Saturday, December 31, 2016

14 | Ronda Rousey goes down in 48-seconds, in 14th fight, possibly her last

This was Rousey's 14th fight.  End = 5+5+4 = 14

As I say, things often end in "14".

She even beat an opponent once in 14 seconds!  END OF THE FIGHT.

I'm sure there is more that is interesting here, I'll look more later.


  1. Latina crushes an Aryan on her way to becoming Great again? Right at the start of her return?

  2. She took her millions, and will now make even more millions when she signs with WWE. This fight was as predictable as it gets. Knew she was losing.

  3. "Ronda Rousey" in English Sumerian equals 930
    "Retire" in English Reduction equals 39

    "Last Fight" in English Reduction equals 39/S-Exception=48
    "Forty Eight Seconds" in English Reduction equals 86/S-Excep.=104
    (104 or 14)

    She is the 1st US Woman to win a medal (Bronze) at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
    "Two Thousand Eight Summer Olympics" in English Reduction=140
    "Bronze Medal" in English Ordinal equals 115
    The divisors of "115" sum to "144" (1+5+23+115=144)

    "Twenty Nine Years Old" in English Sumerian equals 1488
    "New World Order " in English Gematria equals 1488

  4. Of course you make this article after the fight, if you can at least produce a concrete predictionof this fight before the event then maybe you wouldn't lose so many subscribers

    1. Hes trying to suck u in and take ur money. Dont be an idiot. If u want winners join GG33. Follow numerologynow on twitter

  5. there is a weird NHL game tonight
    Blue Jackets vs Wild

    if streaks end at 14 should be a Wild win

  6. IG @truthseekernetwork

    from her 48 second beating to obama 8/4 birthday is 148 days.
    "one hundred forty eight" =115 (saturn)
    CNN headlines:
    "KO in 48 seconds" = 47
    'forty eight' = 133
    'Has ronda rousey lost more than her comback fight' =477
    5 minute round - 48 seconds =4:12
    "four twelve" = 48/147
    She was garunteed 3 million if she lost.
    "three million' =840

    1. Amanda Lourenco Nunes, the chick that beat her, her birth name = 84 with s exception. lol. ofcourse obama = 84, born 8/4. 84 days = 2016 hours

    2. i guess just to document. the article cnn forwards you to after you click the link. mentioned a stat about the UFC having 4.8 million followers. and another stat..something about 412 days later.

    3. 'Forty Eight Seconds' = 86. Rousey's first MMA fight was August 6th (8/6). Her pro Debut was March 27th, the 86th day of the year. UFC 86'd her. ;) . 4.8 million followers :) Class stuff.

  7. that fight wasnt rigged, if they wanted to rig it they woupd have done so for ronda to win, means more money...ronda losing has made the womens division less intriguing

    1. nunes just out-classed her in the ring

    2. it would make more sense to rog it for arguably the ufc's buggest draw wpuld it not? if you are gonna respond at least comeback with an argument lmao

    3. Sports are rigged to uneducated clowns

    4. UFC = WWE
      This is why you've seen Lesnar and Punk dabble in UFC, while Rousey and Conor McMason dabble in WWE.

      It's not rigged because they would want Rousey to win? Ummm no. They're trying to build new "stars" now. Rousey is old news. She already did her job, and is now passing the torch. Rousey is going to WWE now.

    5. nobody has the marketability of Rousey of womens division, maybe Paige Vanzant has that potential but she is coming off a 2 fight losing streak, Nunes is not that big of a draw

    6. and yes cm punk is a joke, but brock is a ncaa champion freestyle wrestling

    7. and conor has not 'dabbled' in the wwe,

  8. I took a 2 team parlay last night on Amanda Nunes and Cody Garbrandt

    Both were title fights and both were Vegas underdogs.

    Do you see the Star of David symbolism here? The TWO GREATS, Male and Female.

    Amanda, the champ, defends her title and wins the underdog match. Cody, beats the champ and wins the title in the underdog match.

