Thursday, December 22, 2016

33 51 93 117 | Justin Woolee aka Justin Paul Hess aka Counter Tyranny Operative arrest news

The name Justin Woolee is right for a man labeled a 'conspiracy' theorist.

His initials JW also have the '33' gematria.

The name 'Justin' also synchs with 'propaganda'.

Sandy Springs?  Another Sandy?  Another SS?

His channel name also has the same gematria as 'Central Intelligence Agency'.

The United States of America = 99/117 (CIA = 13) (Thirteen = 99) (13 Colonies) (13 Stripes)

I notice Richie From Boston was a big fan of Justin Woolee's work: (Just after 5:00 mark)

Again people, there are a network of shills and agents on YouTube.  I've been saying it since the beginning.


  1. Sandy Springs, GA? That is basically Marietta, which gets in the news around Xmas quite a bit.

    1. Lord lives in '33' county, North of me.

    2. Marietta comes from marie Antoinette. MARE (horse, loki shapeshifting). MARS. RAMS. French revolution. Napoleon invasion of Russia 1812 to reestablish POLISH empire. Moscow FIRE 1812.

    3. And that HESS name again--German.

  2. Interesting here is a Hess and the Jeopardy character had a partner named Hess.

  3. William E. Haynes = W E H = (Bacon Gematria) =

    49+31+34= 114 ... Reduces to: 4+4+7= 15

    15 is the reflection of 51 ...

    51 = Justin Woolee , Conspiracy , Tin Foil Hat (posted above)

    The "random victim's" name is a perfect match for this hoax!

  4. This bullshit is so full of "triggers" designed specifically for the "conspiracy crowd" --

    "WOOLEE" -- A mockery of the SHEEP (sheep ranchers really DO call them woolies")

    HESS -- A "HESS" is also a "HESSIAN" -- More Germanic referencing ... perfect fit with the "SS" coding too

    SANDY -- SANDY Hook , Super Storm SANDY , etc etc

    SPRINGS -- Colorado SPRINGS ... Psychological & Behavioral Research Centers abound there -- also the site of (& very close to) numerous hoax events

    ROSWELL Road -- ROSWELL, New Mexico -- Alien Involvement!!

    GUNS , MUMBLING , "FAKE ACCENT" -- Desperate attempt to get the MK Ultra crowd buzzing

    KILLED HIS MOTHER -- Egads! Just like the SANDY Hook Shooter!!

    This appears to be a Christmas gift ...
    From: The System ... To: The Conspiracy Crowd

    A little something to keep them "OCCUPIED" during the holidays.

    As long as people are chattering about the HYPE that the SHILLS will generate --
    THEN The System will know EXACTLY ...

    WHERE They Are ... & ... WHAT They're Doing.
    (OUR devices work for THEM -- constantly updating our location in Real Time ... which we "Never Forget" -- do we Truth Seekers?)

    Easier to keep tabs on everyone that way -- especially when The Watchers are taking time off for the holiday season.

  5. we don't really talk about archons here at this site yet
    archons are the bosses of the freemasons and they live in what can only be called a 'dead universe'
    a healthy universe is connected to the tree of life and has unlimited energy - a dead universe is not and it has to feed off healthy universes - this is the very basic premise our the earth situation
    in any case, the shitbrain archons like to fuck around at Christmas and scare people - so I wrote a list of places I am planning on attacking the archons - fight fire with fire

    ‘ISIS Releases Holiday Attack List Of U.S. Churches’
    I am here to release a list of ARCHON HOLIDAY ATTACK SITES
    we will be attacking the archons with our love for ourselves and for each other
    we will be attacking the archons with peace love and harmony
    we will be attacking the archons with our lovely and peaceful songs, prayers, and kind words for each other
    we will be attacking the archons by continuing to expose their silly tricks
    we will be attacking the archons by enjoying our lives, representing our true powers and encouraging other to do the same
    we will be attacking the archons by expressing the full human potential we each possess
    we will be attacking the archons by giving thanks to our loving Source and Creator and thanking everyone for the experiences that have delivered us to this point.

    I love you all. Please join me in this battle against the dark. We are so close. We will not be stopped, intimidated or fooled any longer.

    Victory for the Light.

    1. David Icke is a very controvertial figure but this is spot on

    2. in an archon world everything is backwards
      doctors destroy health
      lawyers destroy justice
      teachers destroy knowledge
      government destroys freedom
      religion destroys spirituality

  6. The article says he "drove off in his Mazda car with his headlines off"

    did they mean headlights?

    "headlines" in the English Reduction system equals 41

    "headlines" in the English Ordinal system equals 77

    "headlights" in the English Ordinal system equals 93

    "headlights" in the English Reduction system equals 48

    "mazda" in the English Ordinal system equals 45

    1. Mazda means light. Kinda funny. A Mazda with no lights haha. Check out Ahura Mazda, the light bringer, or light wise/wisdom. (actually, Ahura means light.) Either way, funny.

  7. "Ahura Mazdā, ( Avestan: “Wise Lord”) also spelled Ormizd or Ormazd, supreme god in ancient Iranian religion, especially Zoroastrianism, the religious system of the Iranian prophet Zarathustra"

    " Zoroastrianism" in the English Reduction system equals 71

    "Zarathustra" in the English Reduction system equals 45


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