Monday, December 26, 2016

38 74 | Fights break out at malls across United States, December 26, 2016

Mall = 38; 12/26 = 12+26 = 38

I love that this article leads off with what happened at the Aurora, Colorado mall.

Aurora = 74; 12/26/2016 = 12+26+20+16 = 74

The media must love it.  That is, reporting on the consequences of their media, which breeds division and hatred for one another.


  1. It's funny how much "news" reporting comes from social media now. It's pretty genius because it's as just as easy to fake, but people will believe it more if they see it being talked about on Twitter by supposed real witnesses who will "share" their "ZOMG killers at the mall!1!!" story, add a few minutes of shakey camera phone footage which shows nothing much but people yelling or running and milling around.
    And that's what passes for journalism nowadays.

  2. We live in a world of unreliable narrators which is terribly disorienting. It's no wonder we all crave security so much.

  3. We are fucked. The gang that has brainwashed the masses have done a great job. I applaud them. Most of Americans are hopeless and I don't think anything can sway their opinions and views. They see anything on facebook, from what they think is credible media, and believe it. If we were to post something on facebook, we get attacked. Every single thing that the elite have done, in the past century, has been released and laid out to us perfectly. Like a mason laying brick by brick. They have constructed the perfect pyramid of deception and chaos. I feel bad for people, but then again, I don't. The more I talk to younger people, I really see the new generations as getting dumber and dumber. I'm only 27 but I really see a difference in what 10 years does to our youth. The new generation of "millennials" seem worse off than I thought I was. Zachs work can't even sway the minds of most people, and he can't even raise 33,000 dollars. My mind can't even grasp how someone can watch a detailed video of Zachs work and just shrug it off. I dont even think most people watch his videos in full. It kills me seeing some of the comments people leave on his work. For instance, on a video that has nothing to do with sports, you'll see a comment that says.." Zach who's winning the Superbowl"? It really says a lot about America right there.

  4. CRAZY! 2 mall fights at separate locations here in Pittsburgh on the same day!. This MK ULtra shit could be in full effect. The messages/numerical coding coming through the mainstream feed of music, television, sports games, movies etc. could be hypnotizing those minds that are weaker or more susceptible to the programming from continuously being exposed. That was starting to be my theory on some of these mass shootings taking place as well. Shits getting wild!

  5. All of these "mall fights" are hoaxes. Brought to you by "Rent a mob." Every last one of them.


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