    Amanda's record go's to 14-4 (144) - Kill #, and I quote Joe Rogan "Amanda lit her up like a Christmas tree"

    Rondas record go's from 12-1 (121) - Blood Sacrifice = 121, to 12-2 (122) - 122 = "Freemason"

    Cody's record go's to 11-0 (11 the master #, fitting # to win a belt with)

    Dominick's record go's to 22-2 (was only able to defend his title 4 times, losing on the 5th, 4 being a foundation #) - "Bi Polar" = 222 in Jewish, kinda like Carry Fishers "Bi Polar" spells. "Simple English Gematria" = 222 in Simple.

    Some COULD say if Rhonda won last night her record would go to 13-1 like 131 the Championship #. Well, again, this is As Above So Below symbolism taking place, these are the TWO GREATS, MALE & FEMALE.... You can't decode one title fight without looking at the other title fight. Both Cody and Rhonda weren't going to win a belt last night.

  9. It was inevitable Rhonda would lose,
    Her opponent, Amanda Nunes, her ring-name,
    'The Lioness' = 45 / s63.

    1. Few others ...
      Rhonda's last win was on August 1st 2015, was exactly 74 weeks before this fight.
      rhonda was born February 1st, the 32nd day of the year.
      Leaving 333 days remaining.
      This fight on Dec. 30th, came exactly 333 days after her 29th birthday.

    2. And just like with George Michael & Carrie Fisher having 119 days between their birthdays.

      Rousey born February 1st. Nunes born May 30th.

      No. of days between their birthdays = 119 days.

    3. Ohh another odd one. With 45 being the number of 2016. And the supposed Economist cover having Tarot cards on the cover. The divisors for the no. 45, sum to 78. 78 = the number of cards in a Tarot Deck.

    4. Rhonda's first ever MMA fight was on August 6th 2010 or 8/6 ( 86 )
      'Forty Eight Seconds' = 1047 in Jewish ( like 147 )
      August 6th is the 218th day of year, leaving 147 days remaining.

      If you include the end day, it's a span of 334 days from Rhonda's 29th birthday, to her fight at UFC 207.
      From August 6th 2010, her first MMA fight, to Dec. 30th 2016 = 334 weeks exactly.

      Rhonda's first Pro MMA fight, was on March 27th 2011.
      From March 27th 2011, to Dec. 30th 2016 = 2106 days ( Like 216 ). 216 = 6x6x6 or 2+1+6 = 9.

      March 27th is the 86th day of the year.

      Starts MMA on 8/6, turns pro on 86th day
      'Forty Eight Seconds' = 86. 48th prime = 223.

    5. Good work! Esp. the 119 connection

  10. A period of 14 days is called a fortnight.

  11. I have to disagree with everyone on this one, I did a long post on this a lot lined up for Ronda to win, why would they rig it against their biggest star in the company. Yeah you can say Ronda just wanted to take the money and run, but she's already rich. She's not going to fight again, so they just about a quarter of their stock, so rationally explain why they're willing to lose that much money if that fight was rigged.

    1. Nunes is by far the better fighter and looks like a man, may be one. In a non-rigged fight she's gonna do every time what she did last night. Rousey can't take punches like that. Rousey used to win by submissions, not knockouts.

  12. I must be the only person in here who won both title fight bets.... interesting interesting

  13. Raquel Pennington is Lesbian
    Nunes is Lesbian
    Two Lesbian war on Title , Simple math before fight Nunes vs Ronda
    Same like TJ Dilli. vs Garbrand
    T.J. Dillashaw = ex-alphamale boy vs Alphamale boy Cody

  14. most of Rhonda fights rigged...that was her clone last night

  15. her birthday was 33 days away and she lost in 48 seconds.

    the divisors of 33 sum to 48. I've been talking about how 33 + 48 seem to have a spiritual connection to each other as well as mathematical

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  17. G'day, Zach, from Australia. UFC 207.
    TwoHundredAndSeven / Amanda Nunes = 107.


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