Tuesday, April 2, 2019

42 68 76 84 | Lori Lightfoot becomes first black female mayor of Chicago, April 2, 2019


This news comes on April 2, or 4/2, like 42.

Learn more about 42 here:


Her birthday is August 4, like Obama's.

She was born one year after him.

This election comes 4-months and 2-days before their birthday.

More on their name gematria is here.

68. 76.

More on the name Lori Elaine Lightfoot.

More on the name Barack Hussein Obama.


  1. Westbrook just did history by putting up first 20/20/20 since Wilt Chamberlain. He did it for Nipsey Hussle. It was 12 minutes faster than Wilt's.

    1. Plus. Funny he did it against the Lakers. The place where Nipsey was killed.

  2. Zachary, do you think Rahm was forced out? Everyone knew he was planning to run for reelection.

  3. Lori Lightfoot born 9200 days after the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. Becomes Mayor of Chicago on the 92nd day of the year.

  4. 589 days after the eclipse. Lori Elaine Lightfoot = 589 Jewish
    589 = 19x31 8th and 11th primes

  5. "Day Lori Lightfoot Wins Mayor in Chicago" = 402 O <<< On What Day?

    "Lori Lightfoot Win"====204 <<< April Second?

    "New Mayors of Chicago"=92 <<<< On 92nd Day?

    "A New Mayor in Chicago Name [Lori Lightfoot]"===2222 J
    "Hoax by the USA Government"==============2222

    "New Mayor Names"====166
    "A City of Chicago USA"==166
    "Secret Society"=======166
    "The Book of the Law"===166
    "Lori Lightfoot"=======166 <<<


    1. "Female Mayor Names"====67, 166
      "Lori Lightfoot"=========76, 166 <<<
      "the Mayor Candidate"==== 76, 166
      "Tuesday April Second"====76
      "Mayor of Chicago"====== 76
      "A Black Female Victory"=== 76

      "Names for Mayors"======164 K
      "Lori Lightfoot"=========164 K <<<
      "Freemasonic"=========164 K
      "Signal of Success"=======164 K


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