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67 74 76 84 93 139 191 | Debbie Reynolds, dead at 84, December 28, 2016

This headline is unreal.  Consider Debbie Reynolds just died at '84' and the 'Society of Jesus' sums to '191', while Jesus sums to '74', like 'Carrie Fisher', who was struggling during the birthday of 'Jesus'.

The society of Jesus are the Jesuits...

The divisors of '44' sum to '84'.  Kill = 44; The Force = 44

Do you recall the college basketball championship, the Jesuit school, 74 and 191?  Let us not forget '77' either.  The final score of that game was 77-74, after being tied at 74-74 with 4.7 left.

Christian = 47; Jesus = 74; Christ = 77

Debbie Reynolds death also comes 93-days from the Jesuit Order's September 27 birthday.

Remember, Christmas is Saturnalia.

Her daughter also died the day prior, December 27.

Debbie Reynolds name gematria of '67' reminds that her daughter just died 67-days after her birthday.

Blood Sacrifice = 67; Satanic = 67; Freemasonry = 58/67/139

Debbie Reynolds = 67/76/139

12/28/2016 = 12+28+20+16 = 76
 (America = 76, Francis Bacon) (1776)

Freemasonry = 58/67/139

ANOTHER, 67.  We just saw her daughter supposedly die 67-days after her 60th birthday.  As for Debbie Reynolds being '84'...

United States of America = 84

Her birth name is interesting.

2, 3, 5, the first 3 prime numbers.

We've seen '235' next to death this year, even discussing how it has shown up in suspicious deaths of year's past.

When you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.

Notice her birthday is April 1, or 4/1.  41 is the 13th prime.

4/1/1932 = 4+1+19+32 = 56 (Carrie Fisher born in '56) (Light = 56)
4/1/1932 = 4+1+1+9+3+2 = 20
4/1/32 = 4+1+32 = 37

12/28/2016 = 12+28+20+16 = 76 (Master)
12/28/2016 = 12+28+(2+0+1+6) = 49
12/28/2016 = 1+2+2+8+2+0+1+6 = 22
12/28/16 = 12+28+16 = 56
12/28 = 12+28 = 40

She has died 271-days after her 84th birthday, and 94-days before her 85th birthday.

It was also a span of 272-days.  Her daughter just died the day prior, on the 27th.

137, 33rd prime (Recall how 137 was coded into the first CNN Carrie Fisher headline, Dec. 23)

Death = 38; Killing = 38; Cross = 38; Masonic = 38; Jewish = 38; Jew = 38

119, reshuffling of 191

Again, Carrie Fisher dead on the 27th.


  1. And she marks the 119th death of this year. Amazing but not...

    1. Nice catch. Also Star Wars equals 119 and Billie Lourd equals 119 in Simple Gematria..

    2. Where is that stat about her being the 119th death of the year?

    3. Zach you posted that CNN about the deaths in 2016. They had 118 deaths so far.

  2. She is from 'El Paso, Texas'=137 O, 33rd prime and 38 R (Death=38).

    She also died 39 days before the Super Bowl where 39 is key (NRG=39, LI=39, Stadium broke ground on 3/9) Or a span of 40 days before the Super Bowl (Reynolds=40 R). Her last name also =112 O like Houston. Plus she's born on 4/1 like 41 (Super Bowl=41)

  3. her break out role according to wikipedia, "three little words" = 213. 213 LA area code. Her Death is 74 days after chicago cubs v LA dodgers on 10/15 (115) game ended 8-4 like her birthday. 74 days 2 months 13 days. Moved to LA in '39. Saturn 93. Her full name Mary Frances Reynolds = 235. LA currently in its 235th year. LA birthday = Sep 4th. From her death to Sep 4th is 115 days later.

  4. Excellent breakdown. Utter nonsense going on with these staged deaths.. Star Wars equals 119 and Billie Lourd equals 119 in Simple Gematria..

