Monday, December 26, 2016

RussianVids and Dave J confirm all people are Freemasons because of insulation


  1. Yeah, it's clear to anyone who understand physics that the left wheel of the Escalade would be carrying most of the weight of the vehicle because of the incline leaning to the left, that why the right wheel didn't do the damage that the left wheel did, probably a difference of 1000lbs in weight from side to side because of the incline

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  3. The car goes through your "Gate" 156 days from your 33rd bday

    "Gate" = 33
    "False Flag" = 156
    "Thirty Three" = 156

    In the video on Youtube, the one Letter that is Visible in the wreckage of his garage is a Capital "G"

    "G" in fancis bacon is the 33rd letter.

    It's been 226 minutes since his 33rd Bday and "Two Hundred Twenty Six" sums to 93... well, the car hit his "Garage" and "Garage" sums to 39, a reflection of 93.

    93 = Propaganda

    The YouTube Video Zach puts up of him walking through the mess is exactly 1 minute and 12 seconds long (112)..

    Andrew Luck = 112
    Horse Shoe = 112
    Houston = 112

    Andrew Luck and the Lucky Horse Shoes lost on Christmas Eve, which were supposed to play in Houston according to Zach, the Team he picked to win all year long....


    1. Pagan = 39
      Saturn = 93
      God's Son = 93
      The video is actually 1:11 long on a computer, and 1:12 on a cell phone. Either way, I didn't record it to be any time. It just came out that length.

    2. He seems well versed in this language...a little too well

    3. I'm on my laptop, a computer, and it shows 1:12

      "Mark of Beast" sums to 39 & 111

      I am holding judgment, no worries, I am just having fun with numbers and patterns. After all, it was you that taught us this craft.

    4. Who says 'mark of beast', it's mark of the beast, you can't cut out words just to make something = the number you want, Tony does it all the time why he gets the most picks wrong of anyone. To do that is invalid and retarded just saying.

    5. It's not as "fun" with the numbers when it seems that youre are either a Truthers or not.

    6. Oh I can't cut words? Why not? Zach does.... I got this ALL from Zach

      CanStopGeorge thinks Zach is Retarded and Invalid. Just saying.

    7. Had to dig for a 2 year old post to find that lol. And I wouldn't of included that, that's my opinion, no one says 'mark of beast', he actually had 5 other words with the gematria though, you just threw that word out with no evidence other than the video length.

    8. Point is that it is less convincing. For example when matching up headlines and numerology and other coding...

      Super bowl fifty one - convincing
      Super bowl five one - less convincing

      One hundred six - convincing
      One zero six - less convincing
      One oh six - not convincing

      Princess Diana - convincing
      Princess Di - still convincing
      Princess D - not convincing

      That's the point. I bring it up a lot too.

      I call them Primary connections, secondary connections and weak (tertiary) connections. We can judge their strength, most of us are truthers, it isn't a bigger bulge in the pants, "I'm more of a truther than you"

      We call out Zach too, we all use the numbers that fit our own narrative. My narrative, GB vs. NE.

      Just relax, but understand 'School Lunch' that if you post you are up for scrutiny by truthers and possible agents of disinformation. You get it from the front and back. Just like your ... fill in the blank to finish the punchline. We all think we are funny, too.

    9. "Craft" is the word that gives it away - that word is used to describe Zach's work in one of those videos. Good break down though from someone definitely experienced with Gematria. It's great that people are learning how to use it thanks to Zach and others putting this stuff out there.

    10. Wait. What was wrong with my post about the collapse of that woman at a Blazer's game? Later in the year, I used that story to show how it signaled the Cavs going to the Finals.

    11. Exactly, there is nothing wrong with using Mark of Beast.

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    14. Nobody has to "signal" anything. Cavs were going to the FINALS anyway, they have had NO competition regardless of ANY GEMATRIA, same said this year...My 14-years old son predicted Cavs-GSW FINAL last year before the NBA season even started, come on now!

  4. RV and Dave have no logic just speculation which a 4th grader would spew or say.

  5. Next time I feel like committing insurance fraud, I'm definitely going to go this route and drive into my own home, threatening its structural integrity. Insurance companies don't usually pay attention to how much money they give people, so I'm going to hope that not only do they give me enough to make my house livable again, but I'm also going to assume they'll give me some extra money I can use to live off of for a couple months.


    Fuck these shills. The battle is on. The website has probably been hacked again. Now or never boys.

  6. Rather reminiscent of a Packer G

    1. Cheers, Packers... and the Gatorade G, that signaled to me before the Super Bowl 50 kickoff that Peyton Manning in that commercial's launch said, Denver wins and Cam is as big of an actor as we thought.

  7. Zach, don't waste any more of your precious time defending yourself against these morons. It's obvious from listening to them who has a soul and who hasn't.

    Florists of the world unite ;-)

  8. What do they do to help people? Nothing! Zach's not even the kind of guy to get worked up over missing a pick. Sports is the least important topic he covers. He's always said that sports picks are more of a way to get people interested in the work of gematria. He doesn't charge a dime for the sports analysis. He was wrong once in about ten other places, or more where he's been spot on. I see sports posts with 456 comments and then five other more important stories with 10 or less. Not being critical just pointing out the context.

  9. fool my sb pick is happenin giants aint makin n as long as pats win will it will happen follow numerologynow on twitter n


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