Sunday, December 25, 2016

205 | Queen to miss Christmas Day church service due to cold, December 25, 2016 news


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  2. Colts will also miss the Big Party.

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  4. It's funny how people were missing tackles, missing filed goals, in such a 'crucial game'.

    1. I don't watch the games but a few weeks ago weren't there 6 or 7 missed extra points? on the same day?

      if so that is statistically significant and a dead give away just like missed tackles and such

      sorts are masonic rituals
      what we see and what 'they' see if very different

  5. A common cold could have killed her.

    Common Cold
    Gematria Jewish 280
    Gematria Reduction 44*
    Gematria Summerian 642
    Gematria Ordinal 107
    Gematria English 350

    Heavy Cold
    Gematria Jewish 1191
    Gematria Reduction 41
    Gematria Summerian 570
    Gematria Ordinal 95
    Gematria English 1211

    1. "due to cold" in the English Gematria system equals 666

      "due to cold" in the English Ordinal system equals 99

      "due to cold" in the English Reduction system equals 36

    2. Hexagram, pyramid, triangle, pentagram, purify, scorpio, skull and bones, god is dead = PG/41

  6. I think Baltimore and kc win tonight

  7. Putin declares National Day of Mourning (on Christmas!) after Russian plane en route to Syria goes down in Black Sea. All 84 passengers & 8 crew -- 92 total -- presumed dead (includes 9 journalists).

    Passengers were members of military band -- AlekSANDrov Military Ensemble ... "A M E" ...

    AME as in "take AIM" --

    But also like in the CHURCH in the STORM ROOF "SHOOTING" --
    I think it stands for African Methodist Episcopal? Not sure -- but it IS "A M E".

    1. Remember when that Polish plane carrying pretty much all their government officials crashed in Russia and everyone supposedly died? That's the first thing that comes to mind

  8. The Queen's heavy cold is a reflection of the blizzard cold hitting the Midwest right now, note the cool mauve dress and pearls, and a polar (lol) opposite to all the fire imagery and Donald Trump, "Mr. HeatMeister", the yellow haired Orange man with his trademark catchphrase, "You're Fired!"

    1. Good analogies!

      I think there ARE "messages" about Trump that are going to surface throughout this whole "Queen Thing".

      It "dawned" on me that the "GOLDEN DON" -- the GOLDEN-Haired DON-ald Trump --

      Is a Physical Representation of The GOLDEN DAWN --

      THE London-based Secret Society (that's actually Global).

      Trump just met with Mexico's "Golden Don" -- the Mafia-like DON & "Business Mogul" -- who is a bona fide "Crypto Jew" (a "Maronite Catholic" claimed by the Jews).

      Watching Mad Men (season 1 episode 6 "Babylon" -- about Zionists & Israel pushing hard into Corporate America in the early 60's ... very true & interesting!) ...

      ... I was reminded that ZIONIST "leaders" are so often named "GOLD- or SILVER- something or other ...".

      GOLDEN DAWN has ALWAYS been a major promoter of ISRAEL & the ZIONIST CAUSE -- influencing the "Anglican & Christian element".

  9. This is HUGELY SYMBOLIC for "Her Subjects" --

    Her "CHRISTMAS ADDRESS TO THE PEOPLE" has been a regular tradition throughout her reign.

    Missing that is going to put some people into a panic.

  10. Lizards hate the cold..She did say last year was the last Christmas. Maybe for her.. Back to Saturn she goes

  11. Hmm ... "Lizards" don't necessarily "Hate" the Cold -- some of them Use The Cold To HIBERNATE ... until they can "Re-Emerge As Though Time Had Stopped For Them".

    Perhaps "THE QUEEN" is the REASON for much of the RECENT "VISITATIONS" -- & HEIGHTENED SECURITY .

    ... IN ANTARCTICA ...??

    Prince Charles DID make an "Unprecedented Visit" there ...


  12. Maybe they chemtrailed us with something special for Christmas? :D Half of my family is puking for Christmas, plus some friends and their familes. My niece spent Christmas morning in the E.R. with stomach cramps. I stuck to the cream cheese dip and a cold cut sandwich and seem to have missed the bugs...

    1. Yeh -- SOMETHING was definitely released. Everybody feels like shit. If it's not stomach, they're coughing.

      I figured it was from all those idiots rushing out to get flu shots -- shedding viruses for a minimum of 28 days afterwards ... turning them all into walking BIOWEAPONS.

      Made even more effective by mandates that all healthcare workers get them (ensures those who're already sick & depleted will get exposed).

      You're probably right about the chemtrails though -- they've really been hitting us heavy here in West KY.
      Unusually heavy.

  13. Zach Check out RFG chosen one's latest video. Dude is maturing.


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