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  6. zacc been exposed follow numerologynow on twitter n

  7. She is known for her musicals and and a new musical "lala land " nominated for an oscar premiered 8/31/16 at the Venice film festival.
    From 8/31 to her death is 119 days.
    Venice film festival=84 (age of death)
    Star Wars =119
    Carrie fishers daughter is Billie Catherine lourd
    Billie Catherine lourd =103
    May the force be with you=103
    One of Debbie Reynolds big roles in "singin In The rain" is 103 minutes long

  8. "Winter Solstice Sacrifice" in English Reduction equals 111
    The 111th prime# is "607" or 67.
    "Holiday Sacrifice" in English Reduction equals 84
    (Debbie's age at death)

    Her birth-date 4/1. It has been a span of 410 days or 41 from the Governor's Award/Ball until her date of death, where she was awarded to Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. 11/14/2015-12/28/2016

    1. Also date of last Academy Awards "2/28"/2016 where she received an "Oscar" for her Humanitarian work.

      "Death" in the English Sumerian system equals 228

  9. She dies 271 days from her birth day and David CARR"ie" broke his fibula 271 days after his birthday ..271 is the 58th prime freemasonry=58

    1. Singin in the rain reminded me of prince singin in the rain at Super Bowl 41.debbie born 4/1
      From Debbie's birthday 4/1 to Princes birthday 6/7 is 67 days

    2. There is a musical connected to her death call la la land (La La)
      She was the voice of lu lu pickles in rugrats in PARIS (lu lu)
      She was The voice of mrs atkins in a Show called lo Lo's. Cafe (lo lo)

    3. Diana Ross is famous for singing in a downpour of rain at her concert held in New York City on July 21, 1983. (Happy Birthday ZKH).
      Here is video (VHS).

    4. I was at that concert with family when I was a young girl. It started raining so hard mixed with thunder & lightening and eventually they had to stop the show.

  10. Someone created a GofundMe Campaign to "Protect Betty White From Death/Evil" for the rest of 2016 . Now that's very suspicious, who supposed to benefit from the money raised?
    "Betty White" in the English Sumerian system equals 822
    "Death" in the English Sumerian system equals 228
    Betty White is 94 yrs old. (9+4=13) like the famous # 67 (6+7=13)
    "GoFundMe" Campaign" in English Sumerian equals 894 -8(94) her age
    (Isolate the #8- the square root of #8 is 64)
    The #6 is the #9 upside down-64/94
    GoFundMe campaign warns 2016 to stay away from Betty White-Los Angeles Times Article DTD: 12/28=40
    "GoFundMe" in English Reduction equals 40

    1. Also,
      Betty White is 94yrs old(9+4=13) like the #67 (6+7=13) 13+13=26-The 89TH Academy Awards will be televised on Feb. 26th

  11. Maybe Burt Reynolds should be worried next hey? February 11, 1936 (age 80)

    1. This reminds me of another famous mother and daughter wit weird deaths.

      Whitney Houston
      B: August 9, 1963
      D: February 11, 2012
      Heart attack/drugs/drowning in the bathtub of Beverly Hilton.

      Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown
      B: March 4, 1993
      D: July 26, 2015
      Found in the bathtub of her home facedown supposedly on January 31, 2015, then kept in a medically induced coma till her death.

      So Bobbi K died 3 years, 5 months, and 15 days after her mother but in the same way. Drugs OD in bathtub.

    2. And they died on seperate coasts, Whitney in Los Angeles, CA and Bobbi K in Roswell, GA.

      Nice Roswell, NM, alien sync there as well

    3. This and Whitney are a hood match to my breakdown below, this also happens to be my bday and I read in one of these comments down the months that Princess Diana would've been 888wks 888days old on 11/2/2017 think it was lord of allusion who I see just below, he likes the big numbers and going from his workings I played around a little... this is for you dude...

