Thursday, December 22, 2016

Happy Holidays from CNN, "Go fuck yourself America"


  1. sorry for the repost

    we don't really talk about archons here at this site yet
    archons are the bosses of the freemasons and they live in what can only be called a 'dead universe'
    a healthy universe is connected to the tree of life and has unlimited energy - a dead universe is not and it has to feed off healthy universes - this is the very basic premise our the earth situation
    in any case, the shitbrain archons like to fuck around at Christmas and scare people - so I wrote a list of places I am planning on attacking the archons - fight fire with fire

    ‘ISIS Releases Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches’
    I am here to release a list of ARCHON HOLIDAY ATTACK SITES
    we will be attacking the archons with our love for ourselves and for each other
    we will be attacking the archons with peace love and harmony
    we will be attacking the archons with our lovely and peaceful songs, prayers, and kind words for each other
    we will be attacking the archons by continuing to expose their silly tricks
    we will be attacking the archons by enjoying our lives, representing our true powers and encouraging other to do the same
    we will be attacking the archons by expressing the full human potential we each possess
    we will be attacking the archons by giving thanks to our loving Source and Creator and thanking everyone for the experiences that have delivered us to this point.

    I love you all. Please join me in this battle against the dark. We are so close. We will not be stopped, intimidated or fooled any longer.

    1. Word! Love is the way! You even need to send the demons love because that is what they lack!


  3. Trump ... & a Red Subheading about Terrorists in Australia ...

    Seems that Fallen Eucalyptus Tree in Whittier WAS "significant".

    EUCALYPTUS Trees are indigenous to AUSTRALIA -- & are known for their ability to DRAIN SWAMPS.

    The Fallen Eucalyptus Tree may be symbolic that --

    THE "SWAMP" WILL NOT BE DRAINED ... Nothing's going to change.
    Except the SWAMP MAY GET BIGGER.

    Question is -- are we still a BRANCH of the BRITISH EMPIRE ...

    Or have those ROOTS DIED?

    Could this be indicating -- that "UNDER" Trump --
    ("Down Under" = Australia ... Also symbolized by the Aussie-themed subheading which was placed UNDER Trump's pic)

    -- we will be considered 100% wholly owned & operated by

    Just some thoughts -- have to read up on the tree incident a bit more though ...

    It might also be symbolic about the Ailing Queen.

    1. Here in Aussie land we pronounce it Mel"burn"

    2. jono dutz -- Thanks for the inside info!

      Ties in with the many FIRE stories.

      Howdy from down south (U.S.!) :D

    3. Real estate, America is up for auction.
      The price is terror. Time to torment the oppressor.
      JerUSAlem insurance policy was redeemed 9/11.
      Spirituality is dead in the US. We are fully divided, the children of capitalism in Babylon.
      America must be burned down to the ground.
      Just like Rome and the Japanese empire. Merica is headed for full time tourism, powers stripped.
      The Zionist Jews are negotiating the Catholic Church Bonds and the Jesuit Order (Trump)on how to divide the realestate and SOULS that are owned.
      Germany is one of the Horns that rises and reliquishes power.
      There will be a race war aka civil war and " not my president" campaign will only ignight the moron in the White House to restore order theTRUMP way.

    4. The first major attack hoax in the US under a Trump will Cause an American LOCKDOWN!
      Trump will attempt to restore order by placing Americans under Marshall law until each citizen can Prove they are not a terrorist and to the allegiance of TRUMP. The over reaction not tolerated under a civil president but under a short fused moron. I'm not spreading FEAR just thinking ahead.

    5. That Mfsyy,
      All the FIRE themed stories go along with Trump. Remember his catchphrase on The Apprentice is "You're Fired!"

      His orange face, and yellow hair also suggest flames.
      He's Mr. HeatMeister from that Santa Claus cartton.

  4. Off topic.
    A new movie about the Boston Marathon bombing called "Patriot's Day" will be released in theaters January 13 (113). It stars Mark Wahlberg.

    1. Another movie that contains brainwashing, false flag propaganda, starring Mark WALLberg. There is no such thing as a "Patriot" or "Patriotism". "Mel Gibson" did a movie several years ago about the American Revolutionary War called "The Patriot".

