Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Reader Contribution | George Michael, Michael Jackson, Brooke Shields & Prince

Remember, June 25 is George Orwell's birthday, who wrote 1984.  Prince's Purple Rain came out in 1984.


  1. Awesome parallels, I read once that Brooke Shields is descended from one of the 13 Illuminati Bloodline Families.
    MJ was 50 when he died, George Michael 53 and Prince 57 (50+53+57=160) Reflections- 16/61/91/19
    "Brooke Shields" in English Reduction equals 61
    "Illuminati Bloodline" in English Reduction equals 91

  2. colts n vikings lost zacc u lose follow numerologynow on twitter n

  3. Now Harrybutts7, listen,

    I aknowledge you were right about Colts not winning.
    As for why you so desperately need to be aknowledged by others, I don't know - I'm sure you have your reasons.

    I know you know stuff. I like to know stuff too.
    I just want to figure this whole thing out.
    If someone knows something I don't, I like it.

    I also apprecciate you sharing your formulae yesterday (although no one gives out free picks in the internet).

    Let's see what happens.

  4. Iivarii

    Who owns JEWTUBE? The very same people that Zack is so called is fighting against.
    Which agent starts setting up staged events after getting caught in lies. Zachary L Rob Hubbard. Who is using half truths to deceive the so called truth community. Zachary stein. Who wants donations for the Gaymataria numerology. Zack Jew stein.

    1. What do you care?
      Doesn't matter even if it were true.

      Let's just figure this number matrix out completely.
      I know you want to.

  5. Brooke has a history of dating Gay men. She has always been a beard. Makes me wonder when she got nip/tucked.

    1. She also went to Princeton University so there's another Prince connection.

  6. So they fake their deaths, now what happens?
    Is it a crime if a fictitious character dies?
    Is it a crime if an internet truther damages his property but doesn't file a police report.
    Is it a lie if an Internet personality gives out wrong numerology ?

    You want the truth ? It's not on JEWTUBE.

    Jews use the False enemy and play the victim.
    Sound familiar Zachary Stein shill L Ron Hubbard ?

  7. Brooke SHIELDS is related, through her Father, to the Medici and Borgia families, plus others.

  8. Watery grave for solar king Obama in Hawaii?

    "Pearl Jam have donated $70,000 to Keith Baxter, a Hawaii man who once saved singer Eddie Vedder's life after a boating accident, The Inertia reports."

    Keith baxter=620/738/123

    Barak Hussein obama=620

    Enemy of obama=620

    Abraham lincoln=123


    Eighty eight=123

    Beginning and end=123

    Plain sailing=123

    The fatal wind=123

    Binge drinking=123


    White sox=123


    Death sentence=123

    Sailing accident (mercury retrograde) in Hawaii caused by drunkenness (mars in pisces) leads to watery grave for solar king (Leo. "Born" 8/4. Debbie Reynolds dead at 84.) Obama?

    7: the number of completion.

    1. 15 years ago. 15 important to saturn. Obama the lawyer.

      Freya=55 (Norse goddess of parties. Ruler of Friday.)
      No god=55

      December the sign of capricorn. The GOAT. Ruled by saturn the boss. Kronos. Lord of space and time. Satanism is saturnism.


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