      21/4/26 queen DOB to 25/6/84 purple rain date is 30,600,000mins
      to 3/12/84 the 2 Xmas songs is 21,411days
      to 25/12/16 33,121days
      from 25/6/1903 Orwells b'day to the queens is 8336days 2016 was 113yrs after and 66yrs after his death as said before 1984+33=2017 a couple of dates to mark.

      As you pointed out I think 5th n 6/1/17 will be 33,133days so fast forward to 2/6/17 is 91yrs 1mth 13days 91,113 or 9118.08% if a year.
      25/6/17 33,303days
      24/7/17 or 25th is 33,333days....
      so we can add n subtract a few "special" numbers like 26,33,66,84,88,101 and more like 93 n 67 or others heavily coded all year that you'vs been documenting plus I will look more into some other famous faces dates more like Tesla HGWells plus things around 1984 or 88 and back to the future n Trump still... probably missing a trick with the Popes, Charles and Obama numbers, other than 8/4 for his bday...

      P.S keep your head up Zach, all this shit the fucks are putting you through, and thanks for all the hard and amazing work...

  12. May the force be with you = 103 the 27 prime number

  13. When it Rains it Pours =258, 1871

    Great Disturbance in the Force=270

  14. Amy Shummer looks like Carrie's Clone.

    Zack where is the police report huh Fraud?

  15. The 1984 theme is ridiculous. Orwells bday and the queens. All the numbers are one thing then there's the "prince" "george" and "princess" "charlotte" Debbie Reynolds D.O.B 1/30/32 April fool's day. Died aged 84 played the voice in the original charlottes web film 22/2/73. 1950 debut in three little words then in 1952 starred in "singing in the rain" 11/4/52 aged 19 like carrie in star wars (1977). 1950 was 66yrs ago the year Orwell died 1952 was the queens "take over year" aged 26 born on 2/6/1926 Also there's the band aid (status quos parfitt also Bowie and GM) and last Xmas songs in 3/12/84. Last Xmas on Whams "from the edge of heaven" released 1/7/86 Carrie fisher starred in a film called "appointment with death" in 88 and played a character called Elizabeth in a TV Frankenstein in 1984 she wrote "postcards from the edge" 223 pages in 87 film on 14/9/1990 duration 101 mins (room101 1984) as you've said purple rain on GOs n GMs DOBs 25/6 that also looks like 2×56=112 for all that SB and lots of stuff you've coded. There also a lot of 17 or 71 numbers appearing which lead me to Teslas date of birth n death. 10/7 and 1/7 2017-33=1984 Trumps dad who's brother was behind the collection of Teslas things rubbished his latest works then made some "breakthroughs" with X-rays and got an award from Reagan. Was also said to find within a box containing "parts" of teslas "death ray" a 45yr old "multi decade resistance box" or "decade box" anyway he died 21/2/85 aged 77 born 21/8/1907 his brother trumps dad was born 11/10/1905 died aged 93 on that special date again 25/6/1999 trumps mum born 10/5/1912 died 7/8/2000 aged 88 buried in queens in a Lutheran cemetery. So lots of back to future numbers and you've done so much on 119 or 9/11 coding so will leave that out. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett also died on 25/6 MJ had his Pepsi ad hair on fire on 27/1/84 met Reagan at Whitehouse and last toured with Jackson's an the buying Beatles songs in 84 Bowie date of birth 8/1 and death 10/1 played Pontius Pilate in "the last temptation of Christ" on 12/8/88 and Tesla in "The prestige" 17/10/2006 US 10/11/06 UK
    This is hard to write all this on my phone and its probably sounding a little all over the place now so....

