ Bills, September 25, 2016 (Rex Ryan to be fired with 54 losses?)

Notice this is the Cardinals 97th season.  That is because they're an original team of the NFL, which is in it's 97th season.

The Bills being at 393 wins is very interesting, especially in light of the significance of 39 and 93 to New York.

9/25/2016 = 9+25+20+16 = 70 (Giants = 70)
9/25/2016 = 9+25+(2+0+1+6) = 43
9/25/2016 = 9+2+5+2+0+1+6 = 25
9/25/16 = 9+25+16 = 50

September 25 is the day that leaves 97-days left in the year, and this is the 97th season of the NFL.  Eli Manning came into the season with 97-regular season wins.

Arizona Cardinals = 75/84/165 (Arizona = 39/84) (Cardinals = 36/45/81)
Buffalo Bills = 45/54/117 (Buffalo = 27/63) (Bills = 18/27/54) (*New York = 39)

The two teams have played 10 times, and the Bills have won 6 and lost 4.  If the Bills win, they'll be 7-4, if they lose, they'll be 6-5.  At the same time, if the Cardinals lose, they'll be 4-7, and last week they won 40-7, for a combined 47-points, that special NFL number.

The Bills are 3-1 against the Cardinals since the name change to Arizona Cardinals.  The only loss came in Arizona.

The starting QB of the Cardinals, Carson Palmer, this game comes 93-days before his 37th birthday.

93 is a big number in New York.

Carson Palmer is playing for his 85th regular season win, and 86th win all-time.

The game also comes 8-days before the Cardinals head coach's 64th birthday.

10/3/1952 = 10+3+19+52 = 84 (Arizona = 84) (Arizona Cardinals = 84)

There are some parallels between Carson Palmer and the Bills, as well as Bruce Arians and New York, where the game is to be played.  Of course New York and Arizona are the only two states with '39' gematria.

This week will be the 51st game coached of Bruce Arians career (that count).  Again, this is the season of Super Bowl 51, the 97th season of the NFL.  If you count his 12 games with the Colts, this will be his 63rd game coached.  1-63 summed, totals 2016

He will be attempting to earn his 36th win as the coach of the Cardinals.  Cardinals = 36

On the other side of the ball, Tyrod Taylor is starting in his 16th game as QB, trying to even his record at 8-8.  If he loses, he will be 7-9.

If the Cardinals win, they'll be 5-6 against the Bills, and in part, thanks to Tyrod Taylor.

If Taylor makes 17-completions in the game, he'll be at '311'.  Bill = 17

This game will come in a span of 54-days from Taylor's birthday.  Bills = 54; Buffalo Bills = 54

The coach, Rex Ryan, is looking for his 55th career win, and his 9th with the Bills.  It is the first time in his career he has been 0-2 to start a season.  If he loses, he could be fired, with a career '54' wins having coached the Jets and the Bills.

Here is a USA Today article about him being on the hot seat, the hottest seat.

I have not decided who will win this game.  I do like the narrative of Rex Ryan being fired with 54-career wins as the coach of the Bills and the Jets, so it makes me lean towards Cardinals, even though historically they have struggled in this series.


  1. public is all over cardinals so far -7, could possibly be a trap.

    1. That's incorrect. The line actually opened at Arizona -5, bought down by public to -4.5, now it's -4.

    2. Tough part in picking winners is if they actually cover. Narratives can be for Arizona but not cover.

    3. @wildfire, thats why one should always play the moneyline instead of the odds, no?

  2. its the parity era.. I dont know where the-fire the coach stuff comes from? they are having teams win and lose out of the blue with no apologies now. the Cardinals won 40-7 but didnt score the last 12 minutes of game and then an article came out how disappointed the Cardinals coach was with the team's lack of execution...they are going against a team with a new offensive coach and a Thursday game break in Buffalo.. I'm taking Buffalo since the cardinals shot their wad last week

  3. That is the spread standing out this week. If betting Cards win by 3 and will not cover, real good chance with that spread imo.

  4. I see parallels to the 1998 Bills (18 years ago) when they lost their first 3 games by a total of 18 points. That team, at 0-3, beat the 3-0 49ers. In the fifth game, quarterback Rob Johnson was hurt and replaced by Doug Flutie who led them to a 10-6 record and the playoffs.
    The current Bills have lost their first 2 games by 6 points each. I expect them to lose this week's game against AZ by 6 points for a total of 18 for the first 3 games (6-6-6). Then at 0-3 they should beat the 3-0 New England Patriots next week. The following week against the Rams, Tyrod Taylor should be hurt and replaced by Cardale Jones who will win that game and lead the Bills to the playoffs this year.

    1. Lol must be a Bills fan in your delusional one if you think the bills are going to the patriots in a division with the jets in patriots in your forgetting the Bengals steelers texans colts raiders Broncos

      So tell me again the bills make the playoffs over those teams I don't think so

  5. Arizona at Buffalo (+5.5, 47 open; +4, 47 current)
    11th Matchup. Buffalo leads 6-4.
    Coach records:
    Ryan: 18 games, 8-10 with Buffalo.
    114 games, 54-60, 4-2 playoffs, 58-62 overall for career.
    Arians: 50 games, 35-15, 1-2 playoffs, 36-17 overall.
    QB records:
    Taylor: 15 starts, 7-8 record, 4-3 home, 3-5 away.
    Palmer: 165 starts, 85-80 record, 49-35 home, 36-45 away.
    161 regular season starts, 84-77, 48-33 home, 36-44 away.
    Birthday Spans:
    Ryan: 12/13/1962
    next: 79 days, 2 months 18 days, 11 weeks 2 days
    80 days, 2 months 19 days, 11 weeks 3 days
    Taylor: 8/3/1989
    previous: 53 days, 1 month 22 days, 7 weeks 4 days
    54 days, 1 month 23 days, 7 weeks 5 days
    Arians: 10/3/52
    next: 8 days, 1 week 1 day
    9 days, 1 week 2 days
    Palmer: 12/27/79
    previous: 273 days, 8 months 29 days, 39 weeks
    next: 93 days, 3 months 2 days, 13 weeks 2 days
    94 days, 3 months 2 days, 13 weeks 3 days
    Last matchup: 10/14/2012. Buffalo won 19-16. 35 total.
    1442 days, 3 years 11 months 11 days, 206 weeks.
    1443 days, 3 years 11 months 12 days, 206 weeks 1 day.

    Ryan has birth numerology connections to the date numerology. Birth numerology of 43, 25.
    September Twenty Fifth = 106. Ryan birth numerology of 106.
    If Buffalo loses, Ryan would get his 61st loss. Sixty One = 50, like the date numerology.
    If Buffalo loses, Taylor's record would go to 7-9, on a day with many connections to 97. Ryan's next birthday is 79 days after this game.
    Ninety Seven = 80, Ryan's birthday 80 day span after the game.
    If Buffalo wins, the series would go to 7-4. Seventy four = 53. Taylor's birthday was 53 days before the game.
    Buffalo opened as 5.5 point underdogs. Ryan going for win 55.
    New offensive coordinator for Bills. Anthony Ray Lynn = 206. Last matchup was 206 weeks ago.
    Bill's fired coordinator Greg Roman. Roman = 61. A loss would be Ryan's 61st loss.
    Taylor's birthday 54 days before this game. Bills = 54. Buffalo Bills = 54.

    Date numerology of 70. Carson = 70.
    Date numerology of 25. Carson = 25.
    Arians is coaching his 51st game. Last matchup was 206 weeks ago, like 26. Twenty Six = 51.
    Arians is going for regular season win 36. Cardinals = 36. Palmer 36 years old.
    Arizona win would make the series 6-5. Palmer = 65. Palmer's birth numerology of 65. Bruce Arians birth numerology of 65. Tyrod Talor = 56. Projected temperature at gametime is 65 degrees. ESPN matchup projects 56% win probability for Arizona.
    Bruce Arians is a match to New York. Bruce Arians = 111, 666.
    If Arizona wins, Ryan's record would go to 8-11. Palmer has birth numerology of 118. Fifty Six = 118.
    Cardinals are in their 97th season. 97 days remaining in the year. 25th prime is 97. September Twenty Fifth = 97.
    11th matchup. Arian's birthday is 1 week 1 day away. Eleven = 63. Arians 63 years old. An Arizona win would give Ryan his 63rd overall loss. Thirty six and fifteen = 101.

    Both teams have connections to 39.
    Arizona = 39. New York = 39. Palmer = 390. Palmer's next birthday 93 days away. Palmer's previous birthday was 39 days ago.
    Bill's just fired their offensive coordinator Greg Roman. New Offensive coordinator is Anthony Lynn.

    I think 97 is the number on this game, and the number that does in the Bills. Taylor's record goes to 7-9 79 days before Ryan's birthday. Cardinals are in their 97th season, and can win with 97 days remaining in the year. September Twenty Fifth = 97.

    1. Edit: Palmer's previous birthday was 39 weeks ago, not days...

    2. Jeremy I think you got it. the 25th Prime is 97, 2+5 = 7 and 9+7+16, 1+6 = 7 mixed with Zach pointing out the 97th season of both the Cardinals and the NFL. 7 is all over this game. 9+25 = 34 3+4 = 7

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  7. I said it week 1 in ima say it again the bills are in for a bad season not sure what bills did but they haven't been to the playoffs in 16 years
    Sorry bills fans theres always next year

    1. youll be wrong,theyll be in playoffs

    2. Just make sure your in this forum next month cause I'm def gonna call you out. I been seeing alot of your comments everyone a do called expert I see

    3. Just make sure your in this forum next month cause I'm def gonna call you out. I been seeing alot of your comments everyone a do called expert I see

    4. next month? the season isnt over next month. And i'm not going to search here in this mess with no direct link updates. be patient

  8. Zachary - shouldn't you run the #'s for each offensive coordinator(s) = 107/233? Anthony Lynn = 54/162; Harold Goodwin 73/145. 54 stands out for BBills. The OC's control the game!

    1. I think that going the extra mile with the coordinators is a great idea, the more research, the more evidence for the pick.

  9. The bills will have to get shit kicked in order for the Fatso twins to be fired. Agreed the days are numbered but nah just a respectable loss will keep the job

  10. That presidential South Park episode 2 weeks ago had the girls volleyball teams Cows vs. Sabres the 2 worst teams in football. A joke like the presidential candidates. Or was it saying Bills Super Bowl? Bills fan here.

  11. Zach hey I don't know if you noticed but ,
    BUFFALO BILLS = 45(4+5=9) 54 (5+4=9) 117(1+1+7=9)
    BILL= 18 (1+8=9) 27 (2+7=9) 54 (5+4=9)
    CRAZY ? AND ALSO CAM NEWTONS BIRTHDATE FROM A NEWBORN IS A EXACLTY A SPAN OF 9999DAYS THIS SUNDAY... Just trying to add some more studies let me know if you think anything of it

  12. ok, Bills lose this week but beat the Pats


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