Saturday, December 31, 2016

52 | Isaiah Thomas becomes 5th Celtic to score 50+ points, first since 'Paul Pierce'

You have to love that in gematria, 'Paul Pierce' sums to 52.

I'll never forget when Uncle Cliff scored 50, late in his career.


  1. Do you think the game was rigged for him ?

  2. I'm seeing the #25 all over college football

    Last night former Celtics coach Doc river and his son who both are #25
    Were ejected.

    Super bowl is 2/5. And Brady could be 5/2 in Super Bowl wins.

    25/52 is everywhere I think the Cleveland curse was 52 years old as well 😎

  3. Zach's an expert in picking games after the fact lol

  4. "Fifty Two Points" in English Gematria equals 2170 (or 2017)
    "Number Four" in English Reduction equals 52

    "Isaiah Jamar Thomas" in English Sumerian equals 996 (or 666)
    "Boston Celtics" using the S-Exception equals 66

    Hassan Whiteside #21 a Miami Heat player left the game with an
    "Eye Injury".
    The final scores of the games 117-114 (117+114=231)
    "Fifty Two Points" in English Sumerian equals 1302 (or 132)
    "Eye Injury" in English Ordinal equals 132

    1. Also: "Miami Heat" in the English Ordinal system equals 79
      The "Octal Value" of number "79" is "117"


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