    Now for some names I think we should keep an "eye" on for 2017 or that should go and start running. Obviously anyone connected to anything big in 1984 like band aid I need to do some digging. But people whos D.O.B's fall 33,44,66,84,88,93,101 or 119 days either before or after dates of the queen 21/4 111th day 2/6 9/11 (anti date of bday) or maybe more royalty and Orwell 25/6 the 177th day it's also 66days after 21/4 or 21/1 day he died (isn't that near the 20/1 as in Trump 70y7m7d and Obama 666mths?) Anyway 21/1 is 156days or 22wk2days or 155days before 25/6 156x2=312 the 25/12 is 6mths either way of 25/6 from 9/11 to 21/1 is 133days and 9/11 to 21/4 is 223 or 222days to 2/6 it's 264 or 265days it's 288days from 25/6 hahahaaa

    I've fallen deep down the rabbit hole which is funny because it reminds me of Richard Adams aged '96 who wrote watership down has also "died" as did a what sounded and I'm sure I've heard his name a few times. A high up Jesuit Joseph Fitzmyer aged '96 on 24/12 into translating dead sea scrolls and early Jewish lit. or Vera Rubin a "dark matter and rotations of the galaxies founder" born 23/7/28 died 25/12/16 aged 88

    Here's some that are jumping out at me...

    Michael Caine born in 33 turns 84 on 14/3/17

    Actually just a list will do, others can pick up the thread.

    1. Just to clarify and apologise, I'm English and write my dates as day/month/year... I manage to do this with every date except for Sept 11th which because it's 9/11 over there and I've watched and heard so much of down the year's...It seems that I'm no longer able to write 11/9... just wanted to clear that up as reading this back all the dates are U.K except the U.S 9/11 and its annoyed me... hahahaaa

  16. Brian May, Roger Taylor, Bob Geldof, Meryl Streep, Princess Anne, Ed Harris, Smokey Robinson, David Jason, Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne, Carly Simon, Grant Hill, Bryan Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Diana Ross, Peter Gabriel, David Cassidy, Huey Lewis, Jay Leno, There's lots of "stars" also born in 84 about to turn 33... Khloe Karcrashavan, Avril lavigne, Trey Songs, Mark Zuckerfuck, Omarion, Chris Bosh,

    Lots more but will leave it there, most of the above are mainly due to their ages now or what's coming. Not really done much as of days away from and to "special dates" a few but not much... so get searching peeps... there must be some gems out there... I'd already started all this and had DR as 5 on my list after CF was called...

    I'll do a couple more... sharing the queens bday run Tony Romo at 36yrs old ruuuun... or Iggy Pop. Run dude your 69... Veena Davies 60 and Billy Ocean is 66 share a D.O.B of Orwells death... as does Jack Nicklaus who turns 77... John Hurt turns 77 on 22/1/17 run johnny run...

    That was harder than it should be... didn't realise there were character limits... hahahaa

  17. All that come out a little rushed, as I said on me phone...
    Had a rest a now I'll finish me list...

    John Cleese I'd others from Monty python, Twiggy, Chevy Chase, Kate Winslet, George Foreman, Sigourney Weaver, Bruce Springsteen, Gary Glitter, Jeff Bridges, Gene Simmons, Simon Lebon, Lionel Richie, Gloria Gaynor, Liza Minnelli, Ted Danson, Billy Crystal, Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, Phil Collins, Bananarama girls, Boy George, any bros culture club spandau ballet Duran Duran types...
    James Earl Jones 17/1 same as Calvin Harris but in 84, Scarlett Johansson 22/11/84, Omarion 12/11/84, Carmelo Anthony 84, Delta Goodrem 9/11/84 (nov) lil scrappy a rapper 19/1/84 Katy Perry 84

    All 21/4
    Robert Smith of the cure, Andie MacDowell, James McAvoy,

    All 25/6
    Ricky Gervais, Jimmy Walker, Dell Curry, Dikembe Mutombo, Kayla El off WWE, Mike Kroeger off of nickleback, June Lockhart is 91 but the date and Carly Simon who I already said and others...

    Need to do some more "research" into what teams won what sports and who starred and lots more on the top songs and films and tv shows of 1984... just to see what or who crops up... there was lots I deleted earlier as was trying to squeeze it all in... better stop here for now or I'll be struggling again... happy date hunting fellow truthseekers...