      "Mel Gibson" in the English Gematria system equals 303
      "Patriot" in the English Ordinal system equals 99
      "Patriot Day" in the English Gematria system equals 1335
      "Mark Wahlberg" in the English Ordinal system equals 119

    2. Official confirmation that it was a False Flag!

      Consistent aren't they -- routinely churning out these movies in order to ensure that the False, Official Narrative will be the ONLY version that "sticks" in people's minds?
      Now they're making them for EVERY major False Story!

      I think these are especially created for the generations to come -- knowing they'll watch these & believe everything in them as though it's all 100% true.

      By then -- the goal is to have all traces of the Real Truth completely erased from the public's mind.

      All the more reason for US to keep documenting what we know to be the truth -- preferably with at least one paper copy that can't be remotely altered! :D

    3. If you teach the sheep that the real news is fake and the fake news is real the Sheep stay idle.
      ASHEEP or Asleep, see how easy that was.

      If you convince the almost dying crowd that TRUMP the Babyboomer in born in its inauguration 1946 will keep them Alive and striving. They will surrender their souls one last
      Time on the way to flatline.

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    5. This goes back to something I've been kicking around for a long time. Does art reflect life, or does life reflect art?

      I think they are they same. Dramatic News events happen (faked) then a movie gets made, and TV movies, employing actors and directors, writers write books, magazine articles, comedians jokes, and hundreds of talking heads get to opine about it on News shows, and psychologists and other assorted "experts" get to wring their hands about what this means, politician get to point fingers and demand money, and everybody gets paid - except the public of course.

      Fake news runs our economy and our entertainment industries.they need stuff to happen to have something to talk about. Most people just go to work and come home without much energy left to do anything else and most are NOT violent that's why they have to fake it.

    6. Baby boomers back in charge

      Generation X stuck in the middle

      Millennials laughing at both and at the same time consuming all the Dab, lean, weed, interacail dating, reality tv, video games, college life (freshmen, sophomores) do not have much outlook on the future.

      This is just the cycle of our lives. At one time the baby boomers were like millennialsand the cycle repeats itself.

      The next Generation kids 7 years old and up are going to be like Generation X but called generation Z the last generation before we go to
      Genetically modified beings.

      Sorry but this topic is never discussed and it's at the fabric of what's really going on.

    7. Baby boomers love Brady and the fake patriotism with his model wife.. Think Trump and belichick.

      Generation X likes the Giants and Colts. They represent the underdog like themselves.

      Millennials hate sports because it's rigged but they watch it as mockery and entertainment.
      Chat rooms of gaming and watching vines on the web. Laughing at the generation before. Unknowing that their lack of involvement in the Real world will only close doors until they become the leaders of generation Z.
      Millennials are bounded by dead end jobs or
      Living off their parents to prevent from being SLAVES and paying taxes.

    8. Who wants to live, forever?

      So you have the gen with nothing to die for anymore, the upcoming gen with nothing to live for, sandwiching Gen X who just stagnantly churn.

    9. @Prunella Jones

      Exactly. System requires new desires and "needs" to be brought up into peoples minds and world views constantly (by the propagandists) to justify the existence - necessity, even - of the system.

      Problem, reaction, solution. Im sure you all know what i'm talking about.

  5. Also,
    "Brainwashing Propaganda" in English Reduction system equals 110
    "President" in the English Ordinal system equals 110
    "Brainwashing Propaganda" using the S-exception equals 119
    "Motion Pictures" in the English Gematria system equals 1196

  6. I agree with you Prunella!
    The middle class supports the people at the top and bottom. Middle class absorb all the news stories and continue to keep the economy alive.

    Worker bees 🐝 in our capitalists society.

    Too weak to challenge the rich and not violent enough to fight the poor.

    The middle class and rednecks voted Trump in.
    The minorities voted Hilliard and the top class paid for Trump and this Phsyop.

    The experiment is in full Stride.

  7. The top class will drain your wallets

    The middle class will get cancer and heart problems

    The youth will sit around Hoping Trump is assadinated and they get a new IPhone 📱 8
    Too create meme


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