Friday, August 19, 2016

33 47 50 79 106 139 193 | Jim Rhodes, Kent State Massacre Governor, and Trump speaking at the James A. Rhodes Arena August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016, Donald Trump will be speaking in the James A. Rhodes Arena, named after Jim Rhodes, the former Governor of Ohio who once deployed the National Guard that lead to the 'Kent State' massacre at Kent State University, May 4, 1970.  That was 46-years ago, a big number in the clues that have been left by the media for a possible Donald Trump assassination.  Sacrifice = 46

Jim Rhodes is quite a name in gematria.

We know how these masons like their '33'.  'Rhodes' is also the name of the most prestigious scholarship in the world and the name of the man who controlled the diamond trade in Africa, having a territory named after him, Rhodesia.  Diamond = 33; Rhodes = 33

As for Kent State, which the massacre he is in part blamed for, check the gematria.

The date of the massacre also corresponds with the University.  That was May 4, 1970.

5/4/70 = 5+4+70 = 79

The words 'murder' and 'massacre' also sum to '79'.

1909 > 199; 199, the 46th prime number

James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21 (Jim = 1+9+4 = 14)
Allen = 1+3+3+5+5 = 17
Rhodes = 9+8+6+4+5+1 = 33/42
James Allen Rhodes = 62/80 (Jim Rhodes = 47/56)

James = 10+1+13+5+19 = 48 (Jim = 10+9+13 = 32)
Allen = 1+12+12+5+14 = 44
Rhodes = 18+8+15+4+5+19 = 69
James Allen Rhodes = 161 (Jim Rhodes = 101)

Notice Jim Rhodes was born September 13, or 13/9.  Freemasonry = 139

His birth numerology also connects to 'Kent State Massacre', as well as 'America' and 'Donald'.

9/13/1909 = 9+13+19+09 = 50 (America)
9/13/1909 = 9+13+(1+9+0+9) = 41 (USA)
9/13/1909 = 9+1+3+1+9+0+9 = 32 (America)
9/13/09 = 9+13+09 = 31

It is interesting he died on March 4, the 63rd day of the year.  Recall how if you sum 1-63, it totals 2016, and now in the year 2016, Donald Trump is speaking on a curious date, August 22, 2016, at a building named after this same man.

3/4/2001 = 3+4+20+01 = 28
3/4/2001 = 3+4+2+0+0+1 = 10
3/4/01 = 3+4+01 = 8

He died 193-days before his 9/13 birthday.  193 is the 44th prime number.  He was 91-years old when he passed.

Last, notice that Jim Rhodes was born in 'Columbus, Ohio', at least so we're told, and the building named after him is in Akron, Ohio, where Trump is speaking August 22, 2016.

Death = 228; United States of America = 228

There is a connection between Columbus and Akron, Ohio.

Remember that Christopher Columbus guy?  I call him 'Freemasonry Prophecy'.

And maybe Columbus, Ohio is more special than we know.  These people live amongst us.

The name of the arena where Trump is speaking, named after Jim Rhodes, is very interesting as well.

Freemasonry = 67; Satanic = 67; West = 67

The arena also has a connection to 'United States' and 'Lorraine Motel'.


  1. Nick Saban was a defensive back on this team. the story goes that he and his friend/teammate/roommate were all hyped and slated to attend the protest but either got hungry instead or stopped at the chow hall en route. either way that's how he was "connected" to those shootings while not being present.

  2. Ah, I've been following you Zach since this summer, especially the special dates. There's so much evidence and hints for this. Its not like I like Trump but if/when he does get offed that will truly start the domino effect of the destruction of this country.(its already bad, but this would be no turning back, in my opinion)

  3. James Allen Rhodes
    Head in a Jar
    JR as in junior

    Rhode Island
    13th colony
    Admitted to union 5.29.1790
    The Ocean State
    Little Rhody
    Sandy shores
    Home of Brown University
    Motto: Hope
    Jarheads are Marines

  4. Columbus Ohio
    District of Columbia

  5. Columbus is Ohios state capital, think about Ohio state university being there.. We know how Masonic OSU is. Also the governors mansion is in Columbus what a perfect place for mr.rhodes to be born, the man who'd eventually become, in many people's minds, the worst governor Ohio has ever had.

  6. Strange that I never noticed before now -- but that the pic of the girl in front of the body has the EXACT same features as today's hoax photos.

    1) Only SHE is kneeling NEAR the body -- everyone else is calmly going about their business. (And like in the RFK assassination pics -- she's also positioned a polite distance away from the body to ensure a "good pic".)

    2) NO ONE is running or crouching -- or even hurrying.

    3) Her dramatic, over-the-top "pose of despair".

    4) No one's rendering aid & no sign of blood.

    I seem to recall articles about these "award-winning" photos -- & that the photographer supposedly took some flak for "taking pics instead of helping". Why would they help -- if they knew it was being staged?

    Seems like I also read that at least one "parent" (maybe others too) were quick to become "activists" against the gov -- another familiar sign.

    That pic of the troops heading "Across The Green" -- with FIXED BAYONETS! -- reminds me of artist's renditions of the "Incident" that supposedly rallied the public behind "The Cause" of the American Revolution ...

    Is that what "The Kent State Massacre" REALLY was -- or was hoping to represent?
    The Beginning of A Revolution??

    Thank you for having the strength of conviction to CONSISTENTLY point out how we've been DECEIVED & MANIPULATED throughout ALL of our "History" ... & that what we're experiencing now is NOT new.
    Your discoveries have made it so much EASIER to spot these Staged Events -- because The Numbers ALWAYS show when there's been a "Fabrication Of Evidence" -- thereby PROVING the Truth behind our suspicions.

    For so many years I just ACCEPTED that this "Event" was REAL ... the Depths Of Deception forced upon us are Truly Incredible. ;D :D

    1. Exactly, great points again friend.

    2. in connection to all of the decoding and explaining you've done on the number 13 - check this out:

      in scottish rite the 13th degree (7th in york) is where the secrets of the order are fully divulged to the member and this person is deemed worthy of the depth of knowledge *that they share*.

      my estimation is that there are comptrollers beyond 33rd degree, or a council of sorts or whatever.

    3. similar to what you and Crow777 were talking about at the end of the most recent video - knowledge and understanding meant for good has potentially been hijacked but even amongst the purest of practitioners, it is inherently gate-kept.

    4. Yes sir, and for the record, 13 is the 7th prime number.

    5. and then we're back to 13 and 7 in relation to the 33rd prime. full circle triangulation, so to speak.

  7. 46 years, 3 months, 18 days. 318 again.

  8. Some links on columbus, columbia (aka isis), and columbianism for any who care to see and dig a little deeper:

    "By subtly influencing the minds of men, the beings are said to be "playing with our history as if it's a game", affecting events in world history over the course of centuries. For the three centuries after European discovery of the New World, this game plays out as the desire for gold is used to transform Spain into the dominant power in Europe, only to be usurped by England in the 17th century and later, through technology, by other nations ("Les Invisibles")."

    1. More on “A Colombian Enterprise to Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis… and all Challengers shall be destroyed.”

      It is one thing for someone to speculate that the Illuminati had come to the United States via secret societies, but it is far more persuasive to have an actual document that specifies how this was done. In that regard, an extremely rare document, A Full Exposition of the Clintonian Faction and the Society of the Columbian Illuminati, located in the Library of Congress, is instructive. Its author, John Wood (who apparently had written to Judge Addison mentioned above), in 1802, revealed that the Theistical Society had been established in America ...

      Columbian illuminati: