Tuesday, April 11, 2017

13 33 47 97 99 101 223 | Lil Wayne joins Roc a Fella Records (Roc Nation) with Jay-Z +The "Carter" and "Rockefeller" connection +'97 death of Biggie Smalls

This news comes on the 101st day of the year, April 11, 2017, just after the passing of David Rockefeller at 101-years-old, March 20, 2017.

This also comes 33-days after the 20-year-anniversary of the death of Notorious BIG, who passed on a Sunday.


Remember, Biggie died 16-days before the release of his album 'Life After Death', an album that went 'Diamond' in sales.

He was recording the song 'Hypnotize' when his death occurred.

Remember, the Rockefeller family came to power in Cleveland, the (216).

The '99' also pops out.  That's a big number to the real Rockefeller family.

Think about Jay-Z's song '99 Problems'.

See my work on the Rockefellers, Standard Oil, Cleveland, and '13':
John D. Rockefeller dead at 97, and Roc a Fella Records:
Death of Richard Rockefeller day after David Rockefeller's 99th birthday:

Illuminati is real.  Read about David Rockefeller's death at 101:
LeBron and Co. score 101 night before David Rockefeller's death:

Regarding 13, Lil Wayne is 13-years younger than Jay-Z.

Moving on, notice what day Lil Wayne is born, September 27, the Jesuit Order's birthday.

It is interesting to note that both Jay-Z, the head of 'Roc Nation', and Lil Wayne, were both born with the last name 'Carter'.  Are these mediocres family?  Bloodline?

Hip Hop, HH, 88.

Also, we know who Jay-Z serves.

'97 was his big year.  Roc A Fella Records = 97 (John D. Rockefeller dead at 97)

97 also connects to 'Carter'.

Remember what happened on '97?

If not I have a NOTORIOUS BIG playlist.  That was the year of his death, by the numbers.

This move happens while Jay-Z is 47-years of age, which is also crucial.  Again, the Freemason Compass is set at 47 degrees.

Remember, it all comes back to 'time', the tropics, and the sun:

This move comes a span of 197-days after Lil Wayne's 34th birthday, September 27, 2015.

You could also say "196 days later".

This also comes 4 months and 7 days after Jay-Z's 47th birthday.


it is 237-days until Jay-Z's upcoming 48th birthday.  Illuminati = 48; 223, the 48th prime #

'237' is a big number in 'The Shining', the famous film, with Jack Nicholson.  If you don't know, The Shining is more than a film.  It is a mocking, of the masses, about this world we live in.

Last point, today's date has '52' numerology, the 'NWO' number.

4/11/2017 = 4+11+20+17 = 52 (NWO)

Don't forget Jay-Z's debut to the masses on 'No Way Out", or NWO, the Puff Daddy album that released 115-days from the death of 'Biggie Smalls'.  In that song, Jay-Z raps about the New World Order.