  18. I found it interesting that the emergency medical vehicle responding to Debbie Reynolds was number 78.

    This number represents 'choice' in Jewish gematria.

    Gematria Jewish 78
    Gematria Reduction 34
    Gematria Summerian 258
    Gematria Ordinal 43
    Gematria English 88

    Did she choose to join her daughter via ingesting something that would kill her? According to her son, her last words were, "I just want to be with Carrie."

  19. From August 31 (Princess Diana) to December 27 (Princess Leia) is 118 days.

  20. Wendy Allen's info about PRINCESS DIANA is on point --

    DIANA'S (reported) "cause of death" was a TEAR IN HER HEART (supposedly from "The Force" of being thrown forward when the car hit the pillar - with no seatbelt on).

    Because of that, it was said by media that DIANA LITERALLY "DIED OF A BROKEN HEART".

    Her "injury" was also equated with that supposedly suffered by RONALD REAGAN when he was Faux "shot" by Mark Chapman. They claimed the bullet had caused a TEAR IN HIS HEART.

    At the time of Diana's "death", so-called experts in "trauma rescue" were all over the media -- claiming that DIANA WOULD HAVE LIVED if she'd had access to the "quality medical care" we have here in the States (lol!).

    Her ambulance stopped several times en route -- supposedly to "stabilize" her (nearly an HOUR to travel LESS THAN A MILE).
    These experts were touting America's "Scoop & Run" policy as being the reason REAGAN "miraculously survived".

    The Queen's Christmas plans were altered due to her "illness".

    Other than her annual Christmas Address to the Public, there was only ONE other occasion when the Queen spoke to her subjects en masse -- when she was pressured to do so AFTER DIANA'S DEATH.
    That speech was such a "monumental" break with the Queen's traditions that they made a movie about it -- "The Queen" starring Helen Mirren.

    1. Some other "links" between the Royals (especially Princess Diana), Carrie Fisher & American politics:

      "THE FORCE" -- that TORE DIANA'S HEART ... & was also a crucial factor in Fisher's breakout movie "STAR WARS".

      REAGAN'S primary theme during his term was the STAR WARS Missile Defense Program.
      He too would suffer a "TORN HEART" -- just like DIANA'S.

      HARRISON FORD starred in "STAR WARS" with Fisher.

      The famous WHIP that he used in the movie "RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK" was presented to PRINCESS DIANA & CHARLES as a wedding gift.

      Later she gave that WHIP to her trusted Butler PAUL BURRELL.
      After her death -- when it was discovered to be in his possession, BURRELL was arrested & charged with theft.

      Hours before his trial was to commence, the Queen came forward -- claiming to have known about his innocence all along.
      Actually it was a last ditch attempt to keep BURRELL off the witness stand -- & prevent him from revealing scandalous info about the Royals in a public forum.

      Since ALL of these "stories" are Media-Created FICTION -- I find it interesting that there are so many "pieces of web" connecting these (seemingly) diverse topics.

    2. Great connections! Maybe Helen Mirren will be "retiring" soon in tribute to the Queen... She is 71 and 2017 is around the corner. It is crazy how the stories seem to all connect.

  21. The news is reporting that in addition to stress contributing to Debbie Reynolds' stroke, she had Broken Heart Syndrome. No kidding...

    Gematria Jewish 194
    Gematria Reduction 25
    Gematria Summerian 312
    Gematria Ordinal 52
    Gematria English 304

    Broken heart
    Gematria Jewish 381
    Gematria Reduction 54
    Gematria Summerian 702
    Gematria Ordinal 117
    Gematria English 531

    Broken heart syndrome
    Gematria Jewish 1080
    Gematria Reduction 95
    Gematria Summerian 1380
    Gematria Ordinal 230
    Gematria English 1580

    Died of a broken heart
    Gematria Jewish 460
    Gematria Reduction 89
    Gematria Summerian 966
    Gematria Ordinal 161
    Gematria